Thursday, June 28, 2012

Surprise for Me?!?

I came home from daycare yesterday and dad said he was disappointed.  It seems the mail person (who doesn't like me BTW) delivered a package for me and not daddy!  FOR ME!?!?!  What the heck is it...who's it from??

It's a collar for me??  And with Mickey Mouse and Pluto on it?  Someone combined my mom's two favorite things into one?

Mom put it on me right away squealing in delight..really mom your two biggest obsessions?  Collars for me and all things Disney??  Mom said I look adorable in it and gave me tons of kisses and a few treats...I ain't gonna lie...I'm one adorable hermie!

So once mom stopped kissing me and carrying on I asked who sent it to me?  Who loves me and mom enough to send us a care package that brought absolute delight to mom and dad??  WILMA!!!!  She and her mom also sent a real nice note saying that when they saw this colla' (holla') that they thought about me.  That's like wicked awesome!  So thanks so much to Wilma (Sluggo and Brigette too!) for thinking of me and mom.  She said after July 4th (I'm sporting my American flag collar now) that this is the next collar in our rotation.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pug's 4!!

This is my buddy Pug, he's one of my best friends and today is his birthday.  He turns 4!  Most of you know I live for biting his back fat, but sometimes we do just hang out and enjoy the sun.

Just look at the meaty morsels on his back, I'm pretending to play bow, but at a moment's notice I will pounce on his juicy back and nibble till I have my fill....

...or maybe not....

fine....go hang with Dutch, but I'll just get him too!

Well Happy Birthday Pug!  You're one of my bestest friends, and I look forward to many years of noming on your pudgy flesh.  I hope you have a great day filled with bacon and smelly things.

Friday, June 22, 2012

Hi, I'm Belly, and I'm addicted to....

COLLARS!?!? Not sure when it started, but my Mommy began bringing collars home. Collars for my birthday, for hooman special days, for adventures...I have a collar for almost any occasion. I don't think I'm the pug to blame. I think my Mommy may be a bit loony. Daddy isn't any help, either. He brings home all sorts of goofy collars. He says that they were on sale at the hooman store that has the white dog on TV. Daddy calls it "Tarjay." Not sure what's in there, as non-helper doggies like me aren't allowed inside, but I think it's a giant collar store, cause Daddy always seems to have a new one for me.

I'm not complaining, but those two hooman's are collar crazy! What's next, pug clothes, again?!?! (and we all know how that's gonna go...ugh...).

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Battle flat squirrel!

At my favorite doggie park, I like to play with my friends. My friend Penny's Mum always brings toys for us to play with...and that can lead to a battle!

Penny is on the left. My other friend, the crazy white fluffer-nutter on the right, is Nikki. She's super crazy and can run and jump like a rabbit! Penny is laid back, and sooper stealthy. And then there's me...Belly! I kill 'em with kindness and the best playbow in pugstory! Penny falls for my ploy, and returns my playbow. Nikki sits and tries the "Little cute white doggie" trick. I don't fall for her little fluffer-nutter tricks!  In the middle of us is the prize: The Flat Squirrel. Some hooman thought it would be funny to make a toy with no stuffin'! I guess that's o.k., and it is pretty fun to play with...So, who's gonna get it?!

Nikki jumps in, Penny gets ready to pounce! Belly waits...and plots her master plan! The curl is extra tight, the Belly is extra strong and ready! The pug mastermind is aboot to strike! As Nikki and Penny chase each other, I creep in and.....

                          GET THE PRIZE! THE FLAT SQUIRREL IS BELLY'S!

                                                Victorious Belly!

Friday, June 1, 2012

I'm like Richard Simmons, but without the fro!!

So sorry it's been a while!  I've been super busy lately and finally got my mom to help me write what's going on in my life.  Well last weekend I was excited because mom was home with me on Sunday and Monday!  On Sunday mom made me walk around a really fun place near our house called the Lafayette Reservoir.  I wanted to run through the grass, but mom said I had to stay on leash.

She said I have to get out more...I have to shed something called my "winter coat", which I think is just a nice way for her to call me a chunky monkey.

We had to go pretty early because it's getting hot again, and I can overheat.  After our walk, mom let me sleep on the passenger seat so that the air conditioning could help cool me down.  I mean look at me!  Do I look like I just enjoyed walking over 2 freaking miles???

So on Monday I thought I'd be sleeping in....but mom drags my ass up real early.  This better be good mom, or I'm going to stink eye you!  Not only was it totally worth it because I got to see my boyfriend Dutch, but I also got to hang with my best bud Pug....and his back fat!!

Luckily Pug gave it up and I was able to eat lunch back there.  Just look at this angle (sorry Pug-but a girl has to show off her mans goods).  I was in back fat euphoria.

After gnawing on his flesh, we chewed on a stick together, and Pug ran off after a phantom friend.  I followed Dutch around and then.....

I came home and napped.

I want to send out a special thanks to all the men and women in our military, especially my friend Steve who spent a year in Afghanistan and received a purple heart.  I send you all oooodles of hermaphroditic pug hugs and kisses (and those are twice as nice)