Friday, January 28, 2011

Speed Demon!

On the paws of my successful Weigh In Weds, Daddy took me for an extra special walk. He told me to get ready...we were gonna measure my pug speed! I suffer from some odd condition Daddy calls, "Spontaneous Pug Runoff." I get an odd twitch and feel the need to run as fast as I can....for no other reason then I'm a Pug...

We did a few test runs, found a good spot and I was ready....And we were off! Daddy ran with me for safety (he's pretty fast for a hooman) and I ran...ran...ran...Took a break, and did it a few more times. I was in full runnin pug mode!

And...guess what, I was sooper fast! 11.33MPH!!! I'm not sure what that means, but Daddy said it was sooper fast, almost greyhound doggie fast, sort of!

Daddy told Mommy, and she kind of panicked, 'cause she thinks I will run away and not come back. I would never do that, I promise.

My best bud Spencer is pretty fast, I've seen him run like a crazy pug when we play. I wonder how fast he is?

Thursday, January 27, 2011


Well...a day late on my Wednesday Weigh in...BUT...22.4 pounds!!!! Holy snorty!!!! I can't believe it. Daddy says there might be a "margin of error." He watches too much nerdy TV, and I don't know what that means, but I am a bit more skinnier, and for a pug, that ain't bad!!

So, how does Mommy get all excited and praise The Belly over my shrinkin' Belly? By giving me a treat! One of my most favorite of treats...whippin cream!!!!

Now, it may seem bad to give a sweet treat, but it was only a itty-bitty bit, and it's so special that I want to keep my puggy self extra lean!

It's been warm and dry, so I can go on hikes and outdoor adventures, which probably helped. The BIG drawback....The delicious brown boxes have stopped coming to the door....And that's some snorty-sadness.

Friday, January 21, 2011

Adventures at Pt. Pinole!!

I couldn't believe it...Mommy and Daddy were both home, gettin their adventure clothes ready, and that could mean only one thing to me...AN ADVENTURE!

A few weeks ago, we met up with Puglet and Dutch at a cool new place called Point Pinole. I had all sorts of fun. Mommy said we were goin' there, again!

Off in the pug mobile! I couldn't wait for what the day may bring. Daddy told me that we were goin to look for some hairy dude named Bigfoot. Mommy called Daddy silly...

Ut oh...rules....I was let off the leash, but had to promise that I wouldn't chase anyone or any critter...During the adventure, I was really good, and I only had one small issue with a bicycle.

Look at that long road to pug play bliss...I ran and sniffed and ate things I shouldn't...

I wanted Mommy to follow me, but she said she was a city girl. Daddy followed, looking for the Bigfoot, but we gave up when I got distracted, and wandered in another direction...Silly pug brain!

We came prepared! Daddy brought his adventure knife, Mommy brought the pooper bags, and water! I needed a lot of water, 'cause I heat up really fast.

I was always on high alert for everything! Mommy said there were goats, horses and monsters! Last time, Puglet was attacked by a Squirrel! Not this time, though...We only ran into a few people running for no reason (silly hoomans) and a few dogs that said hi, but didn't want to play.

Towards the end, I was deep into the dark forest. Never saw Daddy's Bigfoot. I ran, jumped and
chewed on the sticks. It was sooo much fun, just to be a doggie!

Too bad, it had to end...This Sunday, Me and Spencer are going back!!! We'll be there aboot 9AM, if anyone wants to meet...I can give a tour! And maybe we'll find Bigfoot! I really want to meet him. Maybe we can play with my flappy, together?

Here's a link to Point Pinole: POINT PINOLE

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday...I'm in sooo much trouble!

So.....I'm in trouble.....The weigh in wasn't too successful...24.8 pounds!!! Needless to say, Daddy gave me THE LOOK. My fellow pugs know THE LOOK. THE LOOK that says no more treats, no more chewies (goodbye delicious brown box), no more cookies...Daddy says he's gonna put me on a tread mill? Not sure what that is, but I think it's to help my toobleness. This is even more depressing: Mommy gave me THE LOOK, too! She's usually a push over, totally giving in to my orbs. But not anymore, saying something about health, blah blah blah.

I gotta think aboot this...There must be something positive aboot being less toobly? Anything?

Thursday, January 13, 2011

The Big Brown Box

I come home from daycare, today...and I smelled that diabolical Gracie...Daddy told me she was trying to get in...AGAIN!!! GGrrrr.....But I was pretty worn out, and gettin' ready to eat my dinner when I saw it, and it was Pug Heaven:

Could that be a box o' chewies?!?!?!?

I must chew the box open and chew what's

MMMMmmmmm....yummy cardboard.

And then, Daddy opened it...and it was the most glorious, treat filled box! I was in heaven, but Daddy seemed a, Daddy says I'm a bit toobly, and need to keep my pug figure. But, it was his fault that I missed my Weigh In Wednesday blog, so this box o' treats is really Daddy's fault...Silly Daddy.

Wow, that's a lot of treats, so I can share with my friends.

This may be my new favorite:

Mommy said it was a Bison Tendon...Not sure what that is, but I also like bison toobles, so this tendony thing must be good! And it is!

I must apologize, the weather has been so crappy that I haven't had many adventures. Maybe, this weekend, Mommy may take me to a new place to play with Spencer! Go away rain!

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Loco for Pollo!!

Today I was feeling kinda blah. Mom wasn't home last night, and I kept Daddy up until 4am. I was missing mom a lot....

Um daddy...whatcha doing up there?? Something smells soooooo unbelievably good up there.

Daaaaaaaaaaaadddddddddddddyyyyyyyyyyyy....don't ignore me!!!

You leave me no choice Daddy. Prepare to be orb'd!! I know you're cooking something real yummy up there. It needs to be in my belly!!

You're making teryaki chickens for mommy, so that means you're making me some plain chicken too! I know you are, so give it up.

You gave in to the power of the orbs, and I got me some delicious chicken. Sucka!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Stubby's bridge

We will miss you Stubby. We'll always have Chrissy Fields and Popeye's chicken.

Bellatrix and Chris

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Weigh in Wednesday

So you know how mom's all "Oh Bellatrix you're looking a little chunky lately", so now she's making me weigh in every Wednesday. Worse yet? I have to blog to y'all about it. So I tried my best to orb her out of making me get weighed, but this time, my orbs failed.

I really hate to get on any scale, but this irks me. Why? Because I am convinced it lies! I'm not going to get on it willingly.

The closer I get to it, the less I want on it. I know that if that number is too high, my treats go away! GRRRR

Ah man...that can't be right!! 23 lbs!! Impossible! I have to pee, I have to poo, I didn't think light thoughts, I just ate, I'm bloated....I give up....OK mom, I guess I don't get treats anymore until I'm back down to 20 lbs.

So Phoebe/Zoey's mom had an awesome idea....alternate pug Sunday! Do any bay area pugs want to meet up at Pt. Isabel this weekend like 1pm? If you want to help burn off some of your "winter coat" then let me know!! We can run for hours and our humans can walk and gossip too! Spread the word!!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

New Years Revolings

Hey Everybody! It's the beginning of the new year, and mom has looked at my belly and decided that I've put on a little bit of weight over the rainy season. If you don't live in California, then you might not know that we're under water...we are actually in the Pacific's miserable!

It's been raining so much I've had to wear a rain poncho...and you all know I detest wearing crap. So having to wear a rain poncho bites big time. The rain has prevented me from playing with pug friends and having new adventures. I miss playing with other pug friends...several pug Sundays have been rained out! Unacceptable!!!

No trips to Pt. Isabel...

No trips to the beach....

No dips in the pool....nothin'! How am I expected to keep my bikini bod in shape??

So I have used a little trick I've learned on ANTM... how to hide your belly! I'm currently have decided to pose just can't see any rolls (mmmm bread....) I may be sporting. So any pugs out there battling the bulge, I think we should start a weight watchers group. After all, I don't want my man Spencer leaving me for some thin *@*$& in heat...curling her sassy tail in his just gave me "the look" (daddy knows it well). So on a parting note, I'm going to try and make the scale my friend once again, and if it doesn't work in my direction I'll shake my angry paw at it!!