Friday, April 30, 2010

big gala event!!

Tomorrow my best bud Spencer and I are going to an important gala in Sacramento. It's called the "Black and Fawn Gala" and it's to help pugs in need at Pugsavers. We pugs all get to hang out and play with each other, while our mom and dad's do human stuff. Pictured here is Spencer, my main squeeze. His grandma made him a spiffy bow tie to wear. Isn't he like the most handsome pug ever?? Anyways, we're going to schmooze it up with all these pugs, so we have got to be on our best behavior. It's going to be loads of fun for sure! So if you have time, check out their website, because we can all do our part to help other pug brother and sisters (sometimes we're one in the same) out. I will totally have pictures to post on here tomorrow.
Oh and thanks dad for giving me a bath tonight. I had to look spiffy for tomorrow. Everyone dad gave me a bath tonight for the first time. He did so good! Thanks dad you didn't even miss a spot.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

It ain't easy being a pug

I've come to realize in my 8 months on this planet that it ain't easy being a pug. I think of all the work I do day to day....and sometimes it's exhausting. First off, I always put a smile on mom or dad's face. Next, I always am cute (and trust me I don't wake up this adorable). I have to eat (this must be accomplished upon first waking, after going potty outside or after breathing). Then there is play time, but that's just fun (hi Spencer! I missed you tonight - darn rain). Then there is the kisses I must dish out. Those are never ending, and frankly, I'm really good at it so the demand is high. Oh and let's not forget my orbs. Sometimes I have to just sit there and penetrate dad's rough exterior with my alluring orbs. I always win in the long run (don't worry dad mom will never know you sneak me those extra treats...shhhh it's our secret).
So when I sit back and think of all the things us pugs do in the world, it causes me to lay down on the sofa with some "America's Next Top Model" (I think Raina might win....paws crossed), and just vegetate. Well, until mom so rudely snaps this picture of me for my blog! What's a pug to do?

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Pug Saturday

So if you are cool enough to take the time to read my blog, you'll know that last Saturday we had our first unofficial Pug Saturday!! See mom works on Sundays and she can never make the Pug Sunday events anywhere in the bay area, so my mom and Spencer's mom came up with the idea of Pug Saturday. We used this secluded dog park in Clayton where we Spencer and I play all the time. Can you believe there is a perfectly good dog park just laying around that no one really uses? Well we do!! It was totally awesome! Spencer and I were there (causing so much trouble as is the norm), this super unique looking pug Phantom (half his face is fawn the other is black! How freaking awesome is that?!?) and you won't believe it....Puglet and Brother Dutch came!!! Puglet has been so busy with his green video, but he was so cool to come and hang with us. I totally tried to take Dutch's Henrietta away, but he didn't like that too much. Dutch is the Dalmatian in the corner looking at all us pugs on the table.
Anyways......what was so neat-o was that I got to see "the jimmy" in person. Puglet is so smart and cute, (don't worry Spencer you're the only pug for me) but the whole crowd was amazed at all Puglet can do. His mom even gave me a new treat...I ate a goldfish! I hope it didn't mind.
It was so fun!! Even though Pug Saturday wasn't as popular as the Pug Sunday in SF, it was still loads of pug fun! There were snorts all around. If you live in the bay area, I hope you can make the next one!! Oh and thanks to Spencer's grandma for this tried to take pictures, but all she got was pug butts...shesh mom!

Sunday, April 25, 2010

My first bullystick

Mom and dad came across this and wanted me to share it with all of you. I was just 7 weeks old and weighed just 3.4 lbs. Mom gave me a bully stick for the first time. I had no idea what it was, but luckily I'm one smart pug and I totally love them now. So enjoy this video....

Thursday, April 22, 2010

I eat birthday cards for fun

Dad's birthday is coming up very soon (he'll be 29 again), so mom decided to give him a birthday card everyday for a month before the big day. See dad doesn't like his birthday, so every year mom has to come up with something to make his birthday good. So every night she tries to get me to run down the hallway with a card in my mouth. The trick is to...
A. Not slobber on the card
B. Not eat the card in the process (I point to exhibit a...see how well that's going)
C. Run right up to dad and give him the card
Reality, I run around the house with the card in my mouth. I chew the ends, sneeze on it then make dad chase me around to get it. This is all part of the plan to put a smile on dad's face. It totally works! See mom does her part, and I am doing mine.
I am currently working with mom to do something special for his birthday...but since he reads this, I can't go into detail here. I will share with everyone once he gets the surprise. So does anyone else do anything special for their mom/dad on their birthday?

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Pug Saturday!

As most of you know I am lucky enough to live close to my best bud Spencer B. We love to get together and play as much as possible. Well today, despite the rain and mud, our moms let us have a little play date. While there our moms decided we should start Pug Saturdays. See my mom has to work on Sunday, so she misses all these cool pug Sunday events...and what she misses I miss too. I don't think it's fair and I want to spend time with some pugs (and other pug-lites). So our moms cooked up Pug Saturdays. Our first unofficial one is coming up this Saturday at Spencer's and I special park. We are willing to share it with any pug (and pug-lite) that wants to join us. It's going to start at 1pm and it's in Clayton dog park. If you live in the east bay (that's near San Francisco), I invite you to join us. It's going to be loads of fun. If you have any friends that don't read this blog, but you do, first off tell them to read it...but then ask them to join us! It's going to be loads of fun. Pug frivolity will ensue. I hope you can join us. Oh and if you don't live in the area....I will totally play with a pug for you.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Daddy's little girl

Right now I'm all about my Daddy. Mom says it's a phase, or maybe she's just hoping it is. See when I first came to live with mom and dad, I really bonded with mom, and I think dad felt out of the loop. Mom made sure dad took me to classes and spent lots of time with me, and it worked. I'm soooo daddy's little girl (er..hermaphrodite), and I'm working that angle to my advantage. See dad is a sucker for my orbs, just one look and he sneaks me treats when he thinks mom isn't looking. When I want to snuggle on the sofa, I just plop on his lap. When I want to play, I bring him my favorite toy (my flappy) and all is right in the world. So while I'm in my "daddy phase" as mom calls it, I still love her tons and will sucker her into giving me a treat too. Sometimes humans are sooo funny. So who do you favor more? Your mom or dad, a grandma or grandpa maybe?

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Basket Case

Mom decided I need to start putting my toys away when I'm done with them. Usually I just leave them all around the house, hey you never know when you have a sudden urge to attack a stuffed animal, but mom and dad said they were tired of stepping on them. They brought me home this cute basket to store all my current toys. See the theory is that once done I'll actually go and put them back in....the reality is that I'll just play with them as usual then leave them around the house. Nothing will change..nope. The cool thing about this toy basket, is that once mom or dad puts all these toys back in there for me, I have all my toys in one place and I have to then pull them all out again. Mom and dad are so silly! Put my toys away...that is funny. I personally think they're lucky I haven't made the basket my new toy! Do your moms and dads make you put your toys away, or do you just leave them laying around?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

mellow yellow?

Everyday I follow mom and dad into this one room that I love...the bathroom. It's tons of fun in there. First off, it's where I get to take a bath, and where I get to freak mom and dad out when staring at them take their shower. Next, my green carpet is in there, yes we're stiff feuding and yes the carpet is winning because it has an ally in my mom and dad. We can't forget the towels in there, always fun to chew and shred. Then we have the holy grail of the bathroom. The one place I'm not allowed to go in...the toilet. Now mom and dad get to use it, why can't I? Do they get a treat when they go pee pee potty? I want to know all about this contraption. Is it a giant drinking bowl? I try to get in there to see what's up...but mom and dad just call me away. Ahh this is pure frustration. I think I might love this bowl, it smells like mom and dad and they seem to like to spend time on it (especially daddy), so why is this off limits to me? You would think mom would want me to jump in and take a bath, but nope. Does anyone else love the toilet? I know that one of these days, I'm jumping in! to the dog park now...I know I get to use the toilet there.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Hand me a tissue

My battles with allergies landed me at the vet yesterday and mom with another bill. I have to take a new pill to help with my sniffles. Mom doesn't like to give me pills and such, but my lack of breathing makes it necessary to take this tiny pill 3 times a day. Mom likes me to be feisty and a trouble maker, but this pill kinda knocks me out. When I am awake, mom thinks I'm not myself. I hope this allergy season doesn't last too long. Do any of you have allergies? A lot of my pug friends do and luckily it seems to go away kinda fast.
Even though I spent most of today asleep and a little loopy, I did manage to try a new dog park, and found only one dog who wanted to be my friend. I liked the park it was very clean and had lots of grass to run around in, but not many of the dogs wanted to play. I think I'll stick to the park Spencer and I play at. Speaking of which...I hope I feel like myself by Saturday because mom told me we get to go and have a play date with him. She's so funny....she tells me "Let's go play with Spencer!" and I get all excited and she just laughs. Dad is going with us too, and he likes to run with us and throw the ball.
The best thing about our park is no grass or's all wood chips so my allergies will be OK. I'm heading back to says she might just get used to lazy pug....

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

brown box surprise

Today was a mixed bag of happenings in my life. I wasn't feeling so great last night..something called allergies. I had watery eyes and was sneezing all over the place. I couldn't sleep and kept mom up all night. Today I spent the day at grandma's catching up on my sleep. When mom came to pick me up, she said we had to go see my vet...which means...the scale!!!
Now I love my vet, he's really nice and he thinks I'm as cute as a button, but he always gives me the "I have a hard time feeling your ribs" speech. Today wasn't so bad, I'm 18lbs and 11 oz, and she stated that wasn't bad...but that I had to watch myself. I told him I will beef up my play sessions and watch my treat intake. I got some pills for my sniffles and a treat from the girls at the front desk! Hey, I no longer had to weigh in.
Once home mom was excited to see our brown box of treats had arrived! There were so many goodies inside and mom said it was so cheap we got extra stuff. I got an extra big yak treat, some sweet potato chews, antlers, bison and my favorite bully sticks. I was so good at the vet that mom let me have a sweet potato chew and it was super yummy. Mom said we will have to order from them again and she wanted to share who they are with everyone. The name of the company is best bully sticks and they even own pugs! Well I'm off to enjoy my new treats and snuggle with mom.

Monday, April 12, 2010

I've got you under my spell...

Mom says my eyes have super powers. She says that with just one look, I can make you give me a treat...or pet me....or give me a treat....or give up your lap...or give me a treat....or play fetch with me...or give me a treat. See powerful stuff. Mom says I don't have much wisdom behind these orbs, but that it's just plain cuteness. I'll have to agree, but really who wants smarts? Everyone knows it's all about the looks right? I know not really, but in the end it's all about food.
Dad says these eyes get me out of trouble every time I do something wrong. "Oh daddy, I didn't mean to steal your sock...I'm sorry" Orb Orb Orb. "Oh daddy, I'm sorry I followed you into the bathroom and watched you take a shower" Flutter Flutter Flutter. See what I mean, works every time.
Now don't go abusing this power. It can back fire on you...for instance...Someone was chewing on the area rug (ahem) and all I heard was "Bellatrix!" So now I bat my charming orbs, "who me?", but mom wasn't having it and she told me they wouldn't work! Now the eyes do have one giant enemy....Sunglasses. If your attempt to engage with someone wearing sunglasses? Just give up and walk away...ain't gonna happen my friends.
I hope this PSA helped anyone out there looking to get out of jail free, or procure a treat. I'm going back to wait for UPS...he's bring me a surprise...I'll blog about it tomorrow.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

I once saw a bully stick t h i s b i g

So today was wet and rainy and while I got to hang out with dad all day, I really wanted to get out and play and I couldn't. To make matters worse, there was a Pug Sunday that got rained out...and dad hardly ever has a Sunday off to take me. I was super bummed out...Spencer was gonna be there and while I bet he look so handsome all wet, I don't think our parents would let us run around in the rain. So still a little hungover from yesterdays play session with him, today just kinda turned into a lazy Sunday. Dad and I curled up onto the sofa and while he watched "Monster Quest" (aka Snooze Quest) on the History Channel (gosh he can be sooooo old-fashioned), I dozed off dreaming of next time I get to hang with Spencer and all my dog friends. The sun did come out a little later and dad walked me around the neighborhood, but really the rain just ruined my day.
I was just kinda hanging around when mom came home from work. She informed me that I had been such a great pug this past week that she got me a new bully stick! She felt so guilty having me in the crate a little longer than normal (got to love that Italian guilt works every time), so she bought me this huge bully stick. I was so happy and it was worth that extra time sleeping in my crate this past week. I've never had one this big, it will take me a long time to chew through it. Thanks mom! All that chewing made me one sleepy pug.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

My crate...friend or foe?

So this past week I've kinda been MIA and I apologize to anyone who takes the time to read my blogs. See Tuesday at 4 in the morning, I hear Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" going off which only means one's got a phone call. So after I'm woken up a few times by this mom grumbles that we can go back to sleep. We go to mom's work like normal, but today we're not there all day...we leave early? Is this Lady Gaga's doing? Once home with dad, mom leaves for a very long time. Dad has to put me in the crate and go to work...mommy still isn't home.
Where is's very late...I guess I'll nap... 12:35 am Wed that the garage I hear? It's very that you?? Mom was finally home...where were you? I've been in here so's past bed time...After lots of hugs and even some lap time, it's time for bed so back to my crate (that's where I sleep). After a few short hours of sleep mom was back up and over breakfast explained that her brother's baby was finally born! Little Sarah made her poor mommy go through lots of labor, and mom had to hang out in the hospital with babies (yuck!)
I spent lots of time in my crate, so mom made a pit spot to daycare for me, as I needed to run off all this energy. I love my crate...for the most part. I sleep in it at night and travel in it as well. I don't like when mom and dad leave me in it when they go out, but if I had a play date and was really tired (like on my Spencer Saturday) then I'm OK with taking a nap while they run errands. So does anyone else go in their crate too? Do you like it or hate it? I have a wire one, is yours?

Monday, April 5, 2010

bully for me

The other day mom decided to get me a bully stick that doesn't stink. I personally love the smell of the bully stick, but mom and dad aren't to crazy bout it. Mom picks this one up for me (not the one'll know why in a second), and I am super excited to try it. I came home, had dinner and should have been tired, but nope I was full of energy. Mom gives me this bully, thinking it'll shut me up for a while. I love bully sticks, they last me for days....but this one lasted about an hour. I was sad, I only get one when they get too small, but this was gone so quickly it'll be days before I get another. I searched all over the house for it, but mom said I had eaten it all. Is that possible? Mom said we're not going to get those again...but I liked it. Mom says my tummy get upset when I eat too much beef, so she thinks I'll have an upset tummy after this. I think it was worth it! Does everyone love them some bully sticks?

Sunday, April 4, 2010

My very own Henrietta

My bestie Spencer and his mom (Hi Kayla!) gave me some cool gifts when I graduated from my school. One of the toys was my very own Henrietta...or as I like to call it...crazy chick. She's loud and makes these funny noises, which I love. I first met the chick at a PugSun in San Francisco. Brother Dutch had one, and he really loved to chase it. I tried to keep up, but he has way longer legs than I do. This toy seemed like a lot of fun, and I wanted to play with it, but there tons of pugs there and brother Dutch really wanted to play with his own toy. I was super excited when I opened my gifts and had my very own mini crazy chick in there. Mom says we have to play with it when dad's awake, and I love to catch it for them. Mom thinks it will be fun in the pool. So thanks Spencer for my cool toys...I totally love them!

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Sleepy time

So today started off great. I was feeling generous, so I let mom sleep in until 6:30, that's like 30 minutes more than usual. After breakfast I thought I'd treat her to some snuggle time on the sofa, which turned into me taking a little nap. After I pestered her while she showered, we took off in the car for the dog park. I am so excited my dog park has was closed for months for weather and some grass work, but now it's open and all my doggie friends are ready to get months of pent up energy out of them. I ran my 18.5lbs around that yard, thinking I could catch that puggle! HAH! Take that Dr. Pug Vet, thinking I'm tubby. I'd like to see you chase a puggle or two down...ain't gonna happen. Well...after my stubby little legs ran around for an hour it was back home to nap. After a few hours of R&R, mom said my favorite words... "Let's go play with Spencer!"
I could barely contain myself. I was going to play with my bestest buddy ever Spencer "Hambone" Bartholomew. Mom said we're going over the hill to try a new dog park, so this was like an extra special play date. We arrived at a beautiful park, and instantly I saw a familiar face, Spencer's grandma! She gave me quality love, and I had to ham it up for her. Once down the pathway I saw my buddy. He spotted me too and we were ready to go!! We ran and ran some more for hours. We would take smell brakes and of course had to get love from our moms. Good times...good times.
After all this play time today, I was one tired pug. After dinner (wasn't gonna skip that meal people), I plumped my pug bottom down on mom's side of the sofa, and that's pretty much where I spent the next 5 hours. So I'm off to bed, still having dreams of running with Spencer, and hoping the weather is sunny tomorrow so we can do it all over again.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Kangaroo treats

So when mom dad and I went to the pug store, mom decided to pick up these really cool treats for me! See I have a slight allergy to beef...don't worry I can totally eat bully sticks and beef treats, but too much and I get an upset tummy. So when dad came across these treats, mom decided we have t have them. They are all natural, free range...blah blah here's the really important part THEY'RE SUPER YUMMY! They totally pass the pug paw test. I give them 7 pug paws, only because they're big (I know that is a positive), but mom makes dad cut them small and I only get a small bite size piece. Fun killer!! So if you come across these, I would order them. Mom found them on Puglet's friend google....but I guess you can order them on Amazon mom says. So grab your human, and make them find them online or at a store. I highly recommend them.