Monday, February 20, 2012

Black Pug Posse

It started many years ago, on October 17, 2009 to be exact.  I came home with my 'rents....and made their house my bitch!  Now mom and dad were kind of taken aback, who is this little black devil spawn, come to tear up the house?  Where's that couch potato they thought they were getting?   Well she ain't here and she never will be.....

Recently mom took me to a "pug vet" and when mom mentioned I could be a bit stubborn at times, she just looked at mom and said "Well she is a black female pug!"  So I decided to investigate just what little shit disturbers we can be....and I got some help.  I want to introduce my very own BLACK PUG POSSE!

Here's my girl  Mimi.  She just got into the cat almond rocca (that's cat crap) and look at her stink eye!  Yeah she ate it, deal with it!  Such attitude...I love it!!

Well now Poppy!  I've done that a few times in my day.  In fact, as a wee one mom was walking me at the park and I was biting her pant leg.  A woman walking two pugs (a black and a fawnie) looked at mom with exasperation and stated "Well that looks familiar!"  So Poppy you enjoy those jeans...the shredded look is totally back in!

Hey Liberty, no need to dress up!  That F U look in your eyes totally ruined your photo!  I hope you peed on that pillow after.

Now see how Webster shows this dog that black pugs are amaze balls??  I hope that terrier got a taste of just how tough us black pugs are.  Nice take down technique my friend.  You are totally going to be the muscles of this posse for sure, our own Italian enforcer.

I'm not so sure that any amount of orb'ing from my Macho is going to get him out of this trouble...Yikes!  He's a true party animal!!!!!

Mom came across a posting from Pugalug and she thinks these statements are true!  Now where do hermaphroditic black pugs fall on this??  We are the best (or worse) of both worlds.

1. Black pugs tend to busier and have more of an attitude than fawns
2. Females tend to be pushier and more  in your face than males
3. Males tend to be more laid back than females

So I still have tons of applicants for my BPP, and every week I will be introducing one.  If you want to be a member, shoot mom an email.  All you fawnies out there....go buy some Lady Clairol....I suggest Natural Black #122

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Now taking applications

Single black hermaphroditic pug looking for a boyfriend or girlfriend (hey I got both parts so I can have both) to be my Valentine.  I like food, walks on the beach, food, long hikes, and more food.  The ideal candidate must be willing to provide all the treats I want and be willing to spend lots of time with me....oh yeah and let me bite his back fat.

Here is a sample of back fat I enjoy biting.  Check out those ripples (a big thanks to Pug for modeling his ample back fat for me)

Just giving potential applicants a heads up.  You have tough competition and must be willing to share me.  I'm still seeing my Dutch on the side, and that's not going to stop!  So if you think you can handle me, and think hard about it I'm one feisty pug, then show me the love!!

Friday, February 10, 2012

Tortilla Torture!

Mom brought these home today and I really wanted one.  Sometimes I must make all desperate attempts to get food.  I hide my head in shame, but I'm a pug and I want food right?  The 'rents say my cries and pleas are ridiculous, however they occur on a daily basis when food is involved.

Did it work in the end?  Noooooooo!!!  Mom says I have to stay trim, that I can't suffer the growth of dreaded back fat.  Mom apologizes for the loud talking in the was watching the news and this video was taken in stealth mode.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

A big HUGE congrats too.......

A big huge congrats to the beautiful Scarlet.  Her post was picked, at random, by the randomizer.  Mom tried to figure out how to post it, but apparently she's not so great on the computer and couldn't do it.  So Pug Rescue of New England (PRONE) is the rescue she picked for her donation!  Hey, didn't they just loose some game or something?  At least this rescue is going to win!!  So anyways....Miss Scarlet have your mom email my mom at and we can set up all the details.

A huge thank you to everyone who entered and for everyone who reads my ramblings.  I hope we hit 200 soon!!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

100 ways to celebrate!

I totally pointed out to mom the other day, that we reached 100 followers!!  This is reason to celebrate, but I wanted to celebrate in a good way...something different, something that represents me!

I was taking my early evening nap on daddy's lap, when it hit me!  Take the best part of me and give it away.  So here's the give me it's awesomeness!!

I love me some Pugs In The Kitchen and those treats were yummy!  So to the winner, I will give you a $25 gift card so that you too can get some supper yummy treats....and trust me they are Y-U-M-M-Y!!  They are even working on some allergy free treats, for those of us who have messed up tummies.

Check out my sweater....want one too??  The winner will also get a $25 gift card to get their very own sweater.  They are custom made and real comfy.  If I got my ass into one, they I know you'll love it too!!

I just did a blog about how YUMMO Mr. Chewy was, so the winner will also get a $25 gift card to spend at Mr. Chewy as well!!  You can get your very own chewies.

Last but soooooo not least, the winner will also get a $25 donation to their favorite animal based rescue group made in their name.  You know mom loves her some Central Coast Pug Rescue, and everyone knows rescues really need our help.  We are lucky, we all have our forever homes, but not every animal does. 

So how do you enter to win these fantabulous prizes??  Post a comment on this blog promoting your favorite animal based rescue that will receive your donation.  We totally apologize, but due to the nature of the treats and prizes, if you don't live in the USA, we can't ship mom will think of a prize for you, like Amazon gift card. 

Make sure you enter before Super Bowl Sunday Feb. 5th at noon, Bellatrix Standard Time (I live in San Francisco!)  Thanks again for reading my silly antics and lets aim for 200 people!!!