Friday, August 31, 2012

One last birthday sooprise...yummers!

So, last Sunday, I met up with my bud Pug and my spotted bud, Dutch. While I was chewing on Pug's backfat, he mentioned something aboot a most delicious hooman food he called, BACON! I've never had such a hooman food, but I think it's in some of my treats. But Pug says it was better than any treat ever in the history of treats! The droool from his jowls convinced me that I must have this bacon deliciousness...Little did I know that the 'Rents were already planning a special bacon treat for me...The Belly!

Wait a second, this doesn't look like anything Pug says it does? It's in that stuff Daddy prys out of my mouth, called "Plastic." 

 I'm going for it! Darn packaging is belly-proof and pug-proof...darn hoomans and there tamper proof packaging!


NOM NOM NOM NOM...Still can't get it! needs to be fixed like Daddy does with my chicken!! Yummers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And then it happened...Delicious bacon has touched my jowls....and bacon bliss set in!

BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Only 361 days until my birthday...and BACON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Whip Cream Dream

As you know my birthday was yesterday and mom posted pictures of me being all cute and tiny.  She's so dorky, she made dad recreate the picture of him holding me like he did when I was only 3.3 lbs.  Needless to say....I'm no longer that small, but the dad hug is still super awesome.

My love of whip cream is very well documented....but I never get it.  Mom says I'm watching my weight and after I pigged out birthday cake, I've kinda been on treat restriction.  When we pulled up to the coffee shop, I just figured dad was going to get his usual caffeine fix....I was elated when I was presented with the magical whippy cup.  Mom presented me with my first spoon and I was lost in it's fluffy bliss.

Mom apologizes for such a blurry pic, however I was getting my whip cream on and I never once chilled out....

Hey ' fair it's on my chin and I can't get it off!!!

I have to say thanks to my buddies Salinger and Toby....they sent me a gift card to PetsMart, so after my whip cream coma, mom and dad took me to buy some birthday schwag.

Hey ''s a whole wall of collars!!!!!!!!!!!!


I got a new kind of hedgie, and lots of treats!!  Here I am showing how perfect my sit is and dad totally gives in and gives me a new treat.  Thanks Toby and Salinger for my yummy birthday edibles.

Tomorrow my birthday spoils continue.........

Monday, August 27, 2012

3 I be!

I wake up this morning and realize it's Monday, so why hasn't mom gone off to work yet?  Why am I not at daycare?  Mom and dad were extra loving this morning and dad kept giving me "birthday kisses".  Is that why mom didn't go to work today??  She started pulling up baby pics of me, showed me that this was our first car ride home together.....

That 3 years ago today I was born just for mom and dad to love me.  That from the minute they picked me up, I was fiesty

And that my dad has been putty in my paws from the very beginning.

That I've been doing all sorts of silly things, just to bring a smile to mom and dads faces

That while I may have mellowed out a bit...NOT....

...and have made lots of pug friends....

...that they still love me the most!

I also share my birthday with a super awesome pug friend of mine Gerty.  She's a spry 10 years young and still running around and causing ruckus!

I knew we'd be fast friends....just look at her running around as a baby with a Great know I love them!!

Well I'm off with the ' says he has a super duper surprise for me!!  I think I like being the birthday girl after all!!

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Daddy be jealous!

I got home from daycare today and dad couldn't believe it, but I had another birthday package waiting for me!  He was jealous for sure....see daddy loves to get packages, but I'm getting more than he is now!

First I got a new food bowl from Noodle and Mochi!! bowl!!  Note who's bowl it is?!!

Toby and Sal sent me gift card to Petsmart (hello collars and treats) and a card to Starbucks to get me some whip cream....I love love LOVE whip cream!!!

Dutch gave me a huge cow toy...oh sweet Dutch

And my friend Payton's mom sent me some toys....including a hedgie!!  I got so many wonderful gifts at my party and lots of my friends donated to Central Coast Pug Rescue too.  I really can't believe everyone has been so nice to me and are helping me celebrate my birthday.  Thanks to all my wonderful friends.  I love you all very much and if I met you in person, I'd give you big wet kisses....followed quickly by my stink eye.

I also want to thank you for helping to spread the word for my friend Honey....keep it up!!  We are going to find her a home for sure.  The responses have been so positive and you are all so wonderful to help me with my missions.  Mom says to make sure you send her information and we'll feature your dog...and you don't to live in California.  Mom says people from all over the place read about my shenanigans....but you do have to live in the USA (sorry my friends in the UK-Frank!!)

Quick update on my friend Brando....he's getting his other worms treated before his heartworms can be tackled.  Prognosis is good!  He's happy in his new home with all his brothers and sisters and his loving dads.  Thanks to everyone who wished him well.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Rescue Wednesday

Often times a lot of my blog friends like to do Wordless Wednesday....but I live in an Italian household and I'm never ever wordless!  I can't be wordless....especially when I have too many pug (and non pug) friends that need to be rescued.

So I'm really really really going to try and feature a dog that needs a home every Wednesday....and today I'm featuring one sexy pug named Honey!  Honey's foster mom, is super nice and opens her home (and heart) to many many pugs in need of new homes.  You may remember her from my friend Pug, he calls her home Pug Mecca.  She got a call about this sweet 6 year old pug that has some really  messed up front legs and may need surgery.  She didn't have any time....she was sentenced to the rainbow bridge.  See her pictures??  See how skinny she was??  For a pug!?!?!  Ribs are something a pug should eat....not see.

Well someone got the memo.....and check out Honey now!!  Ribs??  What ribs?  Honey is all about eating, playing and running (YES RUNNING!) around.  Is she going to run in this  years Pugtonia 500??  No silly, she's a pug and is more dignified than that, however she is looking for a home that enjoys walks, but then will love to curl up and take over your lap.  Check her out in her wagon!

So how can you help??  I'm asking that everyone who reads about her will share her story on Facebook, twitter, MySpace, emails and heck even by Pony Express.  Please just share, because Honey is looking for her forever home, and I really appreciate you helping spread the word to get her there.

So if you want more information please contact, as she's her foster mom.  Thanks for sharing and spreading the word!!

Oh and are you a foster parent in need of help to place a dog??  Contact me and I will help!!

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Heart to Heart

Meet my new friend Brando....he was rescued by his dad a few weeks ago.  It seems you can find dogs in the classified section of EBay.  Brando was being used for breeding purposes and spent his whole life being used.  Once done, he was tossed away.....that was until his new dad came along....

That's one of his new dads.....his name is Jay.  Jay has taken in a lot of new pugs (and a St. Bernard) who needed rescuing...but none as special as Brando.

Turns out that Brando brought a few friends with not pug friends...but whip worms, hook worms, and why I'm writing this blog today....the ever dreaded HEART WORM!!!

Not familiar with heart worm?  It's a terrible parasite that works it's way into your heart and literally grows around the heart, until it reaches maturity and eventually destroys your heart.  It's passed along in infected mosquitoes, and if left untreated it's in the Rainbow Bridge.  Maybe your 'rents stick some really gross stuff on your neck once a month, or you eat a yummy tablet....that's making sure you don't get these worms on your heart.  Make sure your 'rents give you your medicine on time, every month.  Mom even has an email reminder sent to her (she's a bit scatter brained!)

This is Brando safe in his new home with one of his pug sisters Charlie.  He finally has a forever home that will take care of him and make sure he gets better.  So please send your positive juju for my friend Brando and his heart.  He has a long road to recovery, but once he's all better, the only thing invading his heart....will be his dads love.

Saturday, August 18, 2012


Oh was on the table, and Noodle and me waited patiently for...CAKE!

My own special cake, in the shape of a bone!! It was made of out stuff called Carob, and looked soooper good!  So, my Mum put some candles on it, and it was my turn:

WOOOHOOO! CAKE! That's my Mum's head in the way of this most glorious of photos. I nibbled, at first, trying to have the best manners. But, being the birthday pug, I just dug in and NOM NOM'd till my belly was full! All my pug friends seemed to like the cake. It was good for everypuggy!

Crumbs....Please fall to the ground, oh glorious cake crumbs!

I think some cake pieces fell into these little holes in the ground.

Eatin' cake off a hooman fork! I think all the pugs were getting ready to tackle the hooman and take the cake!

In the end, it was a partay for pugstory! I want to thank everyone that came! How will I or the 'Rents top this one, next year?

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Partay Pt.3 Even more pug friends!

So...I can't forget the other puggies that went to my partay. Some of them are in foster homes and are looking for forever homes through Central Coast Pug Rescue

HONEY!! I have to say, I was a bit jealous of Honey...Only because she stole my Daddy's pug-heart. She has special legs, but that didn't stop her from being puggy with all of us! And she rocked that summer dress!

I think she was stalking crumbs I left behind from the bag-o-bones. But everyone know I leave NO crumb behind! Snort!

                                                        Go Honey Go!

Mona!! My Mum and Dad have talked aboot a "brindle" pug. I never knew what that meant, until I saw Mona...Only the coolest fur, ever! Think I can bribe my Daddy to buy some stuff that would change my fur color? But I'm not sure if I can do it myself, but think of the adventure!

SUCKA! Here's Mona, sliding to safety after a scuffle with Atlas the puppy pug. Needless to say, Mona won, and neener-neener'd Atlas, just to prove a point? I stayed out of that one!

So...a mystery...My Daddy thinks this pug crashed the partay, and snuck in from the mean streets of San Francisco...Silly Daddy, I think this mystery pug was brought by the nice lady that brought Mona, but my absent minded 'Rents don't know this puggies name. My apologies for my 'Rents old age. Anyone know this puggies name?

Mystery pug on the prowl for bones and cake...there's cake?

Lizzie! Lizzie came with Kate, the nice lady from CCPR. My Mommy picked Lizzie up from another hooman who didn't want to keep her. She was the sweetest, and we look so much alike that I caught my Daddy giving extra pets to her, even fuzzling her neck rolls?!?!? Really, Daddy, I though that was only for Pug #1...Belly?!?!? That's o.k., I can be generous with my pug friends when it comes to pets and fuzzle-wuzzles.

                                  Lizzie workin' the floor! Happy pug!!!!

Lafayette Lola! A classic member of my Black Pug Posse! Running and playing like a mad pug!!

                                Next...CAKE...CAKE...CAKE...CAKE...CAKE....That's me on the left. On the right is sooper cool Lafayette Lola. We  KNOW WHERE THE CAKE IS! Notice the ringleader, Honey...Calling the shots...It will be ours...oh yes...