Wednesday, May 25, 2011


So, I've been having some crappy Orbs have been repaired and refuse to heal good, Mommy's been sick...and to top it all off...One of my favorite toys is damaged...

Oh no...HEDGIE!!! I have three Hedgies: Momma Hedgie, Christmas Hedgie, and Daddy Hedgie. Daddy hedgie had a torn seam. I'm not sure how it happened, 'cause I don't eat my toys and I play gently with Daddy and Hedgies. But it got hurt. What is a Pug to do? I didn't want Daddy to see it, it's one of our favorite toys! I thought aboot it, and went to get Daddy's phone. I was gonna call the Vet...but that wasn't a good idea because the Vet will want to mess with my orbs, again. Then I thought aboot tape, but couldn't get any off the roll with my paws.

Then it happened...Daddy found the hurt Hedgie, and put it up high on the table. He patted me on the head and said that he's gonna fix the Hedgie!! I got put in my crate, and Daddy left the house. What aboot fixing Hedgie?!?

Daddy came home with this:

So, Daddy got Hedgie, used bad words about trying to get thread into a little hole...Then it happened...Daddy placed Hedgie on the floor, and he was all fixed!!!!!

I grabbed Hedgie, pushed him against Daddy's leg, and we got to playin!! It really cheered me up!! Daddy told me that he has spotted the mythical Mega-Hedgie, and we might go on an adventure to find him. Daddy said he saw it once, and it was bigger than me!

Anyways, with my spirits high, and my worry aboot my orbs not so bad, Mommy had a soooprise...SPENCER CAME OVER TO PLAY!!!! We caused chaos in Casa De Belly!! He was over for a few hours and we were so tired by the end that all we could do was drool jowl juice...How fun is that?

UPDATES: My orbs, at the last visit had hair still growing where it shouldn't, so I saw the unicorns and the Vet fixed that, again. The Vet also said that my tears weren't the best, so I'm back on the eye goop...GGrrrrr....Snort...But, Daddy had a thought, and Googled aboot Claritin, that I take for my allergies. He read that Claritin may cause less tears in my orbs, so Mommy called the Vet and they thought that Caritin could be causing my orbs not too make enough tears. So, right now, I'm a bit snotty, cause I'm not taking any Claritin. I have another Vet visit next week, and paws crossed, it'll be my last visit for my orbs.

Mommy wanted me to tell you all that she is feeling much better, and big thanks for the good juju. But...she spread her germs to Daddy, and he's a bit cranky with the sickie bug...Silly Daddy, I'll take care of you with jowl juice on the floor, and lots of Hedgie time!

Thursday, May 19, 2011

I've got my messed up eye on you!

Here I am, once again high as a kite. I had my follow up appointment with my eye doctor and I was hoping to tell them to "kiss my curl" on the way out the door....alas it wasn't meant to be. Once again my lashes have grown back, and once again I had to have a procedure done to remove them. When will this end?? When will the nasty eye goop gel leave my life?? I'm pretty miserable, although earlier I was playing with pink unicorns again. So thanks for your good juju, it is helping me. So this is just a small update. I'm going back to bed...oh and my mom feels better, so thanks for giving her good juju too.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Good Juju Alert!!

So I need some good juju and I need it fast! Tomorrow I'm suppose to head to the dreaded eye doctor for, what I'm hoping will be, my last appointment. See last time, I grew some new eyelashes and my whole day was ruined. They had to give me drugs, and I spent the rest of the afternoon with pink unicorns. While I've got nothing against them, I'd much rather have spent the day at Pt. Isabel, which was my original plan.

While I may be winking again, it doesn't seem to be bothering my ability to find my chewies. I've got 2 yak chews going on at the same time...hey two sex organs = 2 least it does in my book.

So I'll make sure to give you all an update as soon as I can. Can I ask just one more little flavor?? Can you also send good juju my mom's way? She has the flu and I've been trying to help her stay warm and get her better. I've given her lots of kisses and snuggles when she was cold. I know us pugs have magical kisses, so send some her way! Thanks guys.

Monday, May 16, 2011

I also lost The Battle...

I was reading The Daily Puglet, and must confess...I also lost The Battle Of Henrietta. It was a sunny Pug Sunday in San Francisco, and I was still a puppy. That big spotted dog had the coolest toy ever...a Henrietta Chicken. It was squishy, soft, squeeky, and best of all, it was covered in doggie slobber. The kind of slobber that tells all doggies that it is a super fun toy.

I ran and ran and ran, but could never catch him. I think it's 'cause he's a bit taller than me. That's o.k.., day, I got a sooprise from the Brown Box Man: My very own Pug sized Henrietta Chicken...From Dutch and Pug's Mom....How cool is that?

Bloggie News: I've been a bit down, and haven't blogged much. I think my right eye is still gimpy. I have a doctor's appointment in a few days. Mommy promised an adventure walk, and maybe a trip to the doggie spa if all goes well. I hope so....

Thursday, May 5, 2011

i spy with my right eye...

So there I was sitting in the kitchen just having drank a ton of water and dripping my jowl juice all over the floor, when dad spied it. My right eye had a "wink". Now my "winks" are not my sad attempt at picking you up at a bar one night, but a sign of the dreaded ulcer. With my recent eye surgery, and me fighting off a minor infection from the stitches, this was cause for alarm. Luckily, I had my last follow up appointment with the eye doctor today. Mom had a fun day planned...a trip to the eye vet (get the all clear-see you nevah sucka) then off to Pt. Isabel to play with dogs and then a dreamy bath. I was even going to keep mom company while she had her car washed! Oh the good times we had planned....until the "wink."

We arrive at the doctor, they stick all sorts of things in my eyeballs, then off go the lights, and the nice doctor lady shakes her head...that can't be good. It seems I like to grow things, extra sex organs...long toenails....extra eyelashes....what does that all mean? Well when they fixed my orbs they remove all existing eyelashes and their follicles. Well, I guess I like to grow mine back, or maybe some new ones, you know whatever works for me. I guess that didn't work for my eyes (or moms wallet).
I'm going to spare you all the deets, but in the end I had a swollen right eye and no more follicles and I was given some good "medicinal" opiates. Hehe...I totally had the munchies after. Wow, since when do I have a pink unicorn living in my backyard?

Doc says I should be back to normal tomorrow, well normal for me, and if I feel pain then I'm suppose to take me "special medicine". Mom is just happy my orb wasn't so puffy, and that I didn't get a bad ulcer. Mom is also happy that we bought pet insurance...but that's for another blog.