Monday, February 28, 2011

Just rip my eyes out why don't you?

Hey everyone it's me your favorite hermaphroditic pug! Back from a minor break from blogging. See mom has been busy lately and dad's been kind enough to help me out on my last few blogs, but mom is back today!
Well you all know I've got some messed up eyes, ulcers...dry eye...eye crap, well today mom brought me to a specialist to have them looked at.

It seems that while my orbs are the source of my powers (think Superman only in pug form) they are also my kryptonite. Seems that I have some long ass word I won't bother you with, and it means I don't close my ever. Well gosh I don't want to miss out on what's going on around me people, but in pug land that's all bad. So I have to have surgery.

So while I think my orbs are orborific, the doctor doesn't! He was like immune to hello? Are you blind?? Get eye doctor..blind? OK not one of my bests.

So while I sit back and think about just how freaking adorable my orbs were when I was just a wee one, I shudder to think of what they will look like in just a few short weeks.

Here I am in all my 7 week old glory...I was super orby even back then. Has anyone out there had this surgery? What can I expect? My mom and dad would love to hear about your experiences.

So as I sign off just one thought....damn you bordie collies and your perfect orb to lid ratio! You can still suck it!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Buurrrr...Cold Belly

Snow in Belly-Land?! According to those hoomans on the magic box, it may snow in Belly Land. Daddy says snow is like the frrozen water that comes out if the fridge, and I love chomping on it. But, Daddy says if it snows in Belly-Land, to not eat the yellow snow? I'm not sure what he meant by that, but he was giggling like silly hoomans do....Hmmmm....

Now, I wanna visit the snow, and think it would be a nifty adventure. But, I don't wanna have it where I play, hangout with my Mommy and Daddy, and especially where I pee-pee pody! I don't have a lot of hair on my belly, and that snow stuff is cold!

So, Mommy got the bright idea to buy me a winter coat. And we ALL know how well I like to dress-up (hint: not at all!). Daddy bribed me with some delicious chicken, and Mommy put the darn thing on me...And, it was pretty comfortable. Off we went on a walky-walk around my Hood...until my cool fleece coat fell off. Ugh...Mommy didn't adjust it right, silly Mommy. It was comfy, and I think I'll like it. Hopefully, it'll keep me warm during these cold days that are coming.

Orb Update: It's been a busy week, so my blog hasn't been the best...Good news is that the Doctor tested my Orb tears, and that is normal, but he suggested that I see a special orb doctor...I've been to a lot of Doctor's cause I'm a bit special, so seeing another one got me a little sad. Mommy, Daddy and my buds are keeping my spirits high! I know everything will be O.K. in the long-run. And just because my orbs need special attention, doesn't mean that they have lost their power: GIVE ME CHICKEN, DADDY!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Valoontines day, Spencer, adventures!

So, I was doin my best lazy pug this Sunday, when Mommy who told me to go get Daddy. See, he was sleepin in the other room, and doesn't like mornings...silly Daddy. Since he isn't a morning pug like me, and I never pass up a chance to harass my Daddy with wake up nibbles. Then I asked my Mommy why? I remember a big adventure was coming up....but now? Then she says the magic word...SPENCERB!!!!

Mommy told me that Spencer and his hooman are picking us up, 'cause we're gonna see Stubby's hoomans in a place called Dublin. I met Stubby and his hoomans last August during Stubby's World Tour. They're super cool peeps and Stubby was a super cool pug. I was sad when he went to sleep.

We got to the place, which was a cool doggie park, with lots of doggies to run around with. Me and Spencer ran and played, and I attacked him and chewed his jowls like only I can.

Since it was hooman Valentine's Day, I gave Spencer B extra lovin and playin. We were having tons o' fun, when I saw two more buds comin' into the park...Phoebe and Zoey! They're cool puggers that I always hang out with at Pug Sundays!

There was all sorts of runnin and snortin. Stubby's hoomans, Michele and Gary showed up, and we gave them all the pug love we could, and we were on our best behavior, even if we all were a bit rambunctious (big word spelled by Daddy...silly me).

In the end, everyone had a great day! I hope Michele and Gerry can visit, again, and we can have another get together.

Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Claritin Clear!

See this magical box? Thanks to Noodle, mom talked to my vet about letting me take some to help my allergies. Mom has allergies too, so she knows just how miserable I am. She hates when I'm not out and about causing chaos! It's my job, and I've been slacking lately. I've been tired, my orbs have been busted up....why this last Sunday Spencer and I didn't even play, we just walked and hung out. How messed up is that??

So my vet said my orbs are all better, trust me I know! I'm not suppose to mention the chicken left over chicken in the fridge that is now in my belly (thanks dad-hehe sucka). The vet did say I have dry eye and that my 'rents should prepare to do some more battle with my orbs and eye meds.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for all your allergy solutions. Seems us pugs have a small price to pay for being so awesome. I mean all this cuteness wrapped up into one package? There has to be one little draw back (no's not the vet bills gosh!). I hope your allergies are all better too.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Allergies and Eyeballs

So long White-Toob-Of-Doom! I'm all done with you...I hope. I have to get a re-check, probably in a few days. I feel great, except for my boogery nose. I have allergies, and sniffle and snort and snore...Ugh...Mommy gave me a teeny bit of hooman medicine called Ben-e-drill (Daddy edit: Benedryl--the kid stuff with no alcohol or dyes). It helps a lot! This warm weather makes my walks and adventures all the better, because it isn't too hot, and it isn't too cold for my wimpy Mommy, who doesn't have the fur to fight the cold like I can. But, the grass gives me allergies...yuck...

Daddy was doing my bloggy-blog photos, and caught the weird thingy in my eye that the Vet didn't see last week. Any pug or hooman have any ideas? I'm not too worried, as it isn't causing any trouble, but Daddy says he's gonna show the Vet the pic. It's probably nothing.

Mommy told me that we may have a HUGE adventure coming up with my best bud Spencer...more to come...Yippeee!

Friday, February 4, 2011

Orbs...damaged again....

Here's the story...Last Sunday, Daddy and Mommy noticed that I was squinting my right eye. This was the same eye that had the ulcer back in December. So, off to the Doctor I went. Being the odd pug that I am, I like going to the Doctor, because the nice people shower me with love and oooodles of hugs and sometimes even a treat!

So, this new Doctor looks at my precious Orbs. I had to remind Daddy and Mommy that my Orbs are the source of my power, and to tell the new Doctor how powerful my Orbs can be. The Doctor puts the funny green stuff in my Orbs which I didn't like, and looks at them. Turns out that both of my Orbs have infections. Not very bad, but the right Orb is a little worse than the left Orb. The new Doctor and my regular Doctor aren't sure why, but seem to think it's just part of being a bug-eyed Pug, that dirt, dust and grass can get into my Orbs and cause problems (Daddy wants to make me little Pug Orb goggles).

Anyways, I have to use the dreaded medicine from the White-Toob-of-Doom, which I REALLY do not like. Mommy and Daddy try to make the best of it, and give me lots of my favorite treat, yummy chicken, but I'm still having a tough time taking the medicine in my Orbs.

I think I go back for a check up this Tuesday. I'm feeling my crazy Bellyself, so I think everything is o.k. I still play, run, tug...Just my Orbs can get a little watery. I know that Mommy and Daddy will always look out for me, as I can be a bit reckless, so I'm not worried. I just want the White-Toob-Of-Doom to go away.