Friday, July 29, 2011

Less than one month away...

So my birthday is less than a month away...I totally turn 2! Mom says I'm already a teenage terror...whatever! See this picture above is how I roped the 'rents into loving me...extra sex organ and all. I was way freaking cute, and by cute I mean adorable...and by adorable I mean mind numbing captivating...well you get the picture (literally check me out!)

So mom and dad have decided to throw me a little party to celebrate surviving (hey mom not funny!) the first 2 years of me in their life. There will be all my pug friends and food (human and canine). Play time and silliness are a given. I'm really looking forward to it. Don't worry all you friends that live far, I'm also putting together a super awesome birthday give away!

To begin my celebration, my 'rents picked up a new birthday collar for me. Snazzy huh? So keep reading and get ready to enter my birthday give away! Mom is thinking a funny little quiz on how well you know me might be in order. Oh and if you live in the SF bay area and want to join in the party, email my mom!! She'll send you all the information. Anyone else want to share what their favorite birthday gift was?? I'm thinking I have to start my list and dad are going to buying me a lot!!

Monday, July 25, 2011

I've got a bone to pick!!

It's a tasty ass beef bone!! Hidden in the depths of the favorite brown box, was a bag of bones. Every glorious bone was for me to chew on. Mom handed me this giant piece of cow. She has no idea what part it is, but it's yummy.

I take my bone and like to run around the house with it. I have to find the perfect spot to gnaw on it. I bring it to the bedroom, but it's dark in there and mom isn't in there with me. Then I try the kitchen, but mom isn't in there either....where is that woman??

She's on the sofa!!! She's watching some british guy yell at people who think they can cook food (but can't) and so I decide to take my half of the sofa for myself. Oh this bone is divine. I'm excited to see what else is hidden in that box!!

Friday, July 22, 2011

I'm too school for cool

It's been wicked hot here in the SF bay area, and for us black pug who are used to the fog, the hot weather sucks. The worst thing is the bed issue. See I like my moms lap, it's soft and big and just perfect to rest a little black pug head upon. However in this hot weather, I have no desire to snuggle at all!
Mom and dad came home from a warehouse store the other day with a surprise for me! A flat, inflatable bed....just perfect for a pug in need of cooling down. Mom says it's portable for those strange people that like to go camping...with bugs...and no toilets?? She says when it's really hot you can spray it with water to keep a pug extra cool. I totally love this bed!!!
See how happy I am? I can spread out on it and not have to worry about being too hot. I'm also happy that the air conditioning got fixed. I had to supervise the repair man, and make sure he did it right. So how are you guys keeping cool??

Monday, July 18, 2011

Random Acts of Cuteness....Rainbow Style

This is a very special R.A.C. guys. This is Maggie. See Maggie is a pug I've never met (she lived in another state!) but this weekend Maggie took the journey over the Rainbow Bridge. Her mom is very sad, as her journey was very sudden and unexpected. I wanted to show some pug love to Maggie (so I hijacked this picture of her from her blog) and made this a very very special Random Act of Cuteness. After all, just because Maggie is playing with other pugs, I bet she's on the indigo ring, doesn't mean she wasn't cute right?
So make sure you all send virtual love her mommy's way...and let's all bask in just how cute Maggie was...and still is.
Have fun Maggie, and if you see Stubby, Lilo or Emmitt, make sure you share your toys with them.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Random Acts of Cuteness

Check out this hunk! This is Archie and he's one smooth lookin' pug. Just look at that tongue! You know he's eaten all sorts of stuff hidden in the nooks and cranies of his house. I know that he gets away with a lot with those ORBS and all. I must confess I'm a little jealous, he has such tiny feet, and I've got big old snowshoe feet. Somehow that isn't fair Arnie.

Arnie has super powers, dontcha know? See before Arnie there was Emmitt. Emmitt went to hang with all the other pugs on the rainbow bridge, this left a huge hole in his mommies heart. Well Arnie used his super powers of extreme cuteness, and he helped fix his mom's broken heart. How freaking awesome is that??

Ok seriously.....his mom also makes and sells fab pug related schwag! I know she uses her muse of Arnie to create all sorts of cute things. Um, if you need inspiration for black pug stuff, I happen to know a really cute and unique black pug...just sayin'

So Arnie, because you've got super powers and happen to be an 11 on the scale, you've been picked for R.A.C. Remember humans, don't look directly into the screen at all this cuteness, it causes all sorts of weird baby like sounds to come out of your mouth.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Random Acts of Cuteness

Check out my buddy Noodles. Isn't she adorbs? I picked her this week, because Monday was her birthday!! How super awesome is that? I "met" Noodles a while back in this blog-verse, and we bonded over food-what else is there? See I posted about Yak Chews and how they are dreamy and last like forever. She hadn't heard of these little bites of heaven, so I orb'd my mom into sending her one. She was hooked! I think she's upset in this picture because she lost her Yak Chew. Don't worry Noodles, your Snoozle is on the way.

It's very funny...see Noodles and I both live in the San Francisco Bay Area, but haven't had the chance to meet yet. Once we do, I know we'll be life long friends. Heck, we already are- Hello people YAK CHEWS RULE!!

So make sure you all wish my beautiful friend Noodles a very Happy Birthday!! Let's all bask her cuteness shall we? Oh and make sure you click on her name and check out her blog-A Bowl of Noodles-ah a food refrence. Yum-o.

Happy Birthday Noodles

Glad your not a Poodles

I'd make you a Doodles

But I've got no Foodles

So for now I'll just say Toodles!!

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Happy birfday to my Mommy!

Wish my Mommy a happy birthday! I know this blog is a bit late, but lots o' happenings over the last few days in the life of Belly! Daddy gave Mommy her birfday presents from us, and what's a pug to do? Help open them, of course!! And since I love eating paper, it was super easy for me to help out! Daddy picked out some nice headphones for me to give her, and she liked them like a whole lot!

Mmmmm...paper....mmmm...Well, on the 4Th of July, Mommy and Daddy took me to see some of my most special friends, including Tiffy's Mommy and Daddy who were coming for a visit! We met them, but no Tiffy. She had to stay home. There's always next time, and maybe we can share a Hedgie or chewie? Also meeting us were my bestest bud Spencer, and his Mommy and Granmommy, my friends Zoe and Phoebe and their Mommy, and Puglet and Dutch also came! Another nice lady met us, her name was Laurie. She has big spotted white dogs like Dutch, but they couldn't make it to the get together. I hope they weren't afraid of all the smoooshy noses!

We played at the park for a while, then we all went to eat. It was sooper hot, and we all melted. Pugs (and big spotted white dogs) and heat aren't made for each other. We were taken care of, as we got lots o' water and cool down time.

It was sooper fun to see all of my friends! I hope it can happen again, maybe when it gets cooler, so we can play like mad pugs!


Friday, July 1, 2011


I huge congrats to the three winners of your very own Snoozle.
1. Brutus!!
2. Noodles!!
3. Arnie!!

Your comment was randomly picked by some computer program to win your very own Snoozle. So make sure you email my mom with your address (or where you want it sent) so that she can get it to you. She said it might take an extra day because of some holiday, but rest assured it will get there!

I hope you enjoy your Snoozle as much as I do. For those who didn't win, my birthday is coming up in August, and mom and dad are putting together a huge package for a give away. There are some serious yummies in there, so don't worry!

Hope everyone has a good weekend.