Saturday, June 15, 2013

Two pugs in a pod?

So, the long-nosed one took over my bloggy. I guess that's o.k...I don't mind sharing, except for my chewies, my laps, my sofa, my pinky bed...well, I do share my pinky bed. Big changes have happened to The Belly, and I think I like these changes. Mum says I cackle like a puppy when I play with him, and he bites my ankles. Daddy says it might be pay-back when I was a puppy ankle biter. I dunno, because I was the perfect puppy.

He's three months old, and is ready for adventures! I hope ha can keep up with the madness that is The Belly and my gang of smooshy noses!

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Umm...My Sis says I could...

Ummm...Hi...I'm Draego. My Dad is helping me with this, 'cause my big Sis, Bellatrix, is kinda upset that I want some attention. But, she kinda give me this one and only bloggy space, just for once. I think she really does like me, but is too ruff n tuff to show it.

Ummm...yea...well...ummm...I went to a party and met all sorts of new friends! Ummm...and they had smooshy noses like my Sis! Ummm...and I played in a pool and ran around and played with all the new doggies I met and ate woodchips, yummmmmm and and and ummm...

Daddy's leg, gotta chew gotta play gotta run gotta....bye!