Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Devil Made Me Do It

This is me in all my naked glory. I'm hanging out in the backyard enjoying the sunshine and the company of my dad. The warm cement tickling my belly....what could ever go wrong?


That's right, me Bellatrix, Miss I Hate Costumes, wearing...you guessed it....a freaking costume. Somehow mom got me to wear this Hooker Devil Costume. It's hard to tell but mom says it sparkles and has fake leather, so it's a Hooker Devil (I like to prostitute myself for a treat so it's all good)

Dad doesn't get it....

Mom doesn't know who's curl is curlier?

Mom totally bribed me with extra super yummy treats to get me to wear these dumb ass horns. No way I'm going out in public with these on my dome.

I showed those f@!*in' horns who's boss!!

Mom wanted to let any bay area pugs now about upcoming Pug-O-Ween events. Oct 16th Pug Pros will host their event at the Marin Humane Society. And on Oct 23rd Pug Savers will be holding their event. I will be going to both rockin' Hooker Devil. Let me know if you're going and we can totally hook up!!

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Belly mobiles....

Sooo...Daddy broke a Belly Rule: wakin' me up on a lazy Saturday morning. Usually I go to my granma's house to visit, but she's dog-sitting, so I stayed home with my Daddy. And Daddy, who rarely moves on a Saturday morning, decided that we needed some sun and exercise. My adventure harness was attached, and we climbed into his Mantruck and we drove to Orinda, where a big car show was going on. I wondered why, and Daddy said that his Daddy and Brother (I guess my Granpa and Uncle?) where going to be there.

When we parked, Daddy spotted trouble: A farmer's market...where no dogs and pugs are allowed? And it was blocking our way! Oh no!?, So what did we do...we broke the rules, and sneaked through the market. Luckily, the farmer's market police didn't see us! Stealth-Belly strikes, again!

We met with the peeps, and walked around looking at all the hooman stuff. I gotta admit, I wasn't too thrilled aboot the hooman stuff, but there were a lot of nice people there, and lots of other doggies to sniff and hang out with.

We took a break next to Daddy's brother's "hot rod." I bet it could take me to all the pug events sooper fast. But, then again, Mommy drives sooper fast, and would probably beat the hot rod in her pug-mobile.

In the end, it was a nice day, until I spotted the holy-grail of pug mobiles. It was big, it was armored and would allow me to continue my quest to defeat the Diabolical Gracie The Cat:

I wouldn't have to try and climb the fence, I'd roll it over...Hehehehehehe...snort...hehehe! But, as always, Daddy the logical-hooman asked me: How would I drive it....ut-oh, haven't thought aboot that....

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Polka Dog Yummy....get in my belly!!

Mom and Dad picked me up from day care today and once I got over the fact that my car smelled like Puglet and Dutch for some reason, I realized I had a package waiting on my front door. I love when I get a box from Polka Dog Bakery!!

Open it daddy!!! Use that big ass knife on that box and get going already!!!

OOOOOOHHHHHHHH!!!!! Yummy for my tummy!!!!!!

Inside was some of my favorite treats, the Go Fish! It's great for dogs who suffer from allergies and is so delish. Mom giggled when daddy opened the box, because there were holiday treats inside! Holiday as in Christmas. Yes you may all cringe right now.

So what's a pug to do?? Give mom the most perfect sit in the history of sits, orb her like crazy and get a yummy holiday treat in return....ho ho ho!!

Monday, September 19, 2011


I have a lil secret....I have a crush on Dutch...Please don't tell Spencer! Now that that's out in the open...hehehehehe...It's Dutch's Birthday!!!!! So, please sing along with me, Belly!

Happy Birthday to Dutchie
Happy birthday to Dutchie

Happpyyy birthdaaay to Dutchie

Happy birthday to Dutchie!

This was the fist time I met him. It was at a Pug Sunday in San Francisco. I was a wee-lil-pug full of craziness, and saw this big white spotted guy dog, with a pink collar and a sooper cool Henrietta Chicken toy. So, what's a crazy-Belly-pug to do? Chase him down and get that darn chicken! It was a long battle...and...I never got the chicken, but I let him win!

Every time we meet up, I do my best to let him know that, even though, he may not be a real smooshy-nosed pug, I think of him as one of my best buds: a big white spotted pug at heart...with a pink collar.

Mommy's Home!

Mommy's home! She survived a trip to the Land of the Big Mouse, and had a good time, even if it was pug free...

I had so much Daddy Time that I slept most of the day away. Over the last few days, me and my Daddy went to the doggie park, went on walks, went to the doggie wash place, and on Saturday, we went to Point Isabel! I had a lot of fun and got to play with all sorts of doggies!

Now that my Mum is home, I can smile and have all my hoomans back!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Mommy...where'd you go?

Ut oh...So, yesterday, this is what I find in Casa De Belly...Where's my Mommy going? She calls it her Happy Place, but no Puggies are allowed?!? A happy place with no pugs, especially ME?!? That doesn't sound that happy. Then Mommy explained what it was, and to me, it does sound sooper happy! Except for that giant mouse. Not sure I'd want to be chased by that! So, I'll miss my Mommy for a few days, but I'm happy for my Mommy that she's going to a place for her, with her friends, and I don't mind...'cause...I'm home with my Daddy! And you know what THAT means...Chaos!

Daddy lets me get away with lots...well almost. I still can't eat the wood in my backyard, or chase Gracie...But, I get unlimited hedgie playtime and chewies! And unlimited Daddy Lap!

We have BIIIG plans. Daddy says we can't be lazy pug-couch-potatoes, so we're gonna go on some adventures, maybe a day at the pug-spa, and definitely a trip or two to my favorite doggie park...

Miss ya, Mommy! SNORTS!

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Phoebe update! Good news!

Quick update on my friend, Phoebe. The surgery went well, and she may be able to go home with Zoey and their hooman on Wednesday night! Keep them all in your thoughts! Keep the JuJu flowin'!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Juju Emergency!!!

Hey everyone in the Pug-blog-o-verse, this is one of my bestest friends Phoebe. She needs a giant ball of positive juju to catch. She has to have surgery tomorrow. She has an infection in her uterus and it needs to exit stage left.

This is Phoebe and her mom Zoey. See these two really like to dress up...weird I know! Phoebe swears extra treats come her way when she dresses up. I told her to get better soon, we have some Pug-o-ween events to hit up. See Phoebe looks so cute dressed up, she totally wins contests. I think she should win just on cuteness alone!

Here's my dad and I with Phoebe/Zoey and their mom Susie. This was taken after my birthday party. Phoebe was kind enough to come celebrate with me. She was the police officer in the dog park, she patrols and make sure everyone stays in line. I like hanging out with her, she's loads of fun....so please make sure you sends ooodles of pug love her way.

Phoebe I know you're going to do great tomorrow, and just think loosing your uterus will make you weigh a pound less! Instant tummy tuck...hehe

Monday, September 12, 2011

Busy as a bee Belly!

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.....What a whirlwind of a month! My 2nd birthday bash was a blast, Salinger won the big give away, and I was..well..me! And I must apologize that my bloggy has been a bit slow. Not to worry, I have big adventures coming, and lots of things to bloggy aboot!

BIG NEWS! Daddy set up my Dogster account! It's a cool web place for all sorts of doggies! Now, he just has to keep it up, or I'll nibble his ankles!

Saturday, September 3, 2011

Winner Winner...Birthday Dinner!!!

As you know I turned 2 last week...and boy am I giving the 'rents a taste of the terrible twos! Hehe...let's see just how much trouble I can be! I mean just right now as mom is typing what I'm dictating to her, I'm chewing on some of dad's important paperwork. As part of my celebration, I told said 'rents, that I want to do another give away. So you all posted, and the randomizer picked (insert drum roll!!!)

SALINGER!!! I picked this pic off his blog because it combines two super awesome things....a pug and a bed shaped like food. I bed he dreams of donuts....I know I would. Well anyways....Salinger is a funny guy, and I think we would totally get into all sorts of trouble if we lived near each other. I'm just saying, I saw he had cheese fries once....

So Salinger email my mom at mugglechris@gmail.com (Yes she's a Harry Potter nerd-hence my name)

Mom and I will put together a super awesome gift pack worthy of me being 2! Sorry if you didn't win this time, and thanks for reading all about my party. If you live in the bay area (SF style) and you didn't attend, why not??? No excuses on next year...and if you live anywhere else? Maybe a road trip?? Hahahahaha!!!

Have a nice weekend pugs!!