Monday, September 24, 2012

A grand adventure!

Finally, a Belly adventure. One of Daddy's friends told him aboot this place: Shadow Cliffs.  My Mommy has also heard of it, but never thought to take me. So, this morning, we piled in Mommy's car and drove to Shadow Cliffs! There was supposed to be a special place for doggies, but the 'Rents couldn't find it. Since Daddy never asks for directions, my Mum asked a nice lady and her dog, Newton, where doggies could play. So, we finally made it!

Whoa...Snort!! It kinda looks like a beach, but the water isn't stinky and angry...

So calm, and I know I can go in the water, maybe sneak a drink. Then it came to me: I've never really been in water like this! Water in the wilds?! Sure, I enjoy a bath, but this is in the wild! What aboot Belly eating animals? Or giant Belly eating fish?!

Then I met MONROE! He was still a puppy and told me that the water was totally doggie safe. I was still on my leash...But that soon changed!

Almost over my legs! But still on my leash...Oh MOMMMMY! I gotta go in the water!

Even deeper! Still on my dang leash! But I was hoppin' through the water like a bunny!

And then it happened! I was let of my leash! And there's video of almost all of my shenanigans! Except when I fell off that little cliff....head first...into the water...Yup, I FELL IN...Doggie instinct kicked-in, and I paddled to shore, with my jowls filled with life-giving air. Mommy panicked, Daddy giggled, and I got really muddy and dirty...And...

It was some of the bestest fun...EVER! I wanna go back, when it cools down a bit, so I can explore the trails, play in the water, and embrace my inner wolf! Wow! I was like a real dog!

Don't forget aboot the contest I'm in: Camp BowWow Calendar Contest.

We can beat that darn Basset Hound who's still in 1st. place!

Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm in a contest...Vote for me!!!

SPECIAL ALERT!!! My 'Rents have entered this picture in a contest with my daycare: Camp BowWow! If I win, I get lots 'o free daycare, and I'LL BE ON THE COVER OF THEIR 2013 CALENDAR!!!!

Imagine, The Belly...ME!...on the cover of a calendar!!!! Representing all pugs, everywhere!

So, all you have to do is click here, if you do the Facebook thing: Camp Bow Wow Contest. Then, click on "Click here to enter," then either search for "Bellatrix" or click through the B's to find the picture!

Do it every day! We can beat that Basset Hound that's in first place!

Thanks from me...The Belly!

Monday, September 17, 2012

My Dutchie's birthday!!!

I want to wish one of my best bud's a happy birthday...So....HAPPY BIRTHDAY DUTCH!!!!!

I picked a sooper serious pic of me and you and Pug, too! It was taken by yer hooman, and shows our sooper serious, dignified doggie side. We really are THAT serious...Snort! And we need to PARTAY!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The woes of a pug's life...

I'm a busy pug...well, not really like hooman busy, but my pug needs and my computer needs, my food needs, my snuggle needs, my leaning needs, my play needs, my Hedgie needs, my bally needs, my bed needs, my sofa cushion, my friends, My Mommy's Facebook stuff, Dogster, Twitter....SNORT!

What's a pug to do? I have to cram so much into my busy life, that sometimes I have to slooow down,  nudge my Daddy of the sofa...and  NAP!

In all seriousness, the "rents have not been the most cooperative when I need some thumbs (or for Daddy, two fingers to type with) to complete my blog. Don't they know that I am THE BELLY!? That my peeps and pugs are waiting for my next adventure?

Maybe I should hire a personal assistant? I can pay them in treat money, or with simple ORB power?