Thursday, March 31, 2011

Sock it to me!

Shhhhh!!!!! Don't tell anyone but I've gotten my cone off again (he he my orbs still work) and I'm back to being my old self. Daddy was silly enough to take a shower and left his bestest socks out, and I just couldn't help myself.

Now don't get me wrong....I don't actually do anything to the socks, I just like to carry it around in my mouth. My buddy Spencer, he doesn't like his humans to wear socks, but me I don't mind. I just think it's funny to take them and hide them from daddy.

Oh I never do this to mommy, just daddy. It's our special game. See I'm even taking his sock to put it in my toy box.

There is nothing better than daddy getting out of the shower and he attempts to get dressed. I was going to take a picture of his reaction to a missing sock, but mom didn't think that anyone wanted to see daddy in a towel. He's just lucky I don't attack his towel.

I have my eye recheck on Monday...then it's so long to the cone forever. Mom was thinking that if I tolerated a cone, I may tolerate a costume. Silly mommy....when will she learn?

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

There's a party in my cone, and everyone's invited!

Well, it's been aboot one week since the big operation. The isn't the best, but it keeps my doggie instincts from scratching at my healing orbs. Hopefully, this time next week, I'll be cone free! And that means...ADVENTURES! I haven't been on any adventures since the big operation. Mommy and Daddy take me on walks, and even took me to one of my favorite parks this weekend, but I couldn't play or run around. I had to stay on my leash, and I even couldn't play the leashy-game with Daddy...Damn cone!

The cone...I'm learning to live with it, and I don't walk into doors, or get it caught on stuff, anymore. I have been gettin' it pretty dirty when I pee and poo, as I need to find just the right spot, and that takes some serious sniffin' to find, and sometimes, dirt and (delicious) grass find their way into my cone. Don't tell Daddy, but I love the no-cone time when he takes it off to wash it. But, honest pug, I never scratch at my orbs.

Daddy invaded my personal cone space, and took this picture. You can see the stitches, and my new, and still healing, orbs. Do not worry, they have lost none of their power!

Thanks to all my friends and well wishers! Please spread some of the good stuff to my bud Dutch, as he has some sickies, right now.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reconery sucks!

Mom was totally excited yesterday because I was so good with my cone off. Then I got a little too cocky for my own good. When mom and dad tried to put it back on, I did the pug run off all over the house and gave a good the end...they won! Bellatrix 0 Stupid Cone 1

To help in my recovery, my bestest buddy Spencer gave me some awesome get well gifts. I got some swanky shampoo to make my coat extra shiny and soft. I also got this cool stuffed pig and these super tasty chicken treats. See that container, it's almost all in my belly. Mom used them to help me get used to my cone, and they are so yummy! I'm drooling just thinking about them.

As you all know, Spencer and I took our moms to the beach this past weekend. And Spencer and his mom and grandma gave me all these cool recovery gifts. I happen to think those chicken treats were the best thing in the gift box, but mom loved this quilt. See Spencer's mom totally emailed my dad and got all these adorable pictures of me, and had this quilt made for my mom. Best thing about's all about me!! Mom is a huge Disney freak, and the pattern is all Disney! (I'm surprised I wasn't named after a Disney character) So mom has been digging this quilt ever since she got it. Me? I've been digging those chicken treats ever since I got them.

Here's my daddy sportin' a cone head. He thought he'd try one on and see what I was fussin' about. Silly daddy, you can't rock a cone the way I can!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011


A huge thanks to everyone who has sent me good juju vibes. I'm only one day in, and just look at me! I'm already up and about and thanks to a stubborn bladder, I've got my cone off! You guys know how I won't wear clothes or costumes, so do you really think I was going to sport a cone head? Silly doctors...ain't gonna happen.

See I decided to freak mom and dad out and refuse to pee for like 20 joke. Mom called the eye doctor and told her I refused to pee. Mom heard the most magical words ever....take her cone head off to see if she'll go. Daddy said it was like a faucet was turned on....I mean all those fluids and water, I'm not ashamed to admit that I gave the rain overhead some serious competition.

After it all done, I won the rights to not keep my cone head on. Mom and dad watch me like a hawk so that I don't scratch out my stitches....but if it means a cone free head (during waking hours), then I'll be good. Notice how tiny my eyes are now? Mom says they cute little buttons, and I know that soon I'll be rockin' my new orbs. Now I'm a little stoned in this picture (hey it's medicinal), but I'm feeling good and lookin' orb-a-rific!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Cone of Shame

Bellatrix's mom and dad here posting a quick update. Bellatrix had a successful surgery to fix her eyes. She's sleepy, swollen and not happy about the Cone of Shame, but did eat dinner! She's been up and about, walking a bit, and is happy they invented pain pills. You all know just how much she loves to wear clothes? Well this cone is 1000000000 times worse! It's going to be a long two weeks.
We just want to say thanks for all your positive vibes, I know she felt them! I just know she'll soon be up and about and terrorizing Spencer once again. We'll keep you updated on her progress and thanks again.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Couscous and Orbs

This past weekend I went to Couscous with my buddy Spencer to spend some time at the beach before my big surgery tomorrow. We had so much fun! The weather was mostly wet, but the little bit of clear skies we had, we spent out and about. We only spent one day on the beach because of the rain, so I made sure to drag him around and made him play with me tons!

While on the beach we found some drift wood and we both hopped on it! We did all that hard work of climbing on it and posing so cute, but get this... no treat! Totally sucked.

On the one really nice day we went to a small town called Crambria, where we walked on paths near the beach (boo they aren't dog friendly there), then went to seal point. Our moms totally went gaga over some stupid seals in the water...hello adorable pugs sitting right here! Anyways, we ran into this lady who had never seen a black pug before, and was rude to Spencer. I ignored her, no one is rude to my man.

This was me showing off my orbs for the last time before my big surgery tomorrow. Please send me as many postive vibes as you can. You know how much us pugs don't like the sleepy medicine, and I especially don't do well with it. On a plus note, I've lost a little weight, can you see how tiny my waist looks in this pic? I'm practically anorexic!
Mom says she'll try to post updates over the next few days, however she may not have time. If you want you can email her, she promises she'll respond. Thanks in advance for all your good juju vibes. Peace out for a little while-and may the Orb be with you!!!!

Friday, March 18, 2011

The count down begins

The countdown begins to my orb fix...That pic is me, with my orbs at full power, even when I was a pugger-pup. I've been trying to keep my spirits up, by playing and being...well...a pug! Like, today, I came home from daycare, and found my Daddy. Since I know he LOVES to clean up my jowl juice, I went and dribbled as much as I could, right at his feet. When he shook his head and sighed, I knew he was gonna get the Jowl Juice Towel. I snatched the towel, and do what any proper pug would do...I ran with it! But, Daddy got it back, so I had to go to plan P: The Kubba Wubba, and of course, Daddy fell for it.

We played a whole bunch! I wubbed all over the house, and I noticed that Mommy was gettin' dressed, and packing some bags?? What the heck!?!?!? Was my Mommy leavin' me before the big day!?!?!? But then Daddy grabbed my adventure collar and new adventure leash, and gave me a big old hug and kiss and walked with me to Mommy's pug-mobile. Then she said it...WE'RE GONNA GET SPENCER AND GO BACK TO THE BIG BEACH!!! I couldn't believe it, a pug-tastical trip to keep my mind off the big day.

I'm gonna miss my Daddy, but Mommy said the trip was for "The girls" and a few pugs...Sorry Daddy...I'll see you when I get back, and we'll Wubba for a long time!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Battle Vacoom!

Today was a good day! My tummy was back to normal, and I had the whole day with my Daddy! Since he was being a bit lazy, I decided to do my lazy pug best just to hang out on the sofa and watch the magic box. But Daddy had other plans, and we decided to goto the doggie park. After some serious puggy playtime, we headed home.

This is where it all changed. See, Daddy needed to do some chores, and that usually means one of the noisy machines comes out of its hiding place, and I don't like the noisy machines. Daddy calls it a "vacoom." All I know is that he drags it around the hairy part of the wood floors, taking away some of the tasty chewy morsels my chewies leave behind. So, what can I do but my best Protecto-Pug and bark...bark...and bark! Daddy has tried helping me make friends with the vacoom, but nothing works, not even when he tries to bribe me with my favorite treats. I just dont like the big yellow thing.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

She's Baaack?!?

So, I'm all worried aboot my upcoming orb fix. I even have some runny-poos and an upset tummy, but Mommy and Daddy are helping me with that. I haven't even been blogging a whole lot. When my orbs are fixed, I'm planning on HUGE adventures!

Anyways, I was reviewing my Pug ultra-snorty-surveillance system and I see GRACIE?!?

I could not believe it! The audacity of that felonious feline causing chaos in my front yard! I couldn't figure out why she was running around. So, I asked Daddy aboot it, as he seems to enjoy cavorting with the Felonious Feline Gracie...Silly Daddy, wasting pets and rubs on HER and not me! Daddy said the grass has a gopher in it. I wasn't sure what a gopher is, so Daddy and me gooogled it, and what a nasty lil' critter! So, I think I'll give Gracie a pass...this time...

But then Daddy and me had a talky-talk while I was on his lap, hanging out on the sofa. And maybe Daddy was right all along. Gracie isn't out to get me, or cause trouble. Maybe she just wants to hang out with me. Maybe I can share a chewie or play Hedgie with her? I still don't think I can share my monkey bed, though.