Sunday, July 8, 2012


I'm an active young hermie pug, and one of my favorite hang outs is Hap McGee dog park. All my friend are there and we run and play, then I like to roll around in some seriously stanky stuff.

This causes mom to drag my stank ass to Pet Food Express where I get a bath.  Now I actually don't mind getting a bath, I mean I kinda offended myself with my stank.

What I do mind, is mom grabbing her phone to snap pics of me when I'm not descent.  I mean just look at me all soapy...really mom just wait until I shake water all over you!!

What is this...a wet pug contest already??  Just grab that towel and dry me off!!  I better get a treat after being so good for this.

Oh yeah that yummy honey ice cream is a dream!!

So I've played with my friends, had a bath and then got a yummy treat....ok off to piss off and leave me alone mom!!


  1. Next time your mom goes into a camera frenzy just get into character, Hermaphroditie! Hehee!

  2. Thanks a lot Bellatrix! My Mommy took a look at this post and decided I NEEDED a bath as well. So I endured the water and the soap and the cold breeze before the towel covered me. Then she had the audacity to also GRIND my fingernails down. OMP!!! That tickles and I don't like it! However, I have to admit I can sneak up on my Mommys now because you cannot SMELL or HEAR me coming anymore.
    Love Noodles

  3. Scarlet doesn't love bathtime either, she thinks its ridiculous and SWEARS she's not stinky. But she does fall asleep as soon as the torture is over.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  4. lol, you are awesome! I agree about moms and cameras. Sheesh, what I could do with opposable thumbs!


  5. Woooh...I can't believe you talk to your mom like that...(hehehhe) I am just overly sarcastic to her and she doesn't seem to notice...your treat looked great!!

  6. summer time always seems to be even more bath times than usual. Mum says it is cuz we are outside more and we get stinkier more. I just had my bath tonight too!


  7. It must be in the air ... we got baths last weekend, too! It sucks but mama gave us a choice - get a bath or we have to sleep in the kitchen. Why can't she sleep in the kitchen if she thinks we stink???

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster & Liberty

  8. Was that a doggie ice cream treat or just regular people ice cream? It looks delish.

  9. Bellatrix! I didn't you had a blog but I'm so happy I found it! I'm Hugo (the bacon maple eating Portland pug that Pug talked about in this blog a couple weeks ago) and I have been loving your sassy comments on Pugs blog for some time now. My mom has been reading me some of your blog posts and I have to say they are pretty great! So happy I found you and you keep up that sassy attitude of yours, it works for you!

    <3 Hugo the Portland Pug

  10. Owwww Belly! You Baaaaad Puggy! Mum is laughing soooo much right now because I too like to roll around in some seriously stanky stuff!!!! I have rolled in a dead frog, dead fish (by the pond), dead mouse, dead vole, dead mole, a dissmembered sheeps leg ... you name it I have rolled in it! I'm always getting in to some stinky trouble or another! But I do like having a bath because I gets treats after too, but nothing like your honey ice cream, dude! I need a word with the Mumma and get her to give me nice treats like your Momma does!
    Love, Licks and Tummy Rubs from your furiend Frank xxxxxx