Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry (puggie) Christmas!!!

                                                 Merry puggie Christmas, everybody!!!!!
Even though I don't look too happy, I secretly enjoyed having funny antlers on my head. Maybe I'll go and pull a sled, or run through the forest. Maybe I'm a new species of undiscovered critter....A "Pugalope?"

2013 is going to be pretty exciting for The Belly. I'm paw-deep in a few projects, and will keep everyone updated on here, and on my Facebook page. It's gonna be BIG!
And a sooper Belly thanks to the hoomans at Camp Bow Wow for turning me into a Pugalope...


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rescue Wednesday

I know...technically it's Thursday....but this guy needs a home!  Mom went to an animal shelter near her work (just in case there is a pug there) and look who she found!  A PUG!!

They named him Pugsley and he was a stray.  Mom said he's super sweet and was in with a poodle and they got along fine!  What he really wants is a home for the holidays.  Is anyone looking to adopt a wonderful boy into their home??  He's located at the Manteca Animal Shelter in California....about 90 minutes from San Francisco.

He's about 24 lbs, and has a good appetite....um yeah he is a pug!  So help spread the word and lets find him a new home for the holidays.  Please email my mom if you have questions!  

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Christmas Cards

I took the best picture ever for my Christmas Cards and I want to share! If you want to receive a card from me, send me an email at fit4pug@gmail.com.

I would love to get a card from you too!!

Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Pug Friday

Hey....it's Black Pug Friday!!  How do you celebrate?  Hang out with a black pug of course.  What do you do if you don't have a black pug....or made the mistake and are owned by a fawnie (aka blonde)??  First you realize you made a mistake, next sit back and be prepared to see supreme cuteness.

Now I know I'm the cutest hermie pug ever...but I'm willing to share the spotlight with a few of my friends.  I must warn you....looking at the following pictures will result in smiles, and the overwhelming need to have one of your very own.

This is Ollie as a puppy.  He's my hedgie brother....we roll like that!

Scarlet is a true Diva and we are twin sisters from different 'rents. She's feisty and would never be caught dead in anything but a designer outfit!

Prepared to run out on Black Pug Sunday and get your very own black pug??  You think you can handle it? Meet Macho....enough said.  We hate the status quo, and like to cause a ruckus.

And finally Noodle....handsome devil isn't he?  Even as a senior, he gives you an attitude.

So I hope you enjoyed all of us black pugs strutting our stuff for you.  Only a special few are willing to take on a black pug, but one thing is true...black is the new black!

Thursday, November 22, 2012

I've been Whipped!

I started my day sleeping in....I've been real tired because I played a lot at daycare this week.  So after getting lots of sleepy time in...I totally nagged at mom and told her to wake up and let's go!

Hey MOM!!  Let's play!!

Off to Pt. Isabel to run and play with all the dogs.  This was me stuck on leash again, because I wasn't listening to mom and tried to run into the water.

After another nap, and a short absence of mom, she brought me back this....WHIP CREAM!!!!

So yummy!!  So this is how I spent my Thanksgiving.  How was yours??

Monday, November 12, 2012

Of blogs and Pugs...and water...

What can I say...I have not been a very good bloggy-pug. My adventures have not been happening as much as they should. I'm an adventure pug, and need the excitement! Some of it was the nasty pug melting summer heat, some of it is my 'Rents having busy lives away from me (blasphemy!)...

My last big adventure was at Shadow Cliffs, where I found out I am addicted to swimming. Yes, I can swim, and love to do it. My confidence is growing, I wanna swim! Much to my Mum's dismay. Snort!

A few days ago, we went to Pt. Isabel...LOTS of water! And I made a mad-pug-dash to the giant rocks, which lead to the stinky water. It kinda smelled like the water that attacks you at the beach, that rushes in and grabs at your paws...that angry beach water scares me...but this stinky water didn't seem angry, and all the other dogs were having lots of fun. So, I went for it, and was immediately me with the stern voice of discipline, like only a Mother can..."BELLS! STAY OUT OF THE WATER..." Of course, I didn't listen..."BELLATRIX...COME...HERE..." of course I didn't listen...I almost made it, then  I heard the sound of the treat bag, and nothing, not even water fun can interfere with treats....Daddy said it was a bribe...not sure what that meant. Anyways, I ran back to my 'Rents...

We walked around some more, and I saw the giant rocks, but this time, the water was gone! All that was left was stinky, gooey mud...I think my 'Rents took it away...

I will have another swim adventure...hopefully soon....

Thursday, October 25, 2012

I'm Officially Official!

Mom and I were taking a ride in the old Fit a few last week, when I told her the I don't feel "official".  She gave me a quizzical look and asked...."what the hell are you talking about...you're a pug?"  See I have this blog, and my own facebook page....so why don't I have my very own official schwag?

I mean I already have my own catchphrase right??  So wouldn't it look great on the back of my very own notecard??

I mean just look at how regal my pose is....just absorbing the sun.  Wouldn't it look great on the front of my very own notecards??

And just look mom....you never know who I'm going to hob knob with...so don't I need my very own business cards??

Oh mom.... Pimpin' ain't easy!

Friday, October 19, 2012

For me??

I'm not gonna lie...seems my 'rents forgot my "gotcha day" which was the 17th.  Dad pointed it out today to my mom....I'm going to plot my revenge against them.  I will take suggestions in the comments....but one of mom's friends totally made up for it!!!

 This is what mom and I sat in today.....for hours!!

Me??  I just hung out in my crate....mostly napping.

Once we finally made it home....and I ate dinner....mom pointed out a box with my name on it??  Inside was a hedgie worm.  HELLO....HEDGIE WORM!!!  My hedgie collection continues to grow.  My favorite toys are hedgies and when one comes to me as a super dooper surprise!?!  AWESOMENESS

While I was busy investigating my new worm.....mom and dad let out squeals of delight.  Well maybe mom did, but I'm pretty sure dad got giddy.  A hedgie collar and in my favorite colors...brown and pink!  I love it, and it looks so awesome with my shiny black fur.

Then came a noise mom only uses when she's in Disneyland, talking about Disneyland, on Disneyland blogs or is planning a Disneyland trip.....and out of my box came this.  See moms friend, Angela, makes magic out of glass.  She has a store that sells all this magic, she even has black pugs!  I think those Mickey ears for mom are extra special, because they put a huge smile on her face.

So I really want to say thanks to Angela and her hedgie obsessed boys Ollie and Biggie.  I totally get the hedgie obsession guys and I'll keep you posted when I see a new one!!

Monday, October 8, 2012


I will not bloggy anything aboot the posted picture. I only post this picture in order to gain sympathy for me. I...do...not...dress-up....

Please save me from the dress-up world that is somehow connected to being a pug...sigh...

Monday, October 1, 2012

A new interloper...

Some of my long time readers know of my arch enemy, the cat named Gracie. Over the last few years, we have feuded on and off, but have come to a sort of peace, mainly because she doesn't enter my backyard.

Well, a few weeks ago, I began going pug-loony over new smells in my backyard. It was really strong by the  area I'm not allowed, because of grapes, and I might eat a grape growing from the fence and get sick, so Daddy put up an anti-Belly barrier to keep me away. Well, the anti-Belly barrier also keeps THE NEW CAT INTERLOPER away from me, and I can't fully protect my backyard!

I don't know where he/she came from, and I don't know why he/she chose my backyard, especially behind the anti-Belly barrier. But, IT'S MY BACKYARD, AND THE CAT SHOULDN'T BE THERE!

It taunts and teases me at all hours, knowing that I can't get at it. Really, sleeping in my backyard?!?!

                                           How smug and secure..SNORTS!!!

So, me and my Daddy formulated a plan. Daddy will sacrifice himself to the greater good of the Pug (Me!) and attempt to interrogate the enemy invader. I want names, where it lives, why my backyard...I want answers, and Daddy was volunteered by me to investigate.

And, all he brought back was this picture of the Interloper. No names, no anything! Daddy said the cat jumped the fence before he could get closer. I thought my Daddy would come back sliced to ribbons from the Interloper's razor sharp claws, but he survived.

So, I must continue the investigation. I may activate the BPP (Black Pug Posse) and flush the Interloper from my backyard once and for all. Or maybe, I can recruit Gracie to my side. At least she didn't actually lay in my backyard!

Monday, September 24, 2012

A grand adventure!

Finally, a Belly adventure. One of Daddy's friends told him aboot this place: Shadow Cliffs.  My Mommy has also heard of it, but never thought to take me. So, this morning, we piled in Mommy's car and drove to Shadow Cliffs! There was supposed to be a special place for doggies, but the 'Rents couldn't find it. Since Daddy never asks for directions, my Mum asked a nice lady and her dog, Newton, where doggies could play. So, we finally made it!

Whoa...Snort!! It kinda looks like a beach, but the water isn't stinky and angry...

So calm, and I know I can go in the water, maybe sneak a drink. Then it came to me: I've never really been in water like this! Water in the wilds?! Sure, I enjoy a bath, but this is in the wild! What aboot Belly eating animals? Or giant Belly eating fish?!

Then I met MONROE! He was still a puppy and told me that the water was totally doggie safe. I was still on my leash...But that soon changed!

Almost over my legs! But still on my leash...Oh MOMMMMY! I gotta go in the water!

Even deeper! Still on my dang leash! But I was hoppin' through the water like a bunny!

And then it happened! I was let of my leash! And there's video of almost all of my shenanigans! Except when I fell off that little cliff....head first...into the water...Yup, I FELL IN...Doggie instinct kicked-in, and I paddled to shore, with my jowls filled with life-giving air. Mommy panicked, Daddy giggled, and I got really muddy and dirty...And...

It was some of the bestest fun...EVER! I wanna go back, when it cools down a bit, so I can explore the trails, play in the water, and embrace my inner wolf! Wow! I was like a real dog!

Don't forget aboot the contest I'm in: Camp BowWow Calendar Contest.

We can beat that darn Basset Hound who's still in 1st. place!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm in a contest...Vote for me!!!

SPECIAL ALERT!!! My 'Rents have entered this picture in a contest with my daycare: Camp BowWow! If I win, I get lots 'o free daycare, and I'LL BE ON THE COVER OF THEIR 2013 CALENDAR!!!!

Imagine, The Belly...ME!...on the cover of a calendar!!!! Representing all pugs, everywhere!

So, all you have to do is click here, if you do the Facebook thing: Camp Bow Wow Contest. Then, click on "Click here to enter," then either search for "Bellatrix" or click through the B's to find the picture!

Do it every day! We can beat that Basset Hound that's in first place!

Thanks from me...The Belly!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Dutchie's birthday!!!

I want to wish one of my best bud's a happy birthday...So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUTCH!!!!!

I picked a sooper serious pic of me and you and Pug, too! It was taken by yer hooman, and shows our sooper serious, dignified doggie side. We really are THAT serious...Snort! And we need to PARTAY!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The woes of a pug's life...

I'm a busy pug...well, not really like hooman busy, but my pug needs and my computer needs, my food needs, my snuggle needs, my leaning needs, my play needs, my Hedgie needs, my bally needs, my bed needs, my sofa cushion, my friends, My Mommy's Facebook stuff, Dogster, Twitter....SNORT!

What's a pug to do? I have to cram so much into my busy life, that sometimes I have to slooow down,  nudge my Daddy of the sofa...and  NAP!

In all seriousness, the "rents have not been the most cooperative when I need some thumbs (or for Daddy, two fingers to type with) to complete my blog. Don't they know that I am THE BELLY!? That my peeps and pugs are waiting for my next adventure?

Maybe I should hire a personal assistant? I can pay them in treat money, or with simple ORB power?

Friday, August 31, 2012

One last birthday sooprise...yummers!

So, last Sunday, I met up with my bud Pug and my spotted bud, Dutch. While I was chewing on Pug's backfat, he mentioned something aboot a most delicious hooman food he called, BACON! I've never had such a hooman food, but I think it's in some of my treats. But Pug says it was better than any treat ever in the history of treats! The droool from his jowls convinced me that I must have this bacon deliciousness...Little did I know that the 'Rents were already planning a special bacon treat for me...The Belly!

Wait a second, this doesn't look like anything Pug says it does? It's in that stuff Daddy prys out of my mouth, called "Plastic." 

 I'm going for it! Darn packaging is belly-proof and pug-proof...darn hoomans and there tamper proof packaging!


NOM NOM NOM NOM...Still can't get it!

Ahhh...it needs to be fixed like Daddy does with my chicken!! Yummers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then it happened...Delicious bacon has touched my jowls....and bacon bliss set in!

BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 361 days until my birthday...and BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!