Thursday, April 18, 2013

Who's in my pinky-bed???

Awww...a puppy...Everypuggy, please say HI!!! to Casey!! She spent the day with me and my Daddy last weekend. She's my Mum's Sister's pup, and is only 9 weeks old. The 'Rents called it a "Trial run..." I only chased her across the backyard twice. Both times, she bent to my will as top-pug...and ran...She's still small enough that I can chase her, and bite her backfat! I gave her a free pass for sitting in my Pinky-Bed. I think it was the cuteness that got me?

Now, some of you know what the big sooprise is for me, The Belly...I think I know, too, with all the hints, pictures, and other tidbits I've been collecting. Well, this coming Sunday, The 'Rents are going somewhere without me, and I think it has something to do with this mystery....

Monday, April 15, 2013

I'm famous! Sort of...

First, a bit of background: Every so often, I stay at my Granma's house while the 'Rents go worship a giant mouse. Well, while they're there, they eat at a place called The Lazy Dog Cafe. What makes that place so special? Well, it has an outdoor spot where hoomans can eat outdoors, with their favorite pug! Even cooler, a Lazy Dog is opening, pretty soon, near Casa De Belly! So, that way, the 'Rents don't have to leave me behind, any longer...shame on them....snorts!

Anyways, The Lazy Dog features pictures of doggies in their restaurants, and on their website...and guess who's picture got picked to be in the Orange, Ca. restaurant? None other then me...BELLATRIX! Daddy sent them the picture you see on the front of my blog (it was taken at my 3rd birthday partay).

Here's the linky to me on their website: Belly!

So, if you're ever in Orange, Ca, goto The Lazy Dog Cafe, and look for my picture!

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Sooper JUJU for Dutch!

As most of you know, Dutch had to have emergency surgery for bloat. I first met my big spotted bud at a S.F. Pug Sunday when I was a wee-pug-pup, and he wouldn't let me play with his chicken. He's been one of my bestest buds ever since.

So, please send extra big sooper juju-good thoughts to Dutch, his Hooman and Pug, but I don't think he knows, yet. 


Monday, April 1, 2013

plot thickens!

After I did some digging on the 'rents laptop, I wondered into my mom's Facebook page where I found her looking at these!!

Multiple boy puppies....

Why is she looking at these??

Then she called daddy over and giggled!  GIGGLED!!!

They mentioned Draego, puppy and May....which is daddy's birthday.  I'm beginning to smell a rat!

I'm getting ready to jump in mom's Fit and get out of town....something tells me I'm not going to like what's coming!