Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Monday, November 28, 2011

I'm on the Hunt....

Today dad was off work and mom took a vacation what's a pug family to do??  Why get a Christmas tree of course!  The 'rents usually go to a lot, but those are worth a lot of my treats, so we took off to a store that sells lots of trees and the 'rents still have enough money to buy me treats!

Hey 'rents!  What about Bellatrix sized trees??  They are the perfect size to fit all my Christmas presents under them.

No?!?!  Ok, I'll look again.  What do I smell over here??

 Hey Daddy???  Whatcha doing hiding back there behind all those trees??  You want that tree over there??

What about this one??  Dad really likes it....what's that don't like it!  Oh brother.  Back to hunt dad.

OH!!!!  Mom really likes this one over here!!  I like it too, I'm play bowing at it I like it so much.  So what tree did we get....check back later for the great reveal.....

Friday, November 18, 2011

Pug Sluts Unite!!

My 'rents found that they had a lot of questions when they first got me, and while my dad is a google master, some questions can only be answered by a fellow pug slut.  Mom was expecting a sloth of a dog, after all everything she had read said that pugs are lazy...well I showed her!  Just ask dad.  He wanted a dog that will play fetch, so mom trained me to play fetch...well all the pug experts said pugs just don't play fetch!  Frustrated mom figured there had to be a place to ask fellow pug sluts about their pugs and all their silly ways.

Well, they found their way to the blog world, and with it all sorts of cool pug sluts.  A totally awesome community of like minded pug sluts, who love all things pug.  One thing lead to another and mom stalked some pug sluts on facebook.  After lots of messaging, mom figured pug sluts needed their own spot in the universe and a new facebook group was born.  So if any of you follow facebook, search for the group pug sluts.  I'm pretty sure there have been posting and pictures that may not flatter us pugs, I heard mom giggling earlier.  Just look at this picture above, mom has to put a towel on the sofa....apparently I drool!

So if you 'rents are pug sluts, they should put their red light on and join the group!

Monday, November 14, 2011

Once I liked it....

There was a time when The Belly liked zucchini....It was a delectable treat, and Mommy and Daddy also said it was sooper healthy. Unfortunately, I now reject the green thingy, and I'm not sure why...Now, if it was delicious beef jerky or some other sooper delicious treat, this video may not have happened...silly me....

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Can you hear me now??

So my buddy Payton, is having surgery on her ear today and while we've all been updated by her Gampy and she's come out of it with flying colors....she still needs our juju.  See I've never met Payton, and probably never will (she lives like so far away from California), so I had to jack these pics off her blog.  Sorry Payton but it's all in the name of Juju!!

So apparently this is an ear thing...hence the name of this blog...sorry I deflect serious matters with humor (it's a black pug fawnies wouldn't understand)  So I am sending out a plea to the juju-verse to make sure her ear is c-word free and that Payton will be back to her normal self.

For those who might not know Payton...she's one tough broad.  She looked PDE in the eye and made it her bitch.  She's like the Wonder Woman of PDE and helps other pugs and their 'rents who might have it.  She  lassos the PDE and puts it into her invisible jet and flies it away, all while not having a hair out of place.

So lets all do our juju dance, and show her our love!!!  Get well Payton we're all thinking about you and your ear.

Monday, November 7, 2011

Merriment Time

Mom's been getting all excited lately.  She says one of her favorite commercials is on TV all the time.  She says it involves Disneyland and announcing the "Merriest Time of the Year".  I just know a happy mommy usually means a spoiled Bellatrix.  Sure enough Christmas toys have already invaded my home!  I've got a new Santa Hedgie and mom cracked up over a Santa Dragon!

She also brought home a Christmas fluffy collar..WTF???

I know I look like drag queen in this, but that's ok...the payoff came in the end....

Treats!!  Mom decided she didn't like my fluffy collar after all, so that's going back to the store (PHEW!)

Just when I thought mom couldn't get anymore weird...I locate something in my new bed....

My own little Santa buddy.  Seriously mom!!!

Dad is already loosing the Christmas battle because..... already has a tree out (she had it out before Halloween!!)  So what does all this mean for a pug like me?  Lots and lots of presents and treats!!  Woo Hoo!!

Friday, November 4, 2011

Emi...and Me...

First, Emi is doing wonderfully. She is making a great recovery from the parvo. But, there's some bad news...We didn't get along. Some doggie instinct, maybe it was Emi's damaged orb, but we weren't the best of friends, so it was decided, for Emi's sake and my sake, that she spend some time with another family, where she can get better without a lot of stress, and get ready for her orb repair.

My mommie gave Emi a yak chew and lots of love from everybody. I am sad, though, that I couldn't help more.

Maybe, when the time is right, we can meet again and share some doggie park time or a hedgie...

Little Emi still needs help, so anything is appreciated: Central Coast Pug Rescue

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Emi updated

A super huge ginormous thank you to everyone who has helped my foster sister Emi.  She is feeling much better and is responding to treatment.  She is eating and drinking and nothing is coming out of places that it shouldn't...eck!  She still can't have her eye surgery, but I hope she'll come back to live with us soon. Mom and dad are going to take her some stuffed animals tomorrow, even one that smells like me!  I don't want her to forget about me.

Thanks to everyone who helped support her during her illness and recovery.  I'll keep you all posted.