Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Birthday Surprises!!!

After all that pug play time....and the yummy food (oh that cotton candy was heavenly) mom and dad gave me a private party at home. They bought a cupcake and lit a candle for me! They told me to make a wish....

I huffed and snorted (and I suspect daddy helped me) but the candle went out!

Add ImageAdd ImageDaddy bought me a new green leather leash! See.....daddy took me to the dog park and he grabbed the wrong leather leash, so I was left with some other dirty leash. So mom took daddy to the store and said he can get me a new one as a birthday gift. (Dad wants me to point out that he didn't loose my leash he blames mom...silly 'rents)

After our little celebration mom showed me all the nice things my pug friends gave me. I got some awesome toys and chewies, but I also got this kick ass bandana. My buddy Noodle, his mom made it for me! Now you all know I don't wear clothes, but I will rock a bandana like no other pug can. I mean check it out...there's food on it!!! It's in my favorite color too.

Poor Dutch....it's not suppose to go there! Even Pug is disturbed by Dutch!!

So here I am.....2 years old. I want to thank all my friends who came and gave me presents and donated to DFW. So what did I wish for when I blew out the candles?? That all my blog friends could have all been there for the party. Because I know you all couldn't be there, that doesn't mean you can't be part of it!! I smell a GIVE AWAY!!!!!

So post a comment (on this blog) by midnight Friday September 2nd (the premier of daddy's show Man Woman Wild) and if your name is picked by the randomizer, you'll win a goodie bag of your very own!!

Good luck guys and thanks again for celebrating with me....I think I heard mom talking about a "holiday pug party" Hmmmm......

Monday, August 29, 2011

Birthday Bash....food network style

After the park, we hopped back into dad's man truck....where to now dad??

We headed to a fun restaurant, where they let dogs hang out and eat with the humans. Cool right??

Even Pug got into the party spirit. Sorry man, I think my dad put your mom up to letting him take this picture.

Frank and Spencer worked their magic on Spencer's grandparents....he scored some french fries and chicken.

Noodle just hung out...I think he was hitting up his Grandma's secret stash of homemade treats.

Mochi did "The Jimmy"! She knows how to work a crowd!!

Dutch kept his eye on the prize....the goodie bags.

At the end of the meal, they brought out cotton candy. Mom gave me a small bite. It was pure bliss...

We had such a great time! I hope you enjoyed looking at my pics. Extra special thanks to.....
Phoebe/Zoey and mom...Spencer and mom....Pug/Dutch and mom....Birthday girl and mom...Noodles and mom....Noodle and Mochi with mom and dad....Frank and his stand in grandpa.

Tomorrow I'll have pics of the special celebration mom and dad gave me. One word..YUM!!

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Brithday Bash....part 1

The day started off great! I woke mom up nice and early because I was excited (really I wake her early every morning). It was my big birthday bash!! Mom wants to warn you that there are lots of pictures....I started the day jumping in dad's man truck and threatening that I was going to drive myself!

First pug on my play list...my buddy Spencer. We ran and played a lot!

NOODLES!! We've been virtual friends for over a year, but today was the first day I got to meet her. She's super tiny, and was a bit shy. In no time flat she was running around too.

I was bit tired, but after a small rest I had more energy to...BEG!!

See Noodle (more on him a second) has this super awesome Grandma...she brought a giant bad of homemade treats. They were so good that a certain birthday girl took a giant treat out of Dutch's mouth-mid chew. I'm not saying who....(pst it was super yummy)

Sorry Dutch!

This is Noodle. We met last Pugtacular and we became fast friends. He looks like a thinner version of me!!

Here's his new sister Mochi. We got to meet her for the first time, and now she's part of the family. Isn't she super pretty?? And so dang petite! She fit in right away and was doing her thing!!

Snicker....how funny is this? Mom brought a cooler full of cold water for us. Daddy put it down and it became a target. Nice leg lift Noodles!

After the romp at the park...we headed to the restaurant. That's for tomorrows blog. Thanks again to all my friends who came to celebrate me coming through the birth canal 2 years ago....

BIRTHDAY PREP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO THE BELLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The big countdown to my 2nd. Birthday Party has begun!! What's a Pug to do? Nap? Eat? Play? Well I've done all that, as it's my Birthday!! Mommy and Daddy said I have to get extra-special cleaned up, in order to make a good puggy-impression. It was bathtime!

Mmm...precious bath water hitting my tongue...

Mommy! Don't spray my precious orbs! They're Birthday Orbs!!

Not my favorite part, and I pouted when Daddy took this picture. The soap suds aren't fun like the waters. But I tolerate it, because one of my favorite games is coming up...

The Towel Game!! The lights go out, crazy-pug comes in, and it's all pug-towel playin' fun!!

Where's The Belly?! I'm in there, somewhere...Dreamin of birthday party bliss!

Before I go, just a pic from my official pug-photo-journalist (Daddy). Mommy and Daddy finished up goodie bags for all my doggie friends...BIG Sooprises, and no hoomans allowed! SNORTS!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Random Acts of Yumminess!!

We're all pugs here...well for the most part...so I'm going to share some pics of me doing what I do best....chewing on a bone.

Just watch how I deal with a big bone. I grasp the bone with my mouth and s t r e t c h my lips over the opening...smoosh my face in the hole.

My tongue is all up in there...nom nom. Marrow yumminess

Look into my eyes....total satisfaction. Sweet bone bliss

Oh yeah....beefy porn for pugs

OK....no more for you. This is a private moment between me and my bone. Go and get your own! Go on now....orb your 'rents into getting you one. Leave me to my tasty marrow, and beefy tendons. Don't be jealous!

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Mail....for me???

I can home from daycare today and this is what I saw waiting for me....for me?? Our really cool mailman told my daddy that I must be a very special pug to be getting mail. Hehe, he has no idea just how special I really am!

Hey mom....what is it?? Bring it over here to me.

Hey! It's a card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! With a pug on it. Poor thing has to be dressed up (snicker) Wait a minute, who sent me a card??

Hey it's my Grandma!!! Silly Grandma sent me a birthday card. She told my mom she's had this card for a very long time, just waiting for me to turn 2. I am super excited because I get to spend time with her on Saturday (the day of my actual birthday). Expect some kisses Grandma.
I know many of you have Grandma's and Grandpa's. Do they spoil you on your birthday?

Monday, August 22, 2011

Winner Winner...chicken dinner!!

In keeping with my birthday week, dad brought me home a scrumptious golden chicken. Sure mom and dad think that it's suppose to be their dinner...but I know better

Hey MOM!!! Slap me up with some golden chicken!!!

Oh sweet baby jesus....nom nom nom

Hey Mom...it's me again. How 'bout you give me more of that golden chicken?? See me sitting all cute right here? HELLLLLLOOOOOO!!!!!

Dad?? See me right here? Remember me? Your pug...birthday coming up??

SUCKA!! Ha Ha. It's wicked delicious and it's all mine. Such yummy chicken all for me as a birthday treat. Oh yeah, I'm so gonna soak this birthday schtick for as long as I can.