Friday, December 31, 2010

Going out with a bang!

In honor of the New Year, mom decided to make me a special treat. I must take the time to say thanks to Pug for publishing this yummy recipe. Mom made me the cookies tonight and they are a little bit of heaven.....

Hey Mom...whatcha doing??

What the heck is that? That doesn't look good at all!

Are they ready yet? NO!

I guess I'll just have to lick to bowl while I wait for them to be finished. Psst...just like daddy does when mom makes him cookies....

DADDY!! Those aren't yours...they are mine!!

Finally enter my belly now!!

First sweet...

Oh that's good! That's jowl smacking good....cookie bliss....

nom nom nom nom nom

Damn! I'm all done!!!! That's OK, mom says we have lots more, we even sent Daddy to work with some for his doggie friends there. I told mom we have to share with Pug, after all without him I wouldn't have my cookie deliciousness. I totally think everyone should orb their 'rents into making them these cookies!

I also want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone!!!!!!!!! Love you all and thanks for reading my silly escapades. More to come in 2011.....

Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas booty!!

I woke up Christmas morning a little later than normal (my Christmas gift to mom) and saw my stocking had been filled! Mom's stocking is the nerdy Harry Potter one (snort)

What the heck is in here?? Move over dad, I'm on the case. My mission is to find out what the hell is in my sock!!

HOLY CRAP!!! It's a Christmas Hedgie....only my favorite toy ever...and he's dressed for the holiday....

Now my Hedgie family is complete!

Now play with me!!!

I also got some yummy treats, but those weren't put under the tree. Apparently, a pug cannot be trusted with food/treats/chewies being at pug level. I'm not sure why Santa had to give mom my yummies, but he did. Mom said I have my "winter coat" on...aka extra weight, so know I've got to burn it off before more yummy things come my way. Isn't Santa fat?? I protest!!!

Was Santa good to you?

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!

UGH!! It's been raining Pugs and Puggles in the bay area! I don't mind the rain, but this rain is just too much. It's stopping me and Spencer from playing together, it closes my dog parks, it just sucks for sure. So on Sunday in between naps, I dragged mom and dad to the park to walk the trails. It was fine for like 30 minutes, then the downpour.

I got soaked! And mom felt guilty because I was cold and wet. She toweled me off and blasted the heater, but still I wasn't happy about it. I guess it's winter, but still.....I want to play!!!

So mom being all Italian she felt guilty that I was one wet not so much. So mom goes out on Monday and gets me a raincoat! Um hello mom...I don't wear anything....but she's holding firm on this one. She did give me oodles of new treats to get me used to this, and I guess it's not toooooo bad. Mom likes it because it's a portable poncho type raincoat...and I don't mind it because it's light weight.

I guess I'll wear it, however mom better have a supply of treats! I'm putting my snowshoe (err paw) down and not wearing the hood. Mom has decided that I'm super adorable in this, and well shucks, I'm a sucker for mom. So get ready daddy....we're gonna sing in the rain!!

Monday, December 20, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

I'm super tired tonight, so I'm going to take a break from Random Acts of Cuteness, to bring you some of my super adorable pug friends. So sit back and prepared to wish you were a pug (especially you border collies!)!!

This is Atticus. I met him at Pugtacular and he's a hoot to play with! At 7 months old, we really hit it off. We play bowed at each other so much, I thought we were royalty! When we were finally off leash and got to play, it was nothing but good times.

Check out Noodle! He's an older slimmer version on me! I want to know his secret because his grandma was handing out treats like water! Pug and I made sure we hung out close to her, she had chicken strips!! Hello, did you hear me out there...CHICKEN STRIPS!!! Them are some good eats people. And she handed out like the whole strip. Um Noodle, if you want to have your grandma speak to my grandma about freely handing out treats. My mom doesn't let my grandma spoil nazi!!

Ok, prepare to have your eyes water a bit...this is Sinbad. He's a little guy who's had a shitty (excuse my language but it's true) first few weeks of life. He is missing an eye (duh!) but it's because humans can suck sometimes....see as a wee one (like 6 weeks old) some stupid human tossed him in the garbage because his eye was broken. Instead of fixing it or at least taking him to a shelter, we was thrown away...disgusting!! Some awesome human found him and got him to Pug Pros, where his eye was fixed and given so much love, and is now ready for a new home. If anyone wants a pug brother, he'd be an awesome addition to any family. Mom said she was ready to put him in her pocket and take him home...but daddy said nope! I know he'll get a new home with a family full of super duper awesome humans of the fantastical kind!!

Last but soooo not least this is my friends Zoey and Phoebe. Their mom sent me this adorable Christmas e-card. Now notice how they are stuck wearing a Santa hat and deer ears? Those silly girls just love to dress up! I tried to convince them otherwise, but they won't listen to me. They totally put me in the holiday spirit!!

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas cards

I took my picture with Santa at Pugtacular last week. I can't say that I liked the guy, but mom said I'd get an extra good pug treat if I sat still for a second. I behaved, and I got a sweet treat of pumpkin bar...uber yummy.
Mom and dad have been putting together their Christmas card list the last few days. I noticed I'm pictured on it, but haven't been given any to send out to my friends. Mom said we will be posting an special Christmas blog that will cover this, but I still want to send some out! So if you want a Bellatrix Christmas card, email my mom your address and I will mail you one personally! Her email is So email away!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Twizzle my Pizzle

Why what do we have here? A whole bag of twizzle pizzle?!? Is this all for me mom? I love when the big box comes full of goodies.....

Hey dad....DAAAAAAD!!!! Why is there a whole bag filled with goodies not in my belly right now?? HELLO!!

Fine you leave me no choice daddy but to ORB you. "Give me a twizzle...You want to give me a twizzle"


Sweet victory....doin' the victory dance. I'm off to enjoy the spoils of the war. I love me a twizzle. Oh and that bag full of 25 err 24 of them.... Merry Christmas to me!!

Monday, December 13, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Pugtacular was a blast yesterday and I met a lot of awesome pugs there. I orb'd mom and dad into taking some pictures of those new friends, and I will totally be putting them on R.O.C. over the next few weeks. But first.....ME!! and Spencer. Take a look at his beyond awesome Jingle Bell collar. When he was running wild in the park, I always knew where he was (so that I could bite his tail!)and could hear him a mile away. He was running thinking he could get away from me, but nope! Your tail is all mine Spencer....all mine....

Hey look over there's a table full of FREE TREATS!!! I'm pretty sure Pug's already hit it up a few times...OK I have too...they were super yummy!!

You all know I like to make sure your cuteness gets to shine too. Meet Sabrina! Isn't she a cutie? She's sharing her home with a trouble making young foster pug, and they are funny to read about. Check out what's on her mind!

This is my bud Noodles...check out those ears! If any of you know my mom at all, then you know she's a huge Disney nut and heads down to Disneyland whenever she gets the chance...she'll leave me joke! loves this picture and I made sure that she doesn't get any ideas about putting any on me! Sorry Noodles, but next!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010


Today was Pugtacular! It was so much fun. I entered 2 contests, Pug Races and Best Curl. I came in 2nd place both times! How amazing am I? Now that I know what to expect for next year, dad said we're going to start practicing. I don't know, my curl is real sassy as it is. I won a cute stuffed animal and 2 ribbons.

I had to impress other pugs I've never met, so I agreed to wear my bandanna. I can't say I was too happy about it, but I didn't protest either. Mom thinks I looked snazzy. I felt bad for a lot of other pugs, they were all dressed up in costumes and didn't look too happy about it either.

After the contests, we went into a play area and went pug wild! Spencer (wearing an adorable jingle collar) was my pug of choice to play with. He was running around having a blast, and I made sure to bite his tail an obscene amount of times.

I met some new pugs, and re-met a lot of pugs I've played with before. Here's Mimi, we've met at a Pug Sunday and it was cool to see her again. I had such a great time playing with pugs, and sharing in all the festivities. Pug rescue groups got some money and I even took my picture with Santa! Mom got lots of good pictures of pugs for Random Acts of Cuteness (we're set for weeks!) and even saw the cutest rescue pug ever!! I had such a great time, I wish it never would have ended. Just know that next year, you first place winners are going down!!!

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Chewie Graveyard

I love me some chewies. I love toobles (thanks Pug for that one), bully sticks, lamb twizzles, bison toobles, antlers, yak name 'em, I'll chew 'em. I do, however, leave the last few bites. Mom and dad refer to it as my "chewie graveyard."

One of my favorites is the Himalayan Yak Chew. They are are thing of pure joy and yumminess. I highly recommend you orb your 'rents into getting you one. These are my jumbo chews. Like daddy, I like to have multiples of everything. These are in different stages of chew, so there they sit in my bed, until I'm feeling the urge.

This is my antler. Yup, it's a real antler that's safe to chew on. There isn't much taste to it, and technically I don't think it's something you can break apart and eat, but if you've been labeled a "hard core chewer" like me, then these hit the spot. Sometimes mom forgets to order my chewies (or they haven't arrived yet because she ordered them late), and I'm forced to resort to just chewing this...either that or the furniture and since I'd never in a million years do that (again)!

So this is pretty much what I leave behind after I'm done chewing on my toobles. Mom says she's fine with that because one time I tried to swallow this HUGE chunk of tooble, and I almost choked! Well since I tend to be so accident prone, mom thinks it's best that I leave a bit of tooble. Shesh.

What's this? This is a gallon sized storage bag of bully sticks all kinda chewed, but still whole. See I sometimes like to just chew a few bites, leave the stick laying around for mom or dad to step on. He he. Mom says I'm lucky I'm an only dog, that other dogs don't get chewies! That's unheard of!!! I can't help if I'm just picky and like to have fresh things to chew...what's a pug to do??

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All Dolled Up

Mom and dad pick me up from day care today and the first thing out of mom's mouth is a squeal of delight. I'm thinking what the hell is the problem? Then dad bends down and starts fidgeting with something around my neck. What the heck is this? How the hell did that get there? and why is it still on??

Dad declared that I must be a "bandanna" dog, and I'm not too sure I was all that happy with the glint going on in mom's eye. I think this means that today wasn't the last time I'm going to be wearing this stupid thing.

I think I can pull this off, I'm feelin' my inner "gangsta". So I'm gonna go swizzle my twizzle and fo' shizzle I'll catch you on the rebound. Oh all right, I can't pull it off....Plan B, I'm going to have to chew on it when the 'rents aren't looking. UGH!

What do your 'rents make you wear that you hate? Deer ears perhaps??

Monday, December 6, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness Part Deux

After mom took over my blog to share a video with you all, I decided to take it back. Mom snapped this picture of me after she applied the torture device, better known as the Christmas Collar. I'm thisclose to tossing this damn thing into the street for the rains to take it away!

Here I am sleepy as all hell. I don't like this picture...makes my head look too big. Mom took this after she came home from vacation and I was in mommy lap bliss. She said even on vacation she thought of me...she got a manicure and picked a color to match my fur. Silly mommy...

OK...I know you can't see how cute I am in this picture....I'm not the point of this picture. What's so cute in this hello...see the giant Bison tooble in this shot?? That's like pug porn! Um...Pug...don't worry I totally got you one man.

This is the section that I like to open up my blog so that you all can showcase just how cute you all are.

Meet Sluggo and Wilma. Wilma is a Sunflower Sister, and while Sluggo is in the Firehydrant club, he's totally cute-able and so I'm willing to allow him to share in all his cuteness.

So....if you want your picture highlighted in my Random Acts of them to my mom. Don't worry if you have sent them to mom...she's going to sprinkle them out for the next few weeks...I've seen previous...there is some serious cuteness headed your way. I'm just saying, if I were fawn, I'd totally give them a run for their money.