Wednesday, January 23, 2013

ORB Update!

First...everything was O.K.! My orbs are just fine.

Let's backtrack to this blog post: Allergies and Eyeballs. Notice the pic with pigmentation growing in the middle of my orb? That was really the start of Mums and Daddy getting concerned about my orbs. Then, I started getting all sorts of eyeball infections, and a bunch of trips to the Vets followed. I was eventually seen by the ultimate doggie-eye Doctors, Dr. Hacker and Dr. Zafross at Animal Eye Specialists. The decision was made to make my eyeballs smaller, in order to ward off the various bulging eyeball problems that I was having. Since then, I have to get my orbs checked twice a year, and use special medicine in my orbs to keep them healthy.Currently, the pigmentation is totally gone! My orbs are at FULL POWER! Watch-out, world!

                      Hi! This is me, waiting patiently, but a bit nervous in the eye-doc's office.

                                        After the good news...I was soooper happy!

Happy Belly!!!!!! As a B-I-G sooprrise, we went to Point Isabel after the Docs! I love The Point, but still want to jump in the cold water...hehehehehehehehee!!

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Paw freezing cold equals bored Belly....

It's been cold at Casa De Belly...Like paw freezing cold...When I go outside, the grass crunches under my little paws...My belly shivers...Which means, not a lot of adventures. I sit under the blankets or on a hooman lap and warm my belly...Sometimes I get bored, and just mope around...I need my outside adventure time, and the diabolical Mother Nature thwarts me at every turn!

When it does warm up a bit, me 'n Mums and Dads like to goto the doggie park and sit in the sun. Here I am sitting in front of my Daddy...Protecting him from the dastardly Cheewawa gang, or the gaggle of white fluffy dogs that guard the comfortable benches...Protect-O-Pug....that's me!

The 'Rents are still working on the special project...It's gonna be pug-tacular!

I'm all over the Facebook thingy...That's where I post funny Belly pictures and other assorted Belly-isms...

As Spring approaches, more adventures, I promise.

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Last night we said goodbye to 2012.....and welcomed a new year!  I think 2013 should be the year that I rule the world!

Well maybe not total world domination....just domination over my 'rents.  Like demanding more adventures. Don't they know I need to discover new locations and pee on everything!?!  Future generations must know this hermie had been there!

Then there is napping.....luckily I already trained my 'rents to give up their laps whenever I feel it's necessary to nap on them.  I'm not one for cuddling, I am one for stealing their body heat and demanding pets.

So I guess I have some world just happens to be my 'rents world.

So I have some fun and exciting things coming up in 2013.  I'll be sharing them soon with everyone.  I hope you guys have facebook, some of it will involve it.  Also, I have a project (or two) that I'll need your help with...that's will be helping me.  Trust domination will be mine...hehehe