Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Bellatrix's Gray Whisker??

Mom got very excited because the mom of the Elgin Gang (hi Miss Katy!) wrote this awesome book. It's super cute and best of all....it's got pugs!! Mom was even more excited when we opened it and Miss Katy wrote a little note us. So awesome!!

So if you haven't stolen your mom or dad's credit card, do so now! Get online...you know those nails are long enough to hit the keyboard...and order one. You'll thank me. It's really cute and funny and it's a great bonding experience with your 'rents. Because you'll have to curl onto their laps, orb 'em, snuggle and have them read it to you. Well, that's what I did with my mom. She gives good lap, I highly recommend it.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

I had a super fun weekend! I had lots of play time, and that also meant lots of nap time. I love me some good nap time, and I love it even more on mom's lap. A young pug such as I, needs to rest my eyes. See these orbs just don't happen on their own. I have to make sure they get rest, cleaned and refreshed before I show them to the world. Can't have my best features look bad!
Oh this is embarrassing! Mom caught me mid sleep. My orbs aren't ready to face the world! Oh mom!

Ok...you all know I open my Monday blog for all adorable pups out there. This one was tough...why you ask, oh because Minnie Moo is cuter than me! Oh she works her snout, she dresses up and.....

She's hot in a bikini! Look at her abs! That just isn't fair. Mom says it's because I'm Italian and we just look at cake and we gain weight. Oh Minnie Moo, you are so adorable. You made my Random Acts of Cuteness page extra cute today. I can totally picture her as Miss July in a calendar. Hehehe.

Oh Anakin...bet you wish you had this on your wall.

Remember to send your pics in. Mom has a file going and we promise you will all be put up in the order we get them.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Big Birthday Booty!

As many of you know my birthday was on Friday and I turned 1! Mom has been super busy with her new job, and dad has been under the weather, so they waited until today to really celebrate. First off I began my Sunday with Spencer....like usual. After our moms got their magical elixir (Starbucks) we were off to Hap McGee park. Mom told us that there would be a surprise for both of us at the park. I told Spencer that maybe they had pulled all the grass out of the park and replaced it with dog treats, so I was bummed when I got to the park and grass was still there. So what could be the surprise?

It was Puglet and Brother Dutch!! I was super happy to see them both. See I totally love my Spencer, but I have a secret crush on Brother Dutch and today he was showing me how he likes to chase his Henrietta chicken. He was super cute, and Pug behaved and didn't eat all the wood chips. We had a blast!

Their mom Miss Amanda gave me some cool toys. Last week at Stubby fest, I tried to play with the lady bug toy, but it was not mine, it was Pug's. So Miss Amanda gave me one of my own, and Dutch gave me my own Dalmatian to take home. I loved that lady bug! I have been nosing it all afternoon and growling at it and jumping on it! It's so much fun. Thanks for my toys guys!!
So for my birthday I want to share the love with everyone. As you know I love to give things away, it's fun to put a smile on a fellow canines face. So here's the thing to do if you want in on the Big Birthday Booty (fest). Post in the comments your favorite birthday present you've ever gotten and why. If you haven't had a birthday yet, or haven't gotten a gift (gasp!), then post what your dream present would be and why. I will take the name of all entrants and pick a winner like last time (by eating the paper). I will close this out on Friday, so that gives everyone plenty of time to reflect. If you multiple dogs in the home (like Puglet does and my Elgin gang bang) everyone can enter separately. This will be awesome!!!

See you all tomorrow for Random Acts of Cuteness.

Friday, August 27, 2010

August 27th 2009

It all started about 2 years ago. Mom and dad would take a stroll around a park, and in that park were dogs. Mom and dad lived in a tiny apartment that didn't allow animals, so mom and dad had to get their fix petting dogs walking along the trails. Mom talked dad into (err about) getting a black female pug and naming her Bellatrix. (Dad will insert his eye roll here...he wanted a big manly dog, not a little 'ole pug)

Besides they didn't even have a house...how can they get a dog? Fast forward to August 27th, 2009. Mom and dad were getting the keys to their new house (dad said that's when he got a new patch of gray hair) and wanted to fill it with the pitter patter of little pug feet. (Even though they had new hardwood floors) Over in Idaho, I was being born.

About 3 weeks later mom decided she had waited long enough and the house needed a pug. She contacted a breeder and dad picked me out of a line up (so mom says it's his fault when I act the ruckus). My name was stamped onto my file and I had sweet dreams of what California would be like....not really people...I had no idea what was going on....I mean really I was 2 weeks old and my main concern involved a nipple. **Mom note:Look you can already see the power of her orbs. In fact Danny (that's dad) said she had the eyes of a trouble maker, that's why we fell in love with her**
This was me getting ready to leave Idaho to go meet my 'rents. The lady had to hold me because I wouldn't sit still....still true to this day. So on October 14th, 2009 mom and dad picked me up and went "Oops! I think she's a he! and the rest is history"

Now dad (who wanted that big dog...silly daddy) has me! I'm sure he's glad he made the right choice (like he had one...hehe mommy thinks that's funny!)

Here's me today! Dad got me this cool new toy as a present. Mom got me my collar a few days ago...and she promised me some whip cream. All in all I think I did pretty good. I've taken over this house, I have a blog, I have a super cute boyfriend Spencer....and all the love of my friends. Speaking of friends.....mom invites any bay area readers to Hap McGee dog park Sunday morning for some play time. Spencer and I go there every Sunday...if you're in the Danville area, come join us around 8:30.

I do have a give away planned for my birthday, but mom thinks this post is long winded enough. I'll post all the details tomorrow.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Last days of being months old!

Take a good look folks...this is the last image taken of me at the ripe age of 11 months and 29 days old...for once the clock turns midnight I officially turn 1! Gone are the days of (blank) months old. No more mom getting excited when she realizes the 27th of (blank) month is upon her and I turn another month old. NOPE! Now I'm a whole number. Now it's like "oh she's a year now"...then it will be "oh she's almost two"....you never hear "oh she's 15 months old" NEVER!! Then mom goes and takes a picture of me sleeping. Hello?!? Is this how I'm going out? My prime is done?? Mom wanted me to model my new birthday charm that Spencer got me as part of this really cool birthday package...but I went to day care today, and well I'm tired!

It's real sparkly and it is made with my birthstone the peridot. It's too nice to wear with my new
"Bling" collar, so I wear it with my buddy belt. It sparkles so pretty. Spencer said girls like shiny things, so he saw it and thought he had to hook his lady up. My boy Spencer is so sweet isn't he ladies? Most guys forget their girlfriends birthday, but he didn't. He gave me a bunch of awesome toys and yummy treats. As a thanks I made sure I humped him, hey it was my birthday after all!

So mom decides she's going to take pictures of me sleeping right? So embarrassing! But then, she uses the flash and wakes me up! I have this whole wake up ritual right? Mom and dad think it's adorable (naturally) but like I don't' want it photographed, then posted on a blog for anyone to just see. Oh the humiliation!!

So tomorrow is the big day....mom and dad are all excited. It's not like I actually remember my birth, and they weren't around to see it....but if it means I get an extra treat out of it...then I'm keeping my jowls shut. So check back tomorrow night. Mom is going to post some never before seen baby pictures, they're going to share our first moments together and when they first discovered that I was "special".

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Stubby World Tour 2010

Some of you may know that Stubby and his 'rents totally came out to Cali and I was lucky enough to hang with him. Pug's mom put out the word that there would be some serious pug action on the beach in SF. Mom had to work, but Spencer's mom and grandma totally saved the day and took me to go meet Stubby. There were lots of pugs there and even some pug-lite's. We all had a blast. Spencer and I ran around like crazy!

That was the first time I had ever been in sand! I had such an awesome time. Spencer's grandma even took me towards the ocean, but I wasn't in the mood to take a bath. I had pugs to play with....and Popeye's chicken to eat!!!

Now I ain't gonna lie...this was not my shining moment. If you all just take a look at how nice everyone was. They were all sitting like good little dogs. Then you have me. Where am I you ask? I'm the pug that is halfway in the bowl practically ripping off Amanda's hand (sorry Pug's mom). See I've never get people food except an occasional treat like whip cream or veggies (note those are not treats), so a nugget was pure heaven. One taste of that morsel sent me into nugget bliss. Oh the memory of this day will get me through the long lean times ahead.

I'm glad Stubby got to come and visit us Cali dogs. Now to you Elgin gang out here!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bling It!

I have this weird feeling that Pug and I are sharing a brain today. Mom logged onto the computer today and did a silly little giggle dance and when I orbed her with a "WTF?" look, she showed me his blog today. It was about collars!
Well as some of you may know I turn 1 in a few days (August 27th) to be exact, and so last Sunday mom recruited Spencer and his mom (Hi Kayla!) to go to our favorite dog boo-tique "Dog Bone Alley", to get me a new collar. Mom figured I'm all grown up, so I should have a collar that is a little more mature. We looked all over the store and there were lots to choose from. Mom finally found this cute pink collar with crystals on it! She said it made my orbs sparkle...I wasn't so sure. So she headed right over to Spencer (who was in the clothing isle-I keep telling him to protest wearing clothes but he won't listen) and got his opinion. He got all giddy and told me that he too thought it made my orbs sparkle. Making sure Spencer liked it was super important, I like to keep my man happy. Mom got Kayla's opinion and she too agreed that this fit my personality.

So this is my new collar...bling and all! I like it because it totally draws people in and they give me attention...as is due us pugs. I'm so happy mom got it for me. Besides diamonds (or crystals) are a girls best friend.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Hey everyone! Once again it's time for my weekly feature of shameless promotion...aka Random Acts of Cuteness. This is where mom flaunts my cuteness for her own satisfaction. Where she shows me off like any good mom does with her kid. So I have no choice but to pose my butt off and work every orb possible.

Now this one was taken after I went into the city to meet Stubby! We had a blast (more of those pictures will follow), but after I was one tired pug. If you don't read Puglet's blog...shame on you! If you do, you'll notice her mom took a most adorable picture of me...so head over there if you can handle more cuteness of me.

Here's my buddy Spencer being ADORABLE at the dog park with me on Sunday. He's also on Puglet's blog...looking oh so cutie pie. Now ladies he's mine...so you can look...but no butt sniffing! hehehe...oh Spencer I just kissed the screen...love ya!

OK....now for the cool part....here's is my buddy "RAMBO" he was picked as my featured friend for the week. Isn't he a cutie pie? It looks like he just enjoyed a super yummy treat. He's so cute I can get a cavity.
Rambo is the man
After this he ran
Moving like a van
Bustin' up a fan
Only as he can!

Oh...I forgot...mom and I will try to come up with a funny little poem (often times it isn't going to be very good) about your name and personality. He has one of the best names ever! Dad says I don't get to see that movie though, too violent for my little pug orbs. So love ya Rambo and now sit back and bask in the glow of your cuteness.

If you sent in your pictures look for yours to be featured in future weeks.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Special service announcement from me...Belly!

That above is what Daddy calls a giant masked rat...I asked him what it *really* was ('cause he calls all animals rats of some sorts: antlered rats, flying rats, etc etc). He says it was a "Raccoon." Daddy told me that we have to be real careful, as raccoon's aren't usually out playing during the day, especially on a busy street. So, we decided to make this blog a Special Announcement from me....The Belly...about seeing urban wildlife.

I bet a lot 'o pugs live in places like I do, with lost of trees and lots of wild animals. Mommy and Daddy said that we have raccoons, possums, and one night, when I was doing my poddy in the backyard, Mommy and Me smelled the nastiest thing ever...Even worse than my sick-poos. Mommy said a Skunk was in the backyard! And we ran back inside the house!

So, Mommy and Daddy explained to me that we should share our area with the wild animals (non pugs) that also live around us. They said the best way was to ignore them, and that these critters are not play buddies or toys. Mommy and Daddy also told me to be extra careful on our walks and at the doggie parks we go to, and not to wander into the bushes or leave their side because we have a big doggie like critter called Keye-otes (Daddy edit: coyotes...silly pug) that live near us. Now, I'm all for protecting Casa-Pug, my doggie parks, and Mommy and Daddy. BUT I'm not messing with that! Mommy even told me that she has a friend whose doggie was snatched by one! So, be careful!

I guess I can only say that we pugs, although super tough, shouldn't mess with the wild critters around us. We should give them their space and leave them alone, though I do bark a lot at them, I can't help it, but I'm trying to be better!

Just to keep my blog lively:

That's me! Mommy told me that she has some things planned for my blog, including a surprise guest bloggie-pug! And I'm not saying who it is...yet!

I don't think I updated everyone with my health issues...Well, When I had the sickie-poos, the Vet said my liver had bad numbers. Well, I was retested, and ...EVERYTHING IS NORMAL! I guess those little bugs in my guts were pretty bad...But everything's O.K.

Also, a super-snorty HI to my friend Stubby, who's in town for a few days on a stop on The Stubby World Tour. Unfortunately, I can't drive (legs too short to hit the pedals) and Mommy and Daddy have to work, or else I'd come to visit...Have fun!!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

A Sweet Affair

I have fallen shamelessly in love. My new bedfellow is so sweet, yummy to taste and always leaves me wanting more. No....don't worry I'm not cheating on my man squeeze Spencer, but have discovered whip cream. Oh it's so tasty and makes me smile all the time I am lucky enough to orb my mom and dad into giving me some. It's a little bit of heaven and I'd like to journey there everyday. Mom says I don't get to have it everyday because of my stinkin' diet, but as a little treat for when I'm especially adorable. I know I tend to be adorable more often than not, however mom is kinda stickin' to her guns, and not letting me get my paws on that nubbin'. Oh if I had hands, I'd pull a dad and squirt it right into my mouth. Has any other pug (or other doggie friends) had the opportunity to enjoy the splendor that is whip cream?? I'd love to hear your experience. If you've never had the opportunity to enjoy some....then start orbing your mom and dad and get your paws on this pronto!!

Monday, August 16, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

So this is my second posting to "Random Acts of Cuteness" I thought I'd try something new and try to get like a new angle. I was watching a re-run of "America's Next Top Model" (I totally think they should do a dog one!) and Tyra is all like...
"You're all about this angle"
"Try a different pose"
"You're face is bland"
You knot how hard that is?? And then I found out you have to stay real tiny to be a supermodel. So not going to happen with this pug!

So people....I asked for some of your pictures and I didn't get any sent to me and my mom. We totally want to promote everyone's cuteness. So get those pictures in....until then here's my super handsome buddy Spencer.

Begin you're "AWWWWW"s now.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Pug Hangover

Oh boy, today Spencer and I had to make up for not having seen each other in 2 weeks! Our moms did their usual meet up then we were off to get them coffee so that they can gossip (err share pug stories) while Spencer and I run around at the park. We went to our favorite dog park again, Hap McGee, and we had a blast. We ran around so much, I totally worked off that extra treat mom slipped me when dad wasn't looking (NOTE: Dad when you read this mom totally didn't give me any extra treats...I just made that up...OK mom, did I lie good enough?) So anyways after a few hours, we headed back home nice and sleepy. I settled in to take my usual afternoon nap, when mom said we were heading back out...and it was with Spencer his mom and grandma!!

I was like holy moly! More Spencer time? Where were we going? We headed someplace my mom and I have never been to before...a winery. See Spencer and his family have gone before, so he had to show me the ropes. I'm thinking, I can't have any wine or grapes (toxic to us doggies) so what am I going to do there, except bring my cute pugness to the vineyard? Spencer let me in on a little secret...they have cheese there! Whoa! Cheese? Are you for reals? And it was like different kinds, not just the low fat crap mom has at home, I mean real cheese. After Spencer and I had our fill (NOTE to daddy, I had one little bite, I'm watching my figure and no I didn't sneak any off the table with a bite of a cracker...nope wasn't me it was another black hermaphroditic pug..OK mom did I lie good enough?) So anyways, after the cheese and the music and I guess some wine, Spencer and I had a wicked hangover. We decided it was time to relax and bask in the glow of all the attention we got. I think I can totally do this wine thing again. Bring on the Gouda.

Oh....I'm now taking submissions for my "Random Acts of Cuteness" Monday posts. Email your submission to my mom...mugglechris@gmail.com for your chance to have your cute self on my blog! Every Monday a new dog (or cat) will be featured right here...so get your entries in. Check back every Monday to see if you get picked! Now is the time to share your cuteness with the universe...or at least with however many people read this blog!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Recycled Treats?

Today Pug's blog totally got me thinking about something....what happens when (gasp!) a fellow pug (or canine) doesn't like or can't eat a treat? See mom loves to buy me new treats, but sometimes I get sick (dang blueberries) or my super sensitive tummy (dang bison) gets upset with the treat. Mom just figures she has to either toss them...or better yet pass them along to a deserving fellow pug (or canine). Most stores won't take the treats back, and mom is so bad about keeping receipts, so she's stuck with treats with no dog to give them to. This got mom and I thinking....
When mom and dad got me those bison treats....I was lovin' them. They were so yummy and smelly. They were hard yet meaty...oh they were so awesome to chew on (oh excuse me I just had a food moment)....but then the next day came....and I wasn't lovin' those bison treats anymore. Oh it wasn't the grumbling of the tummy, nor the food coma that came with it, nope it was the er...other thing (totally censored) that got me. So while I loved those treats, they soon joined the list of banned treats. Mom was upset, she knew another pug out there would appreciate the treat...but who? Well, we blogged about it and Pug had mentioned he's got a cast iron stomach and loved trying new treats...so off they went to hopefully make his day.
See mom knows I have a sensitive tummy, so why not open this opportunity up for anyone who wants to recycle their treats (or toys) to a fellow pug (or canine) friend. So I thought it'd be really cool. that if anyone has a treat out there that they didn't like or can't eat, we should pass it on to the next dog. So if anyone is interested in this little program, let mom and I know and we're willing to use this blog as a medium for the passing.

Oh and mom said to start getting your funniest birthday stories ready....we're going to give away some fun and yummy prizes for my upcoming birthday!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

One big stick, one little victory...

I was havin' a lazy day home with my Daddy, today. He was running around the house doing what he does before Mommy comes home, so I decided to amuse myself in the backyard. I was runnin' around, chasing leaves, eatin' bugs, when I saw IT...and IT was H-U-G-E! A thing of pug-beauty, a super delicious bigger than life...stick!! Not just any stick, this stick was mine! It was perfectly seasoned, just the right hardness for me to chew on and leave an amazing pugified mess all over the kitchen floor! I was in heaven...But there was a small problem.

I won't fit through the darn door!! I'm too small to push the door open, and I can't break through the wall. First thought was to chew my way in. After all, I'm a great chewer, but even I can't chew through a metal door or the see through stuff I sometimes hit me head on. So...it was back to square one:

A running start! So, with stick-in-mouth, I get aboot half way into the back yard, and give it my best pug-sprint! BOOM...BOOM...BOOM....I tried it three times, but the door wouldn't budge, and luckily my cherished stick didn't break. That's when Daddy came to investigate, and I had to drain almost all of my precious Orb Power...I was successful, and drove him back to the kitchen table! He'll NEVER see me and my precious stick! SO, I then thought that I could slide the stick in sideways:

And then it happened...I was busted!! Daddy heard my commotion, and I had to beat paw back into the backyard, stick in mouth! I was soooo close to stick heaven on the kitchen floor! Daddy chased me all over the backyard, but my pug moves outsmarted him. Then it happened....CRACK! I was sprinting around the contraption where Daddy cooks meats, and DROPPED MY STICK! Darn smooshed nose!! Daddy got a hold of it, but not before I grabbed an end. A tug-of-war started, and I wasn't givin' up! I strained with all my pug power, until...SNAP!!!!!! My stick broke!!!!! I then scooted past Daddy and ran into the house, with my little piece o' victory:

I WON! Daddy let me chew on it for a little while, and I realized that this one little victory wasn't as important as the time I spent with my Daddy. I had super fun! Then it was dinner time, so I left my stick and it disappeared...Maybe to be found again, one day.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Thanks George!

My buddy George gave me this really cool award because he likes to read my blog. I mean how awesome is that? I get so happy just knowing that you guys take the time to read what I have to say. I know I'm not as entertaining as Puglet, but I try. So he asks me to pass along some information for some of you to get to know me better....so here goes.
1. Thanks George...this award is all things awesomeness!

2. 7 things about myself...ok here goes
1. In another dog life I was a GSD and a police dog at that.
2. My best friend is Spencer, if anyone messes with him, they'll have me to answer to
3. I'm not allowed on the bed, but when mom takes a nap she sneaks me on it with her
4. I'm a hermaphrodite (I'm rockin' both parts too!)
5. I love to take showers, but don't really like walking in the rain
6. I'm a hardcore chewer....don't bring up that pottery barn coffee table to mom
7. Mom had my name picked out before she even knew me. She had it 2 years ago, I've been her since Oct.

3. Hmm....15 new blogs...most George already covered. But let's see....
1. Daily Puglet
2. Elgin Gang
3. Noodles
4. Hope the Pug
5. Ollie Ollie Oxen Free
6. The Slimmer Pugs
7. The Good, the Bad and the Pugley
8. George the Lad
9. Rosie the Party Pug
10. The Girls

Phew...my doesn't have tons of time to read blogs....so she keeps it to a minimum. Sorry guys. Thanks to everyone who takes the time to read my blog. Hope you enjoy them and if anyone has suggestions for future blogs...let me know.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Mom is going to embarrass me with this blog today. She decided to promote "Random Acts of Cuteness" and she has decided it should be a regular feature. Now mom thinks I'm cute all the time, and sometimes she captures a moment of such intense cuteness, that she has share it with everyone. It's so embarrassing!

Most of the time she just walks up to me, like when I'm in the back yard just chillin' (OK you got me, I'm usually chewing on a stick!) and just takes a shot. She tells me "Watch Me!", like who else am I going to look at?...shesh!

Other times I'm hanging out at the dog park.....you know? And I'm playing with a toy or just catching my breathe....and here comes mom with that camera. It's even worse when she then shows all the other moms and dads the pictures!?! Oh the humiliation. Oh and these pictures are never and I mean never followed up by a treat.

So the worst thing about all this? She then involves my best bud Spencer, and he has like no say! Man sorry buddy, just run when you next see mom with the camera. Wait....Spencer is wicked cute...so it's OK....he's my random act of cuteness.

So I think you should all post your cuteness pictures in the comments. Let's spread all this cuteness around...or better yet...post it on your own blog. Let the cuteness begin!!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

The Force is Strong with this One!

So today was the big day....We were going to pick the winner of my "Bellatrix Booty". First mom went back and got every one's name off the blog and wrote them on the same size piece of paper. Some of you have silly pictures or sayings by your name...my favorite is Rambo's gun.

Then mom and dad scattered them in the back yard and I went crazy trying to chase them in the wind.

I finally picked the winner...well actually I decided I was going to eat the paper with the name of the winner on it. After mom and dad chased me down and I got some very stern "DROP IT!"s they had the winner.....

Congrats to my man Anakin and his problems with heavy breathing (NOTE: If you haven't seen Star Wars to get that joke....then I can't help you and good god...rent it already!!) So to Anakin's mom (hi Katy) please email my mom your shipping address (she said she would have emailed you but didn't want to ruin the surprise!!) I'm so excited to have done this and I'm pestering mom to do so again because my birthday is coming up at the end of the month....so keep an eye out for more goodies.

Hope you all had a good weekend and I'm super excited because my buddy Spencer just got back from a mini-vacation. I missed him sooooo much...it's been a week (UNACCEPTABLE MOMS!!) and we have to play....so welcome back Spencer.