Wednesday, April 27, 2011

So long Flappy....

I was sad...really sad...One of my most favorite toys was overly played with and its insides were coming out. Flappy was broken...Too broken to play with, to toss in the air, too broken for my Daddy to play tug 'o war with me. Flappy was one of my first toys, it even had a little bit of my puppy teeth blood on it. And now, Flappy was all gone.

I've had a rough month...My orbs were repaired, my favorite doggie park wasn't opened a lot. I went along with my pug life, knowing that Flappy couldn't be played with. I still had my Kubba Wubba, and pull toys, but they weren't my Flappy...Even Spencer B, who played with my Flappy when he visited, was sad when I told him.

Well, today Mommy picked me up from doggie daycare. It was a fun day of playin' with my friends and being a pug. So, we were drivin along, going to the House O' Belly, then Mommy made a familiar turn. We were going to the doggie food store! Yea! I like the doggie food store. I have a doggie friend there, and there are treats at pug level! We were wandering around, I tried my best to sneak some treats and chewies. Then I saw IT...Mommy had IT, and it was glorious! I couldn't believe what IT was. She dropped IT and I grabbed IT and ran, and threw IT in the air! I was soooo happy! I wanted to run home with IT and grab my Daddy's leg so we could play! Next thing I know, we were drivin' home, and IT was with us!

Daddy met me at the door, and I ran to him, tugged his leg and wanted to show him what Mommy got for me....

A new Flappy!!! We played and played. I couldn't believe it, and this new Flappy is bigger, and totally Belly approved!! Thanks Mommy!

Friday, April 22, 2011


Some days, I just look forward to a little walk, other days, I look forward to BIG adventures! It was sunny and a little cool, today, so I was in the mood for a BIG adventure! Daddy was home, and I woke him up, dragged him to his adventure shoes and snorted that I wanted BIG adventures. So, Daddy said he'd take me to one of my favorite parks, and maybe to the doggie park...I like that, so he put on my adventure collar, and we were off!

I was ready! I saw all the grass and places to explore...Until Daddy put a damper on things....FOXTAILS!?!? What the heck are those??? Daddy got a little worried 'cause they were everywhere, and everywhere I wanted to run, there were these tails. Funny, I didn't think they looked like any tails I've seen. But Daddy said they were foxtails?

See, these tails aren't really tails, they're a plant, and they can be really bad for us doggies. Daddy said to include this in the blog: They aren't everywhere, mainly in the Western part of the country, but still, I want all of my friends to be extra careful.

So, with the fear of foxtails in my lil pug brain, I decided that a long walky-walk would be the best. So we strolled around, met some other doggies and had a fun time.

I did get a chance to play one of my favorite games: The Leashy Game! Where I grab the leash and play tug o' war. My Daddy plays it really fun! After playin and walkin, we sat in the grass and relaxed...Nothing says happy pug like relaxin' in the grass...

Monday, April 18, 2011

Pathetic Posts

Mom caught me in all sorts of pathetic today. I was just sitting on the sofa, waiting for mom so I can sit on her lap (note the yak chews in the background). Yup I'm pathetic...

When she didn't immediately fall for it, I decided I'd just lay around the sofa without her. She decided she'd take pictures.

After I snorted and thought it rude that she would withhold lap from me, I pouted in my red bed.

Finally she gave in and settled onto the sofa to watch "Dancing with the Stars" (GO KENDRA!) so I quickly took over her lap and invaded her Pogo game.

After a few hours, I gave her my most pathetic look ever by my food container. Did she forget to feed me dinner?? I'm sooooooo hungry!! Mom Note: The little piglet had dinner, she's just a bottomless pit right now

Mom said she just had to include this picture of me at like 5 months of age. I was pathetic even back then! I've noticed that the more pathetic I look, the more snuggles I get, and that's just a win win for everyone.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Can zucchini do "it"?

Let me take a couple of minutes to tell you about a little problem I have. See I'm addicted to zucchini. I will drop any chewie I have when I hear mom open that fridge. I will leave my kibble (gasp!) when I hear her cutting it. I will bust out with my best orbage ever, just to have a sweet bite of the green goodness. Then mom brought something home that changed my life forever....Bellatrix sized zucchini.

I mean who knew zucchini had babies anyway? The whole thing is smaller than the bottle holding the evil eye gel. It's so yummy that I want it all the time. I think about it 24/7, I dream about it and make my whimper noises. I'm afraid I may find myself on a street corner turning tricks just a get a many sits and downs can a girl do??

GIVE IT TO ME MOOOOOOOOMMMMMMM!!!!!! Must not drool, must stop fixating...

AAAAHHHHH!!!!! Give it to me already!!!! ZUCCHINI!!!! IN MY BELLY NOWWWWWW!!

What came next was a blur. I woke up with green lips and no memory of what happened. Dad hates veggies, and hates even touching them. He thinks the only thing you should eat green, is mint chip ice cream....hmmm, I haven't tried that yet.....

Friday, April 15, 2011

Boxed In

Some of you are asking what was in my brown box of goodness? Where does mom get these magical delights?? I'm here to share what happened after dad opened the box.

Here's a list...knuckle bones, elk femur, MONSTER (YUM) beef tendon, and bison shin bones. All for my belly. Mom likes my palate to be happy...and it sure is.


TENDONS!!!! See the label? That's the place that makes every pugs dreams come true. The place is called Best Bully Sticks, but I think they should be called House of Bones. Oh and look at the pug on the's a sign!

Hurry mom give it to me!! Put your freakin' camera away

Eye on the prize.....

Nom Nom Nom Nom. Oh it's so good.

Oh I'm in heaven. Sorry these are all mine, but orb your 'rents into getting you some of these yummy goodies. They taste better than they look, and all the begging you do will be worth it. You may thank me later.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Ding Dong...BOX!

I think Silly Daddy's video of and frustration with pug-proof packaging is better than me trying to pawtype it...I have to say, it was all worth it....mmmm.....bones.....Silly Belly!

Orb update: So....cone free....but minor setback...My left orb is healing great. My right orb might have a small issue, as it's a little bit red and irritated in the corner by my nose. Mommy and Daddy are concerned, and are setting up a quick appointment for me. I'm not worried, it doesn't hurt or anything, and I don't scratch it. Daddy thinks it's a stitch that's left over, and needs to be taken away. I'll keep all my blogger friends updated!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Brown Box Surprise!

I came home from daycare today, and found a mysterious brown box with my name on it. Is this my usual brown box delivery?

Quick dad, use a big man knife and open it for smells so delicious and I must get into it now!!!

Look mom...there's a card in there. Who is it from?? PUG, BROTHER DUTCH and MISS AMANDA!!!! But why??

It's a glad my ORBS are all better freaking awesome is that?!?!?! Why what do we have in this bag??

HOLY SH*@&! (censored by mommy) Do you see these? A row of pig noses. PIG NOSES!!!!! Everyone swoooooon with me. PIG FREAKING NOSES!!!!

Ohhhhhh......unreal. I've never experienced this before. Is this what chocolate is like? I had to take it to my bed and show my Hedgie my new treasure. Nom Nom Nom

If there was smello-o-blog you'd be biting your computer right now. Nom Nom Nom Hey...check out my new improved ORBS, there all teeny tiny. Not too tiny to see the scrumptious treat in front of me.

Oh yummy. Look at how happy I am. Remember pugs (no matter what mommy learns at WW) Food does equal love. Pug and Dutch and Miss Amanda sent me a giant orgy of love....

Oh the sweet bliss of yummy pig snout. Thanks again Daily Puglet Gang! I've got such an urge to smoke a cigarette and stick my hands down my pants. Huh, wonder what that's all about?

Monday, April 4, 2011

No more Cone Zone!

The dreaded Cone Of Shame...Not that I did anything wrong, but it doesn't make being a pug easy. It's tough to play with my wubba, or flappy. I'm always running into walls and doors. When I pee-pee-pody, I get dirt in it, trying to find just the right spot. When I eat, food falls just under my mouth, AND I CAN'T GET IT...UGH...I drink water and it drips onto the cone, and not onto the floor, where it belongs.

So, when Daddy said we were goin' to the pug eye doctor, I thought the worst...more cone time...So, the cone came off, so I could fit in my travel crate, and we were off. The eye doctor is right next to one of my favorite adventure places, Point Isabel, and I was hopin' that Daddy was joking, and we'd drive into the Point Isabel parking lot and Spencer would be waiting....But nope, we parked in front of the eye doc. Daddy put the stoopid cone back on my adorable pug head, and I walked to the door, and banged my cone...

Once inside, I said Hi to a friendly black labby-lab, and then waited our turn. We went inside the dark room, the nice lady poked harmless fun at my "Issue" and Daddy put me up on the table. The nice lady put some drops in my eyes, and did some testing, which I didn't like, but tolerated. Then the Doctor came in...Ut-Oh, he's the guy who has my Orbs in hands. He looked and shined lights into my eyes, and we were done. Daddy and the people giggled and talked while I was put back on the too clean floor, to wait for the dreaded cone. But, there was no cone, just a walk to the main room, where I chatted with the labby-lab while Daddy did hooman business with the nice lady.

Then we walked back to the Daddy-mobile, and he gave me the bad news. More cone? Almost as bad, I have to have gel medicine in my Orbs, twice a day for a month. Ugh...I'm not a fan of gel medicine, but I promise I'll tolerate it...Then noticed I had no cone?!?

Hmmm...snort...shouldn't my head be in the dreaded cone? I wonder what's goin' on? Did Daddy forget, is he playing tricks on his favorite pug?

Go away evil cone...go away...

Then I heard magical words...The best words...ever...Daddy said, NO MORE CONE FOREVER! I'm cone free! My orbs are healing perfectly...Pug play, doggie park, and Spencer, here I come!!!!