Thursday, September 30, 2010

Awards abound! Award

Pet Supplies


I got this really cool award today from John, who follows my blog. It's totally awesome and I'm super happy that anyone enjoys reading what I have to say. I mean me...just a little old pug. So thanks John! I'm doing my happy pug dance.

Also.....Wilma gave me an award too!!

So I'm suppose to tell about myself, like 10 things! So here goes...
1. Even though I wear a pink collar, people think I'm a he dog
2. My bestest bud is Spencer
3. There is no picture of me in this blog
4. My favorite place in the house is the sofa
5. Puglet got me started in blogging
6. I hate to dress up
7. I love to eat
8. My favorite treat is whip cream
9. I love to take baths and go to the vet
10. I love to give kisses, like make out type kissing

So now you know a little bit more about me. Hope you like reading and if you want to share extra tid-bits about yourself...please feel free to share.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Chicago winds blew me a surprise

According to Wikipedia, Chicago has the nickname of "The Windy City", because of the weather and because it is home to 3 Elgin pugs. They like to break wind, especially Anakin.

Chicago was also home to the earliest known gangsters. Al Capone, John Dillinger and a certain Elgin pug named Izzy.

Chicago is also home to the deep dish pizza, the Cubs and White Sox, and Wrigley Fields. One of the most famous woman in the world records her show there...ever heard of Oprah? Well Oprah may be the biggest talk show host...but one Josie of the Elgin the most popular pug in the blogosphere.

Well, why all these awesome facts about Chicago? Well I wanted to point out that despite all these cool things to see in Chicago, the best is my Elgin gang! So like you all know about my best bud Spencer right? Well his mom went to Chicago last week and got to meet the Elgin gang's mom! Well, the Elgin gang sent me these cool toys and I'm enjoying them to the fullest!!

So thanks guys so much, I'm loving the toys and I hope one day I can finally thank you in pug-erson (that's pug and person combined)

Monday, September 27, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

It's been soooooo hot here, it's like October already...where is the fog??? It's over 100 degrees, so mom busted out with the pool and I'm having fun running into it. In fact, last night I jumped in at 10pm (right before bed) and had a quick cool down. Mom had to wipe me all down and everything.

I just stuck my tongue out at her...neener-neener. don't want to get water all over the hardwood floors? Ehhh...what to I care?

Just because he's my's some Spencer cuteness.

In case you didn't notice...this blog was brought to you by the body part tongue. hehe

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Workin' the Smize

As a fan of "America's Next Top Pug", I thought I'd take this time to perfect my SMIZE. Now if you don't watch ANTP, then you might not know what the SMIZE is. As defined by Tyra Banks, it's when you smile with your eyes.

As you know my best feature is my eyes, I mean they are the windows to my stomach, so I make sure my orbs are always clean and shiny and ready to work it for any form of food. Now recently I had a little problem with my SMIZE, it was broken and all full of (shudder) mites.

So after lots of work that made me real tired, I realized....I've got my SMIZE back. I'm looking good, the mites are almost all gone, and my orbage has led me to get an extra treat or two...usually when my mom doesn't know my dad snuck me a treat already.

So as you can see, my orbs are lookin' good and ready to get treats and hugs...all just based on my smilin' eyes. So whatever your best assets are, make sure you work them for all they are worth, which is usually treats, and don't stop using them until you get the goods. As Tyra would say "Work what you've got" and I've got orbs to spare.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dancing with the Pugs

In honor of the new season of "Dancing With the Stars" I decided to show how pugs can dance too, and I firmly believe that people would watch me "dancing". Look at my moves....

Notice my fine form. I have perfect posture and always engage with my partner (Spencer). I know that I am so much more entertaining than those "stars" that are on TV. I must also point out that I don't have a fake tan, racy outfits and more makeup on than Krusty the Clown.

I would love multiple dance partners (hey I'm kinda slutty like that) and I'm always on the lookout for that perfect 10. I'm currently taking applications for dance partners. Open auditions will be held Sunday morning at Hap McGee park, and since I'm an EOP (Equal Opportunity Playa) girls are also encouraged to apply (lovin' my hermaphroditic parts).

Monday, September 20, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Mmmm....thanks so much to Pug for introducing my mom to the tooble. They are my new favorite treat. I can't get enough of yummy. Please note...I also have my curly bully stick. Hehe, I love all my chewies....I have like a chewie graveyard. So many to chew not enough time.
Mom snapped this at the dog park on was just silliness and I wanted to kiss the camera.

Here is my buddy Spencer looking dapper. Look at how exhausted he is...I think I had just finished chewing his tail. Hehe.

I know I've pictured Rambo before, but now I have a full view of him. Isn't he handsome? I like how his head is all dark...just like mine!! He's so cute he deserves to be profiled more than once. Ladies...get in line.

Mom noticed we have a few new followers...Welcome to my blog!! Around here Monday's are known as Random Acts of Cuteness. In it, I make sure to show some serious orbage (my best feature) and invite all of you to send in your pictures for me to feature. So send those into my mom ASAP!!

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Notice no pictures!

This is totally moms fault!! I had a blast this weekend...I even explored a whole new place called Pt. Isabel. I met up with Pug and Dutch and ran around like a pug on crack. It was crazy as can be. I only gave mom a mini heart attack once (maybe 6 times) when I ran down and seemed waaaaaay to interested in the bay waters. Mom stuck me on a leash....oh the humiliation when all the other dogs were running off leash and into the waters, but nope around the water I had to stay on leash. Mom did say I was very well behaved and didn't run away (well maybe a couple of times) but I always came back. I was also good and didn't harass Pug and Dutch (too much), and I had a blast and I totally think some Pug Invasion of Pt. Isabel should happen. Hmmm...

Ok, so sorry there are no pictures.....seems mom forgot to take pictures. Yeah, notice how I didn't say she forgot the camera, just forgot to take pictures. Fabulous right? So I say another trip out to Pt. Isabel is a must and I'll force mom to take pictures.

On Sunday, I went to Hap McGee with Spencer and had an uber awesome time. I played my little butt off, and made sure he played with me. In fact, if he tried to jump to grandma's lap and I would jump up there too, and bite him until he jumped down and played with me. Hehe...seems he likes his tail in one piece. Too bad, I enjoy gnawing on it.

So I propose this all you bay area pugs and non-pugs, how about we invade Pt. Isabel one Sunday and make ourselves known.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Take note you may need this site some day!!

Dad was "googling" the other day when he came across this site that made mom sad. It's Some of you may know what the Amber Alert is for humans, if you don't it's an alert that goes out when a child is stolen from their home. Signs on the highways tell you what car to look for and a possible license plate. This expose helps bring the child home. It makes sense that they have this for pets too, as we often our the only child in our household.

I hope no one ever gets lost or stolen from your loving home, but if you do make sure you have recent photos. One should be of the face, one full body and if you have an item of distinction get a picture of that (you know like if you're a hermaphrodite-yes mom took pictures of that! she's so rude) Now I know what you're saying "Bellatrix I'm micro chipped!" Yes so am I, but if you were stolen don't you think someone will lie to the vet? Or just never have you checked for that chip. Chips also migrate (yes they don't just stay put) and often times vets or shelters miss it because it's not where it's suppose to be. Mom used to work at shelters, she knows sometimes chips get overlooked.

Now I just hope some of you may go and join this site and help keep an eye out in your community for lost/stolen dogs and cats, but if anything happens and you get lost or stolen, I hope you moms and dads remember the site.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Eating delays

In moms vain attempt to have me eat slower she has bought this evil contraption. It's called a "Squirrel Dude" and I don't like it! It takes forever for that kibble to come out and I have to work it for like 20 plus minutes and you all know when a pug wants to eat...she wants to eat.

It all started with the KONG, and that wasn't too bad, but mom says I've become a pro, and because I'm brilliant...her words not mine...I need to challenge my mind and my stomach. Enter Squirrel Dude.

See that hole in the middle? Mom or dad pours the sweet elixir that is my kibble into that hole...easy going in..not so easy getting out. Those evil tentacles inside prevent my life line from coming out and entering my pie hole. Now listen I like to eat...not going to lie...but having to work and work and work to get that food out...makes me ponder if it's worth it.

Oh yeah it is!! So what form of torture do you 'rents do upon you so that you have to slow down when you eat? Let your torture stories begin. I offer, in advance, my deepest sympathies.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

You can always tell it's Monday. Mom has to go to work, I usually head off to daycare and you log onto my blog (cause you're awesome) and you want cuteness. I hope to deliver that to you. So as you know I had a busy Sunday, I mean lots of serious play action occurred...and by last night I was one sleepy pug. So I did what any other pug does...hop onto the nearest lap and take over. Who cares if they are comfortable or if their feet are falling asleep (what are pins and needles anyways?) it's all about my comfort. Please excuse my wisdom patch, it seems to have says it's justice for all the white hair I have given him.

This was me at Hap McGee park taking a breathing break. With my short and slightly crooked nose I can get a bit over heated. Don't get me wrong...this isn't a hint for me to stop...that will never's just that I need a slight "catch my breathe" moment before I attack....

SPENCER!!! He thinks he can jump onto the bench to get a break from me...and it used to work when I was a wee little one, but now I jump on there and bite him until he jumps down and chases me. I mentioned earlier that I'm an EOP...that's Equal Opportunity Playa...and I will work my way around the park. Mom says I'm a shameless hussy working the park for all it's worth, but a pug has to know how to work it, and work it I do.

As you know I also open my blog to all the cuteness the universe has to offer. This here is Sluggo, sister to Wilma. He's a member of the Fire Hydrant Club, and while I'm a member of the Sunflower Sisters, I can technically moonlight in the boys only FHC. Shh...don't tell the boys but I'm a spy for the Sisters. hehe. So this cutie is Sluggo and I must say his attitude is fantastic in this picture. You can tell he didn't want to be bothered, and that his cuteness didn't want to be shared...oh well Sluggo our mom's seem to always have a camera in their hands. We just have to understand that our cuteness is like a curse that never ends...

Mom wants to remind everyone that you can email her a picture of your cuteness so that you too can be featured on my blog.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

A HAPpening Place

Every Sunday Spencer and I head down to our favorite dog park in the universe (yes I've been all over the universe) Hap McGee! It's a ton of fun and Sunday mornings are happening!

This morning was extra special for a few reasons. First off, I hadn't seen Spencer in like a week...yes that's one whole week. It's unheard of to go that long without quality Spencer time, but my mom has been getting home so late from work, that she has no time for a visit to the dog park and it's getting darker earlier. got an email from....

...PUG!!! See Pug has a bit of a habit of eating wood chips (and sticks) and it's super hard to find an enclosed dog park that doesn't have wood chips in it. Hap McGee does have some wood chips in it, but it's mostly grass and there are always lots of fun dogs to play with, so Pug has plenty to do besides eat those chips!

Brother Dutch was there too! It was so much fun....we had a blast. There was this cool dog Kizzie (who loves his flying disc) there and it was his birthday...he turned 4! So there was food there and toys galore. Fun was had by all, and hanging out with Spencer, Pug and Dutch always puts a smile on my face (and my mom's). So I put this out to all you bay area dog (not just pug) owners....check out this park! Totally worth it. I will try to post in advance when we're all going so maybe you can join us.

Friday, September 10, 2010

I'm a Mangey Mutt!

That's right folks...I've got mange. As you know my orbs have been broken for about a week, in fact we enjoyed reading every one's thoughts and suggestions (and well wishes) when I posted a blog about it. In fact, Pearl suggested mange as a possible problem. Well I went into the vet today and he stuck dye in my eye and made my eyes glow!! He thought maybe I had a scratch, but it wasn't (but it was cool to have my eyes glow!!) Then he said he was going to scrape my eyelids...I was like what?? My orbs are the source of my power, please be careful!!! He was gentle and I was diagnosed as having mange.
Mom went into the back and he showed her my film and she saw both live and dead mites on the microscope. Here is a picture of what a mite looks like. Mom was happy to see that I had the kind that isn't contagious, so we can still hang out with other dogs.

So I'm pretty happy that I don't have to have gooey stuff put on my eye everyday anymore (mom was putting eye ointment on me). Actually, I don't have to do anything...the mites should just go away on their own. So thanks for all your well wishes and your pug (and non pug) pawsitive thoughts. In a few short weeks, my orbs will once again be at full power...then watch out! I will unleash ultimate orb-age upon you all.

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Sock (Monkey) It To Me!

Mom has heard this delicious rumor that there was this awesome bed, it looks like a monkey, but is really a bed. What is this mysterious item?

Why it's a Sock Monkey bed! Mom saw this on Wilma's blog and had to have it. I sent dad to Google (I thought it was a store) but it wasn't there. After a short time at Google, dad found it at Walgreen's. The next day mom was a little late coming home from work....

....and this was what she brought in the door. Now I've never shared this with you guys before, but I don't accept new beds very well. See, it's a process really. Mom has to sneak the new bed in the house when I'm not here, like dad takes me out to potty or something...then I bop in and I'm like "whoa" Then I have to drag the bed around, bite/chew it...sometimes I like to scratch it...but then finally.....

...Acceptance! I know what you're saying...the bed is a little small, but I like it so it's a keeper. I have made it my own and with minimal biting. I am super happy mom and dad got me this new bed. I highly recommend you orb your own mom or dad (grandparents work too) into buying you one.

I would also like to say a big thanks to everyone who wished my eyes well, I guess I have to go to the vet. Mom says I have to get my orbs back in time to smize....sorry but ANTM is back and mom and I are giddy.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Broken Orbs?

Everyone knows my best feature is my orbs. They get me all sorts of attention/treats/extra pets, and get me out of all sorts of trouble. Lately though, mom noticed my orbs seemed puffy and I was loosing my hair.

See I don't like to have my nails trimmed, and mom hates to put me through getting them cut too often, so as a result they can grow a little long. Well my allergies have been a mess and I've been sneezing and lots of eye goobers, so I've been pawing my face. Mom first thought I might have scratched the corner of my eye, but now she's not so sure. She says it's gotten worse and this means another trip to the vet!

When I was a wee one, I'd gotten the flu from a dog park (I suspect that place was also the reason I got that weird bacteria so that place is banned!), so mom has eye ointment that she's been using on me, but it's not getting better. Ugh...are my orbs broken?? What will I do without my orbs?? No extra treats? No extra attention? No getting out of trouble?!? GASP. This is unacceptable.

Has anyone else experienced this problem? Anyone have any solutions before I go back to the vet? Mom says she's spent so much money at the vet that he can retire early. I hope my friends out in the blog-verse can help me.

Monday, September 6, 2010

Random Act of Cuteness

So as you know I went to Pug Sunday yesterday and I was super sleepy on the way home....well dad captured what mom has deemed a super cute picture. I'm not so sure about that, I mean can't a pug sleep in peace? Well since mom has the hands (while I have the paws) and she technically does this blog for me, she decided this picture stays up. I'm not happy.

Here's my buddy Brother Dutch, his mom says he doesn't like to take pictures, so mom and dad had to take this on the sly. See mom wanted him for my random page, and because he's my secret crush (Spencer I said secret), I was super happy to share my page with him. That's his Henrietta chicken, he's super cute when he carries it around.

This was a super nice pug I met at the event, her name was Mimi. Mom thought she was a cutie and should make her debut on this page.

Here's my buddy Noodle. Noodle is this really cool pug, who lives near me, but we've never met. She is a lot like me, she's a heavy chewer, so mom recommended my favorite treat in the whole universe...the Himalayan yak chew. Yum-mo! I even shared a few with her, hey I'm all for helping a fellow pug out especially when it comes to food. So everyone sit back and enjoy her serious cuteness.

And let me take this minute to apologize...I had put Noodle as a he, but she's a she...I have changed it. Sorry Noodle!! I just wanted a fellow hermaphrodite to hang with. Love ya

Sunday, September 5, 2010

I've Conquered Pug Sunday in San Francisco!!

So today was Pug Sunday in San Francisco, an event that occurs on the first Sunday of every month. Normally mom and I don't go, see it's not enclosed and mom gets nervous that I will run off, and the street is like right she's nervous that I'm going to go running and get hit by a car. So because mom enjoys her gray free head of hair (she asked me to add that she doesn't dye it either..shesh mom!) she tends to avoid situations where I can run around off leash where I may run into the street. Well today dad was off work (yeah!) and he was able to go with us and keep an eye on me. See first I had to stay on leash....

But then she let me off and I ran like a pug who had just had some caffeine. Oh I made sure I came back when mom and dad called me, I didn't want to have to go back on leash, but there were lots of pugs to play with (including Spencer) and I made sure I met them all.

Good times are had by us Bay Area pugs, but when someone whips out a treat (in this case Ms. Amanda had salmon rolls!) all bets are off and some serious pug begging/utter cuteness begins.

Even Brother Dutch, who isn't a pug, was there and he was playing with his Henrietta chicken with my daddy. My mom tried to throw it, but she throws like a girl and Dutch was fed up with her. Mom and dad want to take Dutch home with us, I love him so I wouldn't mind, but his mom and brother Pug would I'm sure.

After all that fun and running around Spencer and I piled into mom's car and took a long nap. This was me in the back seat. I must protest because dad took this and I was too sleepy to look my best. I am currently planning my revenge....daddy watch your back.