Thursday, May 24, 2012

Nom Noise

So I've been on my new food for a few weeks now.  It seems to really agree with me.  I'm more active, I've lost weight, my allergies are almost all gone, and my fur gets all kinds of compliments for being shiny and soft.  Who cares right???  The real question is....does it taste good?  What do you think??

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Welcome to my Kitchen

As you know I've had some tummy issues lately and the 'rents have been thinking about putting me on a raw diet.  Mom knows that my buddy Noodle and Mochi are on it, so she sent their mom a quick email and asked all about it.  I mean Noodle and Mochi are some fun pugs to party with, so they must know some good eats right?

Seems they eat some food called Honest Kitchen, and because Mochi has to watch her waist line too, eats the Zeal formula of it.

Would these two lead me down the wrong path when it comes to food??

Well this kinda looks like crap mom!  What the hell??

Fear not!  This is so yummy with chunks of real fish and veggies and fruits.  I love it so much!!  Thanks for hookin' me up Noodle and Mochi.  Anyone else on a raw food diet??  Tell me all about it.

Thursday, May 17, 2012

280 in dog years!

This is my daddy.  He just had a birthday, so what do my 'rents do for it??  They leave  me behind at Grandma's and head to Disneyland (yes again!)

Don't get me wrong...I love going to Grandma's house, but I am concerned that the 'rents seem so happy without me!  Why can't I go to this Disneyland??

Mom says that daddy doesn't like getting older, and Disneyland makes him happy....but I'm not so sure about that at all!  I don't think daddy is old at all, sure he has some gray hair, but he says those popped up about 21 years ago...about the time my 'rents started dating.  So I know I'm not aging him at all.

So anything to make my daddy happy, makes me happy, even if that means they leave me and go on a pug free vacation.

So happy birthday daddy!!!  I love you tons

Your Belly Button!!

Monday, May 14, 2012

Mum's day!

Yesterday was a sooper special day... Mum's Day! (No thanks to the broken internets at Casa de Belly that this is a day late....snorts)...

So, me and my Daddy got her a sooper special card. Thanks, Mommy, for being thd best Mums a Pug could have!!

Update: My Belly has been a-ok for a few days, now. It must be the juju!! Thanks, everyone, for the sooper-juju! I hope it makes my belly better forever!!!

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Belly and my Belly...

Back in December, I wrote a blog aboot my sour tummy.  Well, I just went through some issues with my Bit, and during that, my belly busted, again. During the last week or so, I puked a few times during the day. Not a huge puke, but enough to get The Rents concerned. Usually it's a few hours after eating, and I don't feel sick when it happens. I do it, and continue playing, know, doggie stuff.

So, I had to go back to the Doc, again....All my tests are negative for any weird stuff, so no UTI, no infections...The Doc thinks it might be some sort of obstruction in my innards. My Daddy thinks it could be something called Pyloric Stenosis. Pug simple, for me, is that the flap that allows food from my tummy to my intestine spasms, and causes puking. It's all a big guess.

If it continues, I may have to get a special X-ray test, so the Vet can track where a special liquid goes, as it travels through my pug tummy and innards.

I don't feel bad, and I'm still my crazy self. I'm just getting a bit worn out with all these Vet trips. So, today, when I came home from Daycare, Daddy and I played and ran around in the backyard! I like the Chase-Daddy game a bunch, and it really made me happy! Daddy then stalked me with his new hobby camera and snuck a shot, which I posted above. Silly Daddy, but I think it shows my best side!

So, please send the good juju, but don't worry too much aboot lil' old Bellatrix! I have a hunch it won't be anything too bad.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's up down there??

This was me just a few days ago at the vet....and if you've been following my blog you know why.  That darn "bit" of mine has been causing problems once again.  We first thought I had yet another UTI, but the doc called mom and that wasn't what is IT??

Truth's just me "bit" acting up.  I mean the 'rents take care of it, clean it all out etc, but it really does have a mind of its own.  To top it all off....I have a minor ear infection!  Can't a hermie catch a break??

I have dog parks to go to, and naps to take.  I have no time for silly ear infections and dirty "bits"!  I am happy to report that, thanks to all your juju, I'm feeling a lot better.  A huge thanks to all your well wishes!!  I'm feeling like myself again, and after sleeping the night away, I woke mom up super early (on her day off no less) to take me for a walk in the beautiful sun.

Thanks again!!  And to those of you worried I won't blog anymore (Mr. Frank my beloved pugalier in the UK), don't worry!!  I'm still here, and as long as you want to read about just how odd I really am, I will post all about me.  Hugs and Pug Kisses of thanks to all my friends!!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Juju magic

As you know my bit has been causing issues lately. It seems to not want to work correctly, and I keep getting UTIs. The 'rents are trying everything to help, but I really want to say thanks! Your juju is powerful magic, and is helping me feel better. My "bit" is still a little swollen, but that's going down too. I appreciate all the love guys and I will keep you all posted.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

JuJu for me...The Belly

Most of you know that I'm a hermie, with both female and male parts. Externally, I have a tiddley-bit, where I peepee from..

A month or so ago, the bit got an infection, and needed some pills and ointment. Everything cleared-up, and I was on my way to being the usual crazy pug that I am.

Well, the last few days, I've had some drops of blood in my peepee. So, I'm going to the Vets, and see aboot that. Mums and Dads think it's probably a Urinary Tract Infection. UTI's are pretty common with pugs, and it probably doesn't help that I have a tiddley-bit, and not the usual external plumbing.

If it is a UTI, and not something else, my Daddy was thinking of giving me something to help with this, called cranberries.

I'll keep everyone updated. Please send good juju, but don't worry too much. I'm still playing, jowling, running around like always!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

You like me! You really really like me!

Mom had me steal a line from some actress she once insulted for my title tonight.  But I realize I haven't blogged in a while and I totally forgot to tell you that I'm on Facebook!  That's right, I have my own Facebook page!!

A lot of my friends already like my page, and I try to impart words of wisdom like.....Friday the 13th avoid black cats but hug a black pug...I'm like a genius or something.

Sometimes I post videos of my silly antics, but mostly mom just posts pics of me at random places like in between her legs at the dog park.  You should totally like me if you're on Facebook, and if you're not, what better excuse do you need to join??

Well I'm off to go and nap the night away....I hope you have all been well.  Oh and I'm really excited for this weekend...It's Pug Sunday in SF!!!  So if you're going, make sure you come find me.  I'm the black hermaphroditic pug trying to steal your food.