Friday, March 30, 2012


Many of you know that my friend Payton went to the rainbow bridge today.  She was  one tough chic who fought the toughest fight ever...against the evil that is PDE.  I mean she totally went Chuck Norris on it!!

I never met her, she lived very far away, but we were cut from the same mold.  Eating, napping, and well eating were our hobbies.

I know she was bad ass, and I honor her in the only way I know how....making her the ONLY fawn member of the BPP (black pug posse).  So Payton, I hope you take that bridge...and make it your bitch!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Little friend

 So, Daddy rolled this little goofy thing across the floor. Didn't know what it was, so I barked at it...And it just stared at me. So, I play bowed at it, but it didn't do anything.

 HHHmmm...snort....gggrrr...more barks and a stealthy pug stalking. Yet, still nothing from the little thing. But, it kinda looks like Daddy's pug truck?


 Gotcha!!! Now what do I do with it?

Hi, my name is Belly! Wanna be my friend?!

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Juju Tutu for me?

This was me, Dutch and Daddy just a few days ago.  Not a care in the world and taking  a giant hike!  Then it happened....

I got sick.  Not a upset tummy sick....but a tiddlebit sick.  It got very large and inflamed and it totally freaked my 'rents out.  It hurt to pee!  It was so swollen I couldn't even sit or get comfortable.

Dutch was nice and let me use him as a pillow.  He knew that my "bits" were sore and causing me pain.

Mom had to take me to the vet and there the unthinkable tiddlebits were molested!!!  After the violation (aka- the doctor exam) I was given meds and creams and sent on my way.

After a few days of pills, mom putting cream somewhere she's not allowed, and the loss of my most beloved spotted boyfriend (Dutch went home) I'm almost back to normal!!  To celebrate dad made me pot roast!  Huge score for the pug!!

Silly daddy!!  He sticks his tongue out at the blasted UTI!!  He should smile....he made me pot roast...and the best part...I've lost weight and I got to eat it all up!!!!!!!!

So goodbye to my spotted man....until we meet again.  I will keep  your bed ready for you.

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Dutch Dreams

As you all know I've had a house guest for the past few days.  Today was moms day off so she took us out for a walk at the park....twice.  She said we have to get out and enjoy all the sunshine.

Check us out!  Dutch has really long legs, he gets ahead of me, but I keep up!!

After spending all day in the sun, we came home and I used him as my pillow.  We're totally in love!  Dutch will never want to go back home to Pug.  Sorry this is short, but I have some snuggling to do!!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Who's in my crib?

So all last week mom kept telling me I was going to have a special visitor and that I have to be nice to him.  Yeah you read that right....him.  So after playing with my "gang" at Pug Sunday I met up with Dutch at the beach.

Imagine my surprise when he jumped into my car and came over the bridge with me!  Now I'm not so happy to share my home with anyone, I can be a bit bossy, but it's Dutch and I love me some Dutch!!

I'm not gonna say it's been all flowers and kisses....but it is pretty funny when his big ass tries to sleep in my tiny monkey bed!  So we're working it out, just like a real relationship, but in the end we love each other very much.

Mom even snapped this pic of us on the sofa, I was using him as a pillow....shhhh don't tell Pug!!!

Thursday, March 1, 2012


Hello my Pug Peeps! Sorry for the delay in marvelous adventures...The 'Rents have been super busy, and I've been tagging along for all their hooman related errands. But that means not a lot of adventure time for The Bellster.

So, what's that thing in the pic? That's my Daddy's new fish, named Bernie! I guess Daddy has been cheating on me with a fish. His last fish was named Billy, and he went over the Bridge and into the big water bowl where the hoomans do their pee-pee-pody. Not sure why that was, must be a hooman thing?

So me and Mums sooprised Daddy with a trip to the Petco! I love Petco, but had to be restrained a bit, because it wasn't a Belly trip, it was for Daddy to pick out a new fish.

Here's the problem...Bernie is in that fancy boxy thing, in delicious Belly inticing water...And I looove me some agua! But, that's where Bernie needs to live, so what's a pug to do? I can't drink his water and spread jowl juice everywhere, So I bark and snort at him, of course!  And that's all that I do when I see Bernie...bark bark snort and bark...I just can't shake the Pug instinct. Oh well, live with it hoomans!

After a long night of Bernie watching, I settle down and take a nap...oh glorious nap...