Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry (puggie) Christmas!!!

                                                 Merry puggie Christmas, everybody!!!!!
Even though I don't look too happy, I secretly enjoyed having funny antlers on my head. Maybe I'll go and pull a sled, or run through the forest. Maybe I'm a new species of undiscovered critter....A "Pugalope?"

2013 is going to be pretty exciting for The Belly. I'm paw-deep in a few projects, and will keep everyone updated on here, and on my Facebook page. It's gonna be BIG!
And a sooper Belly thanks to the hoomans at Camp Bow Wow for turning me into a Pugalope...


Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rescue Wednesday

I know...technically it's Thursday....but this guy needs a home!  Mom went to an animal shelter near her work (just in case there is a pug there) and look who she found!  A PUG!!

They named him Pugsley and he was a stray.  Mom said he's super sweet and was in with a poodle and they got along fine!  What he really wants is a home for the holidays.  Is anyone looking to adopt a wonderful boy into their home??  He's located at the Manteca Animal Shelter in California....about 90 minutes from San Francisco.

He's about 24 lbs, and has a good appetite....um yeah he is a pug!  So help spread the word and lets find him a new home for the holidays.  Please email my mom if you have questions!