Tuesday, August 3, 2010

I want to share in the booty!!

Due to my recent brush with my crazy illness (NOTE TO PUGLET'S MOM....I'm to blog about the funny bacteria probably tomorrow -mom is going to google some things for me), I have decided to say thanks to everyone who sent me their well wishes. I know for a fact it's what helped me get better and not that expensive vet bill mommy and daddy had.
I sat down with mom and said that we had to come up with a way to say thanks to everyone. I mean after all, we love everyone who take the time to read about me and my funny life (no one likes to read about mom's old boring life!) So I dragged mom to the pet store and put together some really cool things that I wanted to give someone who helped me get better. Well, let's face it, I wanted to keep a lot of it, so mom had to buy duplicated of a lot of it. Everything is Pug Approved and Bellatrix tested. So if you're interested in getting a Bag o' Bellatrix Booty, then post a comment with the word "BOOTY" used in a sentence. Hehehe I love that word. Anyone who posts a comment with the word "BOOTY" will be entered to win, and I will pick a winner on Friday and post it on Monday's blog.
So shake your booty boys and girls (and some of us who are both!) and get to posting. If you're a multiple dog household (MY ELGIN GANG BANG) each of you can post your own comment, I will cater the Bag o' Bellatrix Booty to whoever wins.
Anakin...keep it PG-13 you little hussy you!! hehehe.


  1. We would love to partake in some Bellatrix booty-licious box of surprise. We will shakes our booty-ees a lot if we should get this package. I think if we were meant to get it, one post from all 5 of us should be ampley-pampely.
    Laters Belly and Glad yousa on the mends.
    Love Muchums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  2. Oooooh. Bellatrix doin' a booty call!


    Promise I'm not cheating by saying it three times. I just love that word a lot too :)

  3. Hello's 'deres Belly Buttons Booty Butts~ hu hu's

    Me's so excited I's get to post me's own comments wits out me sisters names stucks to me's names..
    'day blood suckers. 'day be suckin' da lifes out of yous Anakin Man.. Oh's dis is gonna be's funs.. lots and lot's of funs... snorts!!!

    okays... me not done..
    me's got a song since me in 'da bands... HIT IT

    'Da Belly tummy hurts~
    we's didn't knows why..

    She poop'd alls weeks~
    it's made me's cry..

    This be short..don't wanna take up 'da page~
    Izzy and Josie be snarlin' at me's lookin' wit rage... so I's go and so me's boo-Ty to 'da 'pu-Ty!! Hu Hu's xoxoxo Anakin Man

  4. {Izzy is Glaring at Anakin}

    alrighty then..

    Okay, Bella.. It's Bella.. HA HA!! I'm glad you feel better because I was going to send you my IzZY ladybugPug ears!! I hear yous giving some stuffs away up there..
    Very cool xoxoxo... (now pays attention)

  5. hee hees... Hello's Belly Buttons!! Josie is glads yous feeling (B)etters.. I was w(O)rried f(O)r you! (T)hank goodness's (Y)ou is fine!!

    I's smarty smarts Josie..hee hees... xoxoxo Josie
    who else

  6. We are so happy you feels better Belly...we luvs all your nicknames:)

    Ok so here it goes:

    Tootin' Tuni has a smelly booty!



  7. Oh Bella, I'm so ready to see you shake your boota in play and not in poo-ta.

    Booty Call, no problem, I,m so there.


  8. Shake that BOOTY, Girl...
    Work that BOOTY, Girl...
    Shake IT, Work IT!

    Oh no, Mom's pulling out all her disco music...it's going to be a long night.
    We love you Bella-girl. Good to know your better.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  9. Hola Bella!!
    We are so glad your Booty is feeling alot better!
    When we saw this Old Navy Booty Readear Comercial, jijijijijij
    We thought about your booty Bella!
    Spongy & Licky