Sunday, February 28, 2010

home improvements

So today was lazy Sunday. I just hung around on the sofa until noon with daddy. I think he watches boring shows on TV, so the only thing left to do is nap! Ugh dad seriously shows about WWII? Mom watches Maury and American Idol, while you watch Mythbusters. So when dad finally stopped watching snoreTV, we went for a walk around the neighborhood. While out and about I soon realized that all the tall grass in our neighbors yard was gone. I was super sad, I love to run through yard after yard of greenery. When I looked up to daddy and projected my sad little pug eyes at him, I noticed he was pointing to one lawn with nice tall grass...OURS! So as I was frolicking through a sea of green, I noticed daddy shaking his head. It wasn't his usual "Oh Belly what have you done now" head shake, but one of reflection. I had no idea what was up.
After mom got home from work a few hours later, we were off in her car. I thought woo hoo dog park, but instead we pull up to a big store called Lowes. Dad was walking around looking at some funny things on little forklifts from mommy's work. After talking with mommy, daddy grabs this big box and I got to ride on it. As we drive this box through the store, everyone stopped to pet and love me...I really like this Lowes place.
So after the box got in the car, and we get home I start to wonder what is in this box? All I know is that daddy said I better run through the tall grass as much as I can, because in a few days it'll all be gone! Ugh...maybe Lowes isn't so great anymore.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!!

So today I turned 6 months old! Mommy even bought me this cute princess birthday hat, but I wouldn't put it on, I just wanted to eat it. I was thinking back on the last few months of my life and was so happy I came to live with my mommy and daddy. I remember when I was first picked up at the airport, so tiny, and ready to get to know everyone. I've grown up a lot these last few months, but I still love to meet people. I am no longer a little puppy, but an official teenager. Mom says I try to get away with too much, but I figure as long as I don't steal the keys to the car, it's all good. So I look forward to many more years of playing and eating...mostly eating. I have a fun week coming up and mom says next Saturday we're gonna meet a whole lot of pugs. I'm off to go get some birthday treats.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

the green rug

There is this green rug in the bathroom. This rug is my mortal enemy. I must at all costs destroy this rug. Why you ask...I know not. All I know is that this rug lives in the bathroom, it's fuzzy, green and is the bane of my existence. I try to sneak into the bathroom when I think mommy and daddy aren't paying attention to me, but they are on to my tricks. I even decided to rip out all the little strings, but after just a couple I was caught! I tried to deny, act like I was just taking a nap on it...but the green string dangling out of my underbite gave me away. So the battle is on...round one went to the rug. That's ok, it thinks it's safe, but I know better.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

what's in a number anyways?

So mommy took me to work today...even though it rained! Not much fun for me, but I was pretty sleepy because yesterday I chased a corgi all over daycare. So part of the work experience is getting on the scale. As a wee pug I would happily bounce up there and mom would squeal in delight at how big her "little belly button" was getting. So today I happily bounce up to the scale and sit like I should and look up in anticipation of her squeal of delight, but instead I get a little groan. What's that? Why the groan? Is the scale broken? Did I sit wrong? She looks down into my worried orbs and grumbles "oh puggers....I think daddy is right." Now I know those are words rarely uttered in our household, so I start to get worried. What did the scale say? it time to call Jenny (I know the number 867-5309)? Mom what's the verdict?
17.15 lbs of pugtub. Is that all I ask? That's not sooo bad is it? I mean I'm just about to turn 6 months. Isn't this just muscle mass? I mean everyone knows muscle weighs more than fat right? I'm a growing pug....this is just baby fat...look quick I'm still cute...PANIC!!
After mom gave me lots of hugs and kisses, she explained that some cutting back on treats is in order, more veggies (go team carrots) and more exercise. She also said for me not to panic and that yes I'm still a growing pug...a growing up not a growing wide. So panic attack has been averted, and I guess this means less treats for me and more getting out for walks with my dad.
I still vote to just throw away the scale.

Monday, February 22, 2010

What's in a name?

As I meet new people in my many adventures one question always comes up..."What's his (ahhh pink collar people I'm a she-kinda) name?" My mommy always proudly pipes up "Bellatrix". To which people generally give her a confused stare and then go on to botch my name terribly. Mommy has to then explain I'm named after a Harry Potter character, then comes the..."isn't she like a bad person?" Mom just shakes her head and encourages people to read the books. So this begs the question...what is in a name?
Now mommy and daddy have many pet names for me. Belly Button, Puppy Pupperson, Pumpkin butt (I used to eat pumpkin), No!, PugStar, you name it I've been called it. So then if my name is Bellatrix, how come I answer to any of the above? Because I love the attention, plus it usually means I get some quality time with them.
So we're back to the origin of my name...why that name? Well mom says that Bellatrix was the most loyal of all characters in the book. Her devotion never faded with time and she fought by Lord Voldermorts side, always willing to defend even if it meant with her life. So mommy said those are some pretty fantastic qualities, and she knew that would describe me. So that makes me have this question...what's the origin of your name? Does the name define you, or do act this way because of the name? I'd love to hear your answers.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Operation Pug Freedom

So mommy and daddy made me a happy pug this whole weekend. First off my Saturday started off great! I woke mommy up nice and early and we watched a movie together...well she watched I went back to sleep on the sofa. Around 9 we woke daddy was time to go to the dog park and I wanted to play. While daddy was in the shower, mommy got good news in her email. My bestest buddy Spencer was gonna join us at the dog the day just got better. When we got to the park a short while later, Spencer and his mommy were just getting out of the car, fun was going to start from the second I got there! Spencer and I played for over an hour (well we did take breathing brakes...darn pug snouts) and we even had the park to ourselves. We chased each other and tried to eat wood chips. We even had to defend the park from something unknown. Heh he started barking, I was just the backup. After our playdate was over, mommy and daddy took me to a doggie boutique and I got a snazzy new pink leather collar...with flowers on it, got to reinforce the female side of me. We ran some other errands, both dog and human in nature, but by the end of the afternoon I was one sleepy pug. I was just settling down to take a nap, when daddy starts to sweep. The coolest thing happened when he did that...this magical barrier that stops me from going from "my room" to the rest of the house was removed. I could venture to the rest of the house. I just had a taste of pug freedom....and I couldn't seem to get enough. It was so exciting! I explored all the rooms and jumped up onto the sofa. WOO HOO!!! I soon found the reason for my sudden freedom, company. After all was said and done I was one exhausted pug. I was fuzzled and cuddled and played with all day long...and I was in heaven.
So today is Sunday and I'm sitting by mommy's feet. She's on the computer, and I am one free-roaming belly button.

strawberry fields forever

So I meant to post this last night, but I had a super busy weekend...see next blog, and I went to bed super early last night. In my mommy's quest to keep me less tubular, she has implemented some new rules. First off, less food. I know I'm a pug, this rule must be broken and soon. Next rule, more exercise, which is fine with me I love going to the dog park. KONG only feeding, she says it takes me longer and burns calories at the same time. All this to keep me "at my peak". The next thing she has done is substitute some of my kibble with fruits and veggies. She had to do lots of research to make sure she didn't give me something I can't have or that will make me sick. So I'm totally digging carrots (I spy a little bitty bite in the background) but she just introduced me to something super duper yummers. Strawberries. I wasn't sure at first, but I really like them and the are sweet and yummy. Mommy says this is food that's good for me, but really it's all about what good in my belly!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

pure genius...hahaha

So mommy decided I need to undergo more training. I thought I knew everything already, but apparently there is so much more to learn. So now I go to "real" doggie class where I don't even get to play with the other dogs and like I have to stay on leash and listen. The worst thing is...mommy and daddy don't give me a ton of treats like they used to. I might protest this part, I mean I'm a growing pug, I'm only 16.2 lbs, my belly can get much bigger. Mommy is concerned though, she says daddy calls me a "tube" and that I must keep my waistline. UGH... I just want to sit and get a treat...but nooooo, now I have to like stay sitting for like seconds and wait and wait, then wait some more. You'd think then finally I'd get a little something? Nope. All that hard work for a pet? So I'm going to start working on my "PugEyes". You know what I'm talking about. I'll have my mommy and daddy giving into my sad orbs in no time. Victory will be mine.

Monday, February 15, 2010

is spring in the air?

So today I had to go to work with mommy, which was ok because I was really tired from my fun filled weekend. I was happy to just kinda be lazy and relax in my crate and listen to the music. It was so foggy and cold this morning, so I didn't mind the warm office and the extra treat she gave me. Mid morning I awoke from my beauty sleep to beautiful sunshine. Now you know how us pugs just love the sun, so I got to lazy about and soak up all that vitamin B. I was a toasty pug and I was soooo happy. Around lunch mommy thought a trip to the dog park was in order. I was happy to comply. When we arrived there were a few dogs in there, and that made me happy. I tried to make friends, but this little chichi dog kept jumping on my back and banging his....errr body against my back end. Now mommy kept telling him "no humping", was that his name? Mommy laughed and said he was trying to be dominant over me and I really didnt' like it because he wouldn't stop. I wonder if he knew I'm special at that end and that I don't like it when someone tries to hump me. After we left, I got to thinking. It's sunny out, the grass is green and the boys are getting spring in the air? I think it might be. I got home today and it was still kinda sunny out and I got to play with the leaves in the backyard. I love spring time....

Sunday, February 14, 2010

the meaning of love

So this weekend I set out to find what Valentine's day is and what the meaning of love was. My weekend started off great! I woke mommy up at the crack of dawn (also knows as 6am) Saturday and was so excited about my play dates for the day. She however was very grumpy and grumbled about it's her day off...blah blah blah. So I knew today was gonna be fun. In the morning I was going to the dog park to meet up with some friends and run around like a mad pug. I got to the park and met some new friends, like PJ and Shadow, was surprised to see some friendly faces, aka Bella, and then he showed up. My bestest friend ever...Spencer. It had been a long time and I was super excited to see him. He's a cute as I remember and he likes to run and get chased...which is like my favorites game ever. Bella and I put him in a sandwich and just ate him up!! I was running and playing for hours, I was one sleepy pug. I was sad to see my play date end, but mommy assured me we'd be back to play again. I got to walk to the car with Spencer and gave him a sad kiss goodbye.
Later in the day, after a much needed nap, I got to meet my sister dog Nyx. We played at grandmas house. She's a big lab like 40 lbs, but mommy claims she's just a puppy and that I have to play nice. Well we nibbled on each other and wrestled around. It was loads of fun. I wasn't there too long, but I was one worn out pug. She's a player all right.
Sunday was loads of fun too. Mommy had to go to work, and I went back over to grandmas to spend the day with her and Nyx. We played pretty much all day. Daddy picked me up and I was happy to see him, as I hadn't napped all day. That's unheard of for a pug. Mommy came home from work and gave me lots of hugs and kisses. She gave daddy lots of hugs and kisses too. I tried to get in the middle, I mean I wanted to give kisses too.
So I asked mommy what's the Valentine's day thing all about. She said it celebrated love. So I thought what does a pug know about love. I thought back to all the hugs and kisses I get from mommy and daddy and even my grandma. I thought back to how happy I get when mommy or daddy comes home and my tail starts to wag. I thought about how happy I was to see my friends at the park, how I was so excited to see Spencer again and I remembered him (hey I'm a young pug-lack of memory) and then I really thought about love. It's the feeling I get when I see mom with food....ahhh now that's love!

Friday, February 12, 2010

sorry daddy

So tonight I was a very bad girl and I was playing too ruff with my daddy. I used my mouth in a way I know I shouldn't. I hurt my daddy and I am sad because of it. I only want to play with him, he's like so much fun. He throws the ballee for me and takes me on long walks. We have so much fun together and I get sooooo excited just to be with him and I can't control myself. I promise to do better really, I do. I hope you will still play with me. I love you big much daddy.

Belly Button

Thursday, February 11, 2010

the quest for an answer

So on my continued quest to figure out what valentine's day is, I decided to ask a few of my friends. I went to the park and asked my friend Vinnie what valentine's day was. He stated that how is he suppose to know..he's just a silly boy interested in running around the park and wrestling. I decided I might need to consult with a human about this. I pulled daddy aside and asked him what this was...why did I make mommy and him this funny card at daycare. He said it was a day to celebrate love. I'm not too sure what that is, but daddy said it was the feeling I get when mommy comes home from work and I get lots of hugs and kisses. He said it's a day when you give mommy flowers and in return I will get even more hugs and kisses than normal. I asked him to get some for me, after all a pug just can't walk into a store and get some right? So today we surprised mommy with these flowers. I had to smell them first to make sure they were perfect. He was right mommy gave me extra love and kisses. It was awesome and I was happy to make mommy smile. I'm still going to ask around...this investigation is on going.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

arts and crafts

So today mommy took me to doggie daycare and it was arts and crafts day! We made our mommies and daddies valentines day cards. Now being a young pug of only 5 1/2 months, I've never experienced a valentine's day, so I am not sure what it's all about. I will have to investigate what it is and why mommy and daddy gave me ooodles of hugs and kisses when I presented them with my card. It made them so happy, I didn't even mind my paw turning blue for a short period of time. I will launch my investigation tomorrow. If anyone has any ideas or wants to share with me what valentines day is, I'm a willing audience.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

back to work

So today I had to go back to work with mommy. She said that if I'm able to run around the backyard, and can go to the park then I can go back to work with her. I don't really like going to work with her too much, I usually have spend time in my crate in her office. She acts like giving me treats and leaving the radio on makes up for having to just hang out while there are parks to explore and fields to run in. So when it's not too busy, mommy lets me hang out with her on the forklift. I love to just sit on the warm seat soaking up the sun. The slight breeze blowing my rosebud ears, tickling my nose with the sweet smell of....the dumps! Yep mommy works right next door to the garbage company so sometimes I get a whiff of something not quite pleasing to my pug palate. Mommy says that it doesn't smell all that bad and half the time I have my nose up a dogs...well...let's just say I know how to properly greet a fellow canine.
So tomorrow I get to go back to grandmas house. I miss all my friends there and grandma spoils me, but don't tell mommy.
One good thing about going to work today, mommy and I found a new doggie park to explore and during her lunch time we went and made some new friends. I also had hours of sunshine today and that made me happy. To end the day daddy and I went on a long walk through the neighborhood. I was a happy pug.

Oh and don't forget to click it or ticket....pug safety!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

I was one happy pug today

I was one happy pug today....the sun was shining (mostly), mommy and I were snuggling on the sofa watching TV and napping. I got to hang out in the backyard when the sun was out, mommy snapped this picture of me smiling. Daddy even had time to play with me today before having to go to work. Today this pug was all smiles and life was good.

Friday, February 5, 2010

The Big Yellow Dog

Today was a very special day! I had the whole day with my Daddy. I decided to start it really early, and woke him up. We played with my toys and my favorite ball. After a brief nap, I was so happy when Daddy grabbed the leash and we headed to the door. I love going for a walk, with all the smells, the nibbles I sneak, and we sometimes meet new friends.

On our walk, we saw a human and a big yellow dog. I wasn't sure what was happening, but the human was yelling and screaming and saying words that my Daddy said I shouldn't hear. The human was pulling and tugging on the big yellow dog's leash and using those bad words. We stopped and watched, and I could tell something was wrong, as the big yellow dog's tail was between his legs and he seemed really sad and afraid and didn't want to be dragged by the human. It made me sad. We were both quiet on the way home, and Daddy explained to me that the big yellow dog shouldn't be treated like that. I remember when I didn't like the leash or going on walks. But Mommy and Daddy helped me. I wish they could help the big yellow dog. I want to be his friend and make him happy.

I was sitting in my spot in the sun being mopy, when Daddy came to me and said that we, one day, may go and find the big yellow dog. I hope so. At least I can think happy thoughts about him.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

oh the humiliation

So I was "fixed" on Tuesday and had some teeth pulled, and thanks for all your positive pug thoughts I am feeling just fine. The problem I must now endure is the....spay shave. Now I know as a pug, I'm as adorable as they come, I mean I am a pug right? So imagine my horror when I look down upon my svelte belly and realize I am bald. I don't think this is appropriate. Why do they shave it all off, is it to show off my 6 pack abs? Is it to show off my petite pug waistline (all 15 lbs of me0? I know not the reason to humiliate me with this terrible haircut. Mommy says it's because of the surgery you can't have hair going inside of me, but really my tummy? ugh! What will my doggie friends think of me when the next see me? Will it grow back ok? I can't have it uneven, what if I don't look my best for a pug event?? Mommy says I'm super beautiful just as I am, but I'm not so sure. I'll just have to get extra hugs and kisses to get over it. The shame will pass......

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

the verdict is in...I'm a girl (sorta)

So today was the big day and I got "fixed". I didn't know why mommy didn't feed me any breakfast or give me a morning treat. I was starving! I'm a growing pug doesn't she know I must consume food at all times? So then I got really happy because we got in the car and I love trips in the car. When we pull up to the pug doctor, I'm like woo hoo I love it here (I really do my doctor is the best he gives me kisses!) Then some things go in places they should never go and he's like...ok we're ready to find out what she is. Then he takes me in the back and mommy leaves, but that's ok because in the back I get lots of love from the girls. After a little while they take me and make me fall asleep...that's ok I'm a pug I love to nap. Next thing I know I wake up and I have 5 fewer teeth and some stitches down there! Hello? Down there?!? Really???
I dont' really remember much I was kinda high..hehe but the girls up front took me for walks and gave me lots of love until mommy and daddy came to get me. I was still sleepy, and mommy was all happy to see me, and daddy even let me sit on his lap on the ride home. I love laps, they're like my favorite!!
So I'm sure you want to know am I a girl or a boy...well I'm both. I'm a true hermaphrodite according to the pug doctor. I have both girl and boy parts inside and out. Mommy was happy I get to keep my girlie name and doctor was happy he got to solve this puzzle. I'm just happy that I can't get sick inside anymore. Right now I'm still loopey and am going back to sleep. Thanks for all positive pug thoughts, they helped me. Will post more tomorrow when I'm not so high..hehe

Monday, February 1, 2010

bath time before the big day!

So tonight mommy pics me up from doggie daycare and she shakes her head and says "Thank goodness you're getting a bath tonight!" See for the last few days I've been playing out in the mud, going to work with mommy and having fun will all my friends at "Bring Rover Over", and so I'm pretty much filthy. Casey and I (my best German Shepard buddy) just play so much that I get covered in his slobber, and I've been to the park where it's all I'm one dirty girl. I wasn't surprised to see mommy with the bath towels.
Daddy caught me mid-wash and while I love taking a bath I find it not kosher to take a picture of me while I'm not suitable for show. I mean really, a pug is always cute right? but when I'm all wet....well I'm just not ready for my closeup. A girl has got to set some boundaries.
So tomorrow is the big day....I get "fixed". I asked mommy and daddy what this means and they said for me it's a little different. See I'm a very special doggie, so mommy and daddy says this surgery is real important for me. Some of my friends at the dog park and daycare sniff at me and are confused, but I don't know why. Mommy and daddy told me I'm very rare and that just makes me extra special....see I'm a hermaphrodite. I've had a lot of doctors and everything look at me and I've had to spread eagle a lot! So tomorrow I get this surgery to make sure I'm ok, because mommy says I can't have or make babies and that's ok cause I don't want those. So wish me luck that I'm ok. I'm a little upset I don't get to eat breakfast and us pugs like food. I'll let you know how it goes and send positive pug thoughts my way please.