Monday, October 31, 2011

Emi Update...

So a huge thanks to everyone who's been sending my foster sister Emi good juju, and we have an update.  Late last night the phone rang and everyone knows late night phone calls are never good.  It was the hospital where Emi is being cared for.  My poor foster sister has the dreaded parvo. 

I mean it's bad enough that she was being abused, her eyeball is messed up, but now she's sick??  Hmm, I'm thinking the universe needs to be bitch slapped!!  I mean nobody messes with my friends and family!! 

So the super awesome people at Central Coast Pug Rescue are doing everything they can to make sure she gets better ASAP so she can have the eye removed and get into a forever home. 

I know Halloween is all about the treats, so maybe you can eat a treat for Emi??  I know when she's better, she'll have a lot of treats coming to her right?  So good juju because she really needs it.  Thanks guys and when I hear good news, I'll post them in the comments.

A big thanks to Pug's mom, she took these super cute pics of Emi in my baby carrier (which I fit in when I was super tiny, I outgrew it fast...ahem!)

Sunday, October 30, 2011

APB!!! APB!!! APB!!!

Everyone please it's an all out ALL PUGS BULLETIN!!!  Please please please send my foster sister Emi some major juju.  She came to us yesterday and had vomited, but we all thought (that's mom and the doctors) thought stress, vaccine reactions and just plain old anxiety.  Well today she got out and got to meet with Pug and Dutch, I thought the fresh air and meeting my friends would make her happy.  And it totally did!!  She walked around a bit and her tail wagged when my daddy came home!!  But started.  She started vomiting back to the vet.

I was very anxious and worried about her.  Mom was gone all afternoon, I went out to the sun to send happy big foster sister juju her way.

Then I heard it...the garage door was going up, which means mom is coming home!!  I was looking around for Emi, but mom didn't have her.  I heard her telling daddy that she's very sick and is now in the hospital.  Something is wrong with her intestines and her belly.  She can't come home for a while....and that makes me sad.  I mean I kinda liked her, I mean I even shared my brand new doggie bed with her.  She would curl up in a tiny ball and sleep.  Don't worry, I would check in with her and make sure she was ok.

So I'm very sad and I'm sure she's scared being away from us.  So please everyone send her some awesome juju.  A big thanks to the vets at Bishop Ranch for taking care of my foster sister.  A huge thank you to everyone who donated to Central Coast Pug Rescue to help with Emi's care.  They are so grateful. 

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Who is this??

Who the hell is this in my backyard?  When mom went to work today she told me she was bringing home a new friend.  So who is this??

She's pretty cute right?  Kinda leggy and on the thin side....

She seems to like daddy...and I'm ok with that.  I mean she's nice and all, not trying to take my daddy or mommy away from me at all.  Hmmm.....

Seems I'm going to have to get to the bottom of this and do some sniffin' around.

Meet Emi!!  This is my new foster sister.  See mom got it into her head that I need to share my home with other pugs that don't have forever me!  My 'rents are new foster parents for Central Coast Pug Rescue.  So little Emi is now living with us until she gets her surgery on her eye.  Can I just tell you she's had one sh*&#$ (censored by mom) life.  I won't tell you about it, I might let her have a turn on the blog, but only if I like her.  The jury is still out....

Emi's eye will have to be removed, and all rescues are dependent on donations.  If you have an extra treat dollar just sitting around, maybe you can donate it to Emi's surgery.  Thanks guys and please send positive juju her tons...oodles....caboodles...because I want her better soon so we can play!!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

All About Me (as it should be!)

Mom and dad decided that today was going to be all about me!!  It's about freaking time.  It's not like everyday isn't about me, well because it is, but I'm not always made to feel extra special.  So after waking mom up earlier than any living creature should be awake (her words not mine) she gave me my yummy breakfast, and I promptly fell back to sleep with a full belly.  After I woke up for the second time (at a "normal" hour) they took me out for many adventures.  I had a fun time hanging with them.  We went to some pet stores and mom decided to spoil me.  The first of my spoils was.....

A new Christmas collar!!!  That's right fellow's less than 60 days away...and I'm keeping my paws crossed for some new yak chews and bison bones!

I also got a new bed for my crate.  It's hot pink and sassy, just like me!  I'm searching for my inner kitty as we speak...then I'm coming for you Dutchie!! got me a furminator.  She thought it was funny a pug was on the cover.  Apparently, I shed.

A Christmas toy!  Mom said she can't refuse a toy 50% off.  I can't refuse a toy...ever!

If any of you are new to my blog, I need to tell you how I handle a new bed.  First I...
Bite it.  Then I...
Attack it.  Then I...
Accept it and make it my bitch.
After all that spoiling what's a girl to do?  Sit back on one of my 10,897 beds and eat a new venison shin bone. 

Yup today was a good day, now to start working on that Christmas list....Dear Santa Paws I've been a very good hermaphroditic pug this year....

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Belly bliss....

A fun day of playin', a warm hooman's lap, a cheesy-chewy, and pug sleepys...What a perfect pug day...

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Pug races, Pug food, back fat...yikes!

So, at Pugtacular, last year, I ran my curl off and got second place in the big pug races. Me and Daddy had been practicing at the park, lots of sprinting and watching my foods...I was ready for this big race!

Daddy held me back, Mommy was down the track yelling encouragements, and opening the treat bag. Ready...set...GO! I ran as fast as my pug legs and snowshoe paws could go and got FIRST PLACE in my heat. Then it was off to the finals, and as the video shows,  I got second place!

After the pug races, I needed a break, so Mommy messaged my aching muscles:
Pug came to the big event, too. In his race, another pug cut him off with a pug-belly block, forcing pug away from the finish line. SO, what's a pug to do..EAT:

This leads us to the infamous cheese video. Blogger doesn't like the video, so Daddy is gonna figure another way of posting it...Let's just say, a slice of pizza-pie disappeared in the blink of an orb. So fast, I couldn't snatch it from his jowls...
So, after all that, my Mommy decided to molest pug's back fat, maybe to soften him up when we wrestle?

Well, when the day was done, everyone was sooper happy: Pugs were helped, pug races were run, costumes were worn...I think the smile on Spencer's face says it all!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Devil pugs, Fairy pugs, Flyin' pugs?

So, this was going to be in part 3, but due to popular demand in the pug-verse,  I'll show-off some of the costumes!

During the big event, we pugs and our hoomans were sent outside to get ready, then we had to line up and strut our stuff down the big runway to the judging stand. Unfortunately, Daddy didn't get some of the photos, claiming "Hooman error:"

                       Phoebe and Zoey!! Look at those cool wings!

My bestest bud, Spencer B.!!! Rockin a super cool, and award winning aviator costume! His Granma made it all, including the cool jacket and mini-plane on the back! All he needed was a propeller and he would fly away!

Who the heck is that?!?!? That's me!! In my Devil-Hooker costume! I actually cooperated, horns and all, and strutted my way down the runway, and wowed them on the judging stand! Mommy says it was an appropriate costume, 'cause I act like a Little Devil!!??

But, there was a problem...and it was a HUGE problem for a pug:
 REALLY!?! A double curl? I didn't know about this, especially since my curl is award winning! But, it didn't hurt anything. Let's not forget how sacred THE CURL is, though!

Tomorrow will be filled with the fun stuff that happened: pug races, cheese eatin'....Yowsa!

Monday, October 17, 2011

Pug-O-Ween Pt.1

Mummy pugs, flyin' pugs, devil pugs...Woohoo! Me and the hoomans went to the Marin Humane Society for Pugpros yearly Pug-O-Ween!

In the pugs?!?!? Ut-oh, did Mommy drive us to the wrong place?? Nopers! Just a quick detour until we hit the big show!

Lots of pugs were there! I was cut loose from my leashy, and worked the room. Mommy and Daddy checked in with the pug-hooman organizers and registered my costume. I checked out the judging table a bit early:


I didn't have my costume on, yet, as there was a special time set aside so we pugs could get ready.

I met some cool pugs, and hung out with puggies from all over. Daddy, my documentarian, took pics of some of them...but, being senile, forget most of their names....silly daddy!!

Wait a snorty-second!!! That grey and white fluffer-nutter doesn't look like a pug?!? I realize that we were here to help pugs, and there was no way I wouldn't let other doggies help with that, but the fluffer-nutter was claiming to be a pug-mix. With curiosity at its highest (and for a pug, that's pretty high), I sent my newly established BPP (Black Pug Posse) to investigate...Apparently, the fluffer-nutter was part pug, but was a bit shy, and still a pup, so we gave it some space, knowing that the BPP could be a bit overwhelming.

Part two, we'll visit some of my bestest buds in the whole world: Spencer and his sooper cool costume, Zoey and Phoebe and their nifty wings, and Pug and his food trick!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Getting Ready

I am one dirty pug and I have a big event coming up tomorrow....Pug-O-Ween!!  The 'rents decided to take me to Pet Food Express and give my stinky ass a bath.

Dad was in charge of the bath.  He gave me a bath in oatmeal.  He refused to wear the apron, so I took it as a challenge to get him wet!

I really like getting a bath, but for some reason, I decided I was going to pout today.

Dad even got my tiddliebit clean.  Ahem Dad!!

Aw daddy, I totally love you even if you are getting me all no kiss for you.

After dad got me all nice and clean, mom and I engaged in a vigorous towel game.  There was no way in hell I was going to sit through the giant blow dryer.  Instead mom just used like 10 towels to dry me off.  She made sure I had fun!

All dry and ready to rock my costume....Satan's Hooker!!

No bath is complete without a kiss from mom.  All is forgiven because I got a treat afterwards.  I hope I see you bay area pugs tomorrow.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Sittin' Pretty

I have many wonderful sits, so I thought I'd share them all with you.  See I do all these sits in the hope of food entering my belly afterwards.  This is my lazy ass sit....notice it happens right in front of my food container.

Check out my orb sit...You will give me foooood....

Hey Dad...making chicken I see....this is my chicken sit

"Oh Belly....your mom will get mad at me if I give you some chicken."  This is my dad...he's awesome...because he cooks me chicken and sneaks me a piece when mom isn't looking. 

This is me sitting in the sun.  How sweet it is....This is the best sit, as my ass doesn't have to sit on a cold surface.  It's nice and toasty on this cement.

This is me at the end of our hallway.  Notice how far away mom is....this is the dreaded "Sit/Stay".  I hate this one...."HELLO"  echo echo echo. 

After all that, I finally get the's chicken.  See how my sits are magical?  They are so powerful, dad give me his chicken!  How many sits do you do??  Which is your favorite??