Friday, May 28, 2010


So on my last post everyone thought I was a cute pug puppy and thanks for all your compliments! It was real sweet and got mom thinking about my first baby pictures. See mom likes to take lots of pictures of me, so I am pretty comfortable having a camera lens shoved in my face. One of the first things she taught me was "Watch me" just so she could take pictures of me. I know hearing those words means I put my best orb forwards then get ready to be blinded by a flash of light, then comes the oooooooooodles of love and hugs mom gives me when her picture comes out perfect. See this relationship with the camera started upon our first meeting....let me tell you my story.
Mom and dad come to pick me up at the airport...long story short mom wanted a black female pug and couldn't find one in California...I come from Idaho. So mom and dad pick me up from the airport and it was love at first sight. I mean who wouldn't love me...even with my little ummm...difference. So anywho, dad was driving and I was all over mom's lap, chewing and nibbling on everything. They thought..."Ut Oh, what did we get ourselves into?" Hey mom FYI, you named me after a ruckus making...hell bent on killing Dumbledore witch...what did you expect...Hermione?? anyways. Dad tells mom he needs gas...we pull into a station...and this was one of the first pictures taken of me! I'm 7 weeks old and 3.2 lbs in this picture. Dad asked me to crop him out something about a chin or two....whatevs.

This was my first bath....this is my first night home and I fit in the sink! Oh to be so tiny again when I could eat anything and not have to worry about calories. I'm happy to report that despite my look of dread in this picture, I actually love baths. In fact, mom and dad claim I'm a voyeur and like to watch them shower....something about privacy blah blah blah...I just tune them's surprisingly easy to do.

So I was hoping some of you in the blog world would post either baby pictures, or pictures of when you first came home etc. I would love to hear your stories and see your pictures.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

9 months ago....

9 months ago I was a lil pug pups new to this world! My itty bitty self is almost all grown up, but I think I'll always be a puppy. Mommy and Daddy still think I'm a puppy, even though I'm growing up.

Well, here I am...9 months old! I think I'm almost all grown up, but still a puppy on the inside. I think I'll always be a puppy and play with Mommy and Daddy my flappy, and my doggie friends.

Saturday, May 22, 2010

we're virtually friends

Everyone knows I love me some Spencer, we're the best of friends (no this picture is not him). Spencer and I hang out all the time and I love his mom and grandma like I love my own, but I also love other pugs I've never met. See mom and I follow blogs, it all started with Puglet (who inspired my own blog) then it grew from there. Mom and I follow lots of other blogs, yep all pug blogs, and we keep up our own blog too. As mom was reading to me my Elgin gang's blog, we first read that our buddy Anakin had needed surgery....Anakin (the birthday boy) is pictured above....had eaten some chicken bones. I'm sure they were yummy, but they caused him to need surgery. Mom instantly became worried. She told me we have to send pawsitive thoughts his way, and we were glued to his blog to make sure he was ok. Long story short, he did have some complications from the surgery, and this made mom even more worried. I saw mom constantly checking the blogs for updates. Then it dawned on mom....we have friends then we have "virtual friends".
Now my Elgin gang (ie friends) live very far from me and chances are we will never meet, although I know we would be instant friends. The fact that we have never met doesn't diminish the concern mom and I shared over Anakin's well being. She pondered the fact that we follow this blogosphere, and if we weren't pug people, we would never have the chance to know all these wonderful people. When I had my brush with danger (dang piece of grass) mom was touched by all the well wishes. If you read my Elgin friends blog, you'll see how concerned everyone was for him and his mom and dad. Mom thought how cool is it that this pugverse exists and that we're a part of it.
So while it's cool that I've got to hang with Puglet and Phoebe and they are my friends, I realize that I love them just as much as my virtual friends.

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Jowl Juice

As many of you know, my bestest bud is Spencer, and we like to play A LOT! When lots of playing occurs, we get a phenomenon that in my house is called "Jowl Juice", and it freaks dad out. See us pugs, in all of our adorableness, have jowls. These jowls are like our own personal purse. We can store (or hide) things for hours in there, and pull them out when we have need. Case in point, dad lets me hang outside in the backyard (shhhh don't tell mom I'm unsupervised) while he does dad things (ie watch Man v. Wild). When he does check up on me (every commercial break) I like to hide that twig I'm chewing on up inside my jowl until he leaves, then I can resume chewing. He's none the wiser and I've got my twig.

But jowl juice is something different all together. It requires water (I prefer a nice cold filtered water) and a bowl of your choice. Next make sure you sniff your water (if anything is floating in it-other than a hot dog-then snub the me mom's will get you fresh water....just orb her) then if it meets your standard begin to slowly drink the sweet elixir. When possible, expand your jowls, and store. Now the trick is to step away from the bowl (don't worry how much of your saliva is in there...again mom will rinse the bowl and give fresh don't panic) and let all that jowl juice-now a wonderful mixture of water/saliva/twigs/dirt/leaves out of your jowl. Better yet slowly release the juice while walking away thus getting it all over the kitchen floor that dad just moped up. Now I know one (or both) of your parents may give you "the look", but oh well, they are the one cleaning the floor right? If you really want to upset the 'rents, once they clean up and walk it again...hehe serves them right not giving you that extra cookie.

On a side note...I want to wish my friend Anakin a quick recovery from surgery. Poor Anakin has had a rough few day...and it was his birthday to boot. So I ask everyone to please send pawsitive pug thoughts his way and to keep his mom and dad in your thoughts. Anakin, we're all sending you a giant (( Pug Hug!!))

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Pug Vs. Wild

Well...I'm not known for my outdoorsey side. I'm more of a laid back city-pug who likes her neighborhood walks and trips to see my friends at the doggie parks. Mommy and Daddy were both home with me today...and said they have some plans for an outdoor adventure in the wilderness! I was a bitty bit scared but excited to try something new, and the day wasn't too hot, so I knew I could do all the walking and sniffing and eating (shhh....don't tell them) that I could handle. So it was off to a place called The Lafayette Resevoir!

It was a short drive in Mommy's car, but I couldn't figure out why they both were sniffing and digging around the car grumbling about something called a "quarter?" Well, I guess they figured it out, and I was put in my cool buddy belt and we were off!

I've never seen so much water! There's more water in here than in the bathtub when I get my baths! I tried to put on my best Pug brave face (I don't think I can swim)!

Along the was, I saw an opportunity to be even more brave! I was going to hop on down to the water and hop in a boat...I never did figure out if I could drive a boat, but it would have been fun. But no dogs and pugs were allowed...

Our walky-walk continued through the grass and trees. I even tried to chase a big animal that Daddy called a "Deer" But he was too fast. I asked Mommy to try and get a picture for my blog, but she was too slow and the deer ran away.

My big adventure was so much fun! I could so be an outdoor adventure Pug! I was really tired after all the walking and chasing and sniffing, but it was so worth it! I'm gonna ask my best bud Spencer if he wants to come with us next time!

Monday, May 17, 2010

The P.S.B.

We pugs have a secret weapon in life called...the Pug Stink Bomb. Sure our faces are our best features (really who can resist the allure of our orbs?), but our back ends are just as powerful. Case in point....I really can't tolerate beef. Sure a bully stick isn't going to do much damage, but mix in some wet food in my KONG or if I happen to con mom and dad into giving me a bully stick, well lets just say Febreeze can't help. So on Sunday night I was off to have a play session with Spencer and instead of going in my crate, mom decided dad is going to snuggle with(err hold) me on his lap. I decided this was the perfect rolled air going, yep no one will notice. So I casually get up off dad's lap, act like you're changing positions Bellatrix, nothing to see here dad and mom, nope, (tsst) {phew} no one even suspects. Sit back down...ok wait a minute dad is turning blue....ut is laughing at dad, he's gagging...I think they might be onto me. Why is dad rolling down the window? I would never even think of pulling a P.S.B.! Ok...coast is clear...round 2!

Well you get the picture. It's our secret weapon against our moms and dads. I love snuggling on the sofa with daddy (sorry daddy but you do like to snuggle!) and when dad least expects it BOMBS AWAY!!! Hehehe...the look on dads he should talk...shesh I know all your secrets daddy....watching that boring Discovery channel again (really "How it's made?" blah!) and you think a P.S.B. is bad!?!

So my fellow pugs I urge you to aim your adorable back ends at someone today,(it can be a fellow pug although we are immune to the smell) take aim and shoot (she scores!) then enjoy the aroma that is the P.S.B.

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Reunited and it feels soooo good!

So as you know mom and dad left for their vacation for one whole week and I went off to grandma's. Now I love me some grandma's, but I missed my most specialist friend in the whole Spencer. So when mom and dad told me that Saturday I would once again be reunited with my beloved, I was ecstatic! Mom had to work (bummer), but dad was still on he was cool enough to take me to my Hambone. I was a little nervous...would he remember me? It had been like a whole week. Would he want to play? Would he let me bite his leash? oh I was soooooo nervous! Well once our chauffeurs (aka his mom and my dad) pulled up, the sparks flew. Oh it was so good to once again be in the same park as Spencer Bartholomew. We ran around for hours, dug holes and wrestled around. It was ecstasy. We haven't stopped playing since!
I know you all have BFF's out there...what's the longest you've been separated? Were you able to cope? I know it's gonna be a long time before I give mom and dad permission to go on a vacation again!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

vacation time at grandma's

Some of you may be wondering where I've been, I mean it's totally cool that you guys take the time to read this blog, so I want to make sure it's worth your time. See mom usually writes these blogs for me...with my input of course, and if you haven't noticed lately we've been MIA. Well, it seems mom and dad really thought they needed a vacation...and that included time away from me! That was wrong on so many levels might I add. I mean sure I like to wake mom up EVERY morning at 6am (I'm hungry!!!) and sure I demand lots of play time with Spencer, and well multiple trips to the dog park, walks and twice weekly visits to daycare, oh and I require feedings and snuggle time and sofa time with mom or dad (I don't discriminate against lap time), so I guess I can see where mom and dad needed a little break. So off they went to Disneyland (mom's favorite place on the planet with or without dad), and I went off to Grandma's.

See Grandma's house is fun fun fun! She was the first to let me sneak onto the sofa (shhh don't tell daddy), and grandma lets me get away with pretty much anything (she is a total sucker for my orbs--err "hi grandma if you're reading this"). So I don't mind mom and dad leaving me for a while...they usually come back in a good mood-something about actually sleeping until they feel like getting up, and they usually bring me back something (it's all about mom's Italian guilt).

So while they went away, I hung out with grandma and woke her up at 6am! Grandma can't blog, something about not having computers when she grew up, and how they used smoke signals to communicate-whatever! So I spoke to mom on the phone and told her she had to blog at least once(that was the allergy blog). Plus I didn't want to loose anyone who is super cool enough to read my blogs. I didn't want them to think I didn't appreciate them. So now that mom and dad are home, blogging will continue! Thanks for reading gang, and I hope my future blogs will continue without interruption (so mom and dad...that means no more vacations!!)

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

allergic to pugs?

So some of you may know that I suffer from the dreaded allergies! Since I'm so young and mom hasn't ever had a pug before, we didn't know that pugs could get allergies. So mom and dad had to hit up all the computer sites to see what my symptoms meant. There's a lot of information out there about allergies. First off, my symptoms weren't typical for allergies. See I had a lot of sneezing going on, and my orbs would water (I know my best feature!), and I would errr I guess you could say snore (I know not very lady like- but in my defense I was congested). I would only get this way after running through my beloved grass (mom says I'm no longer allowed to eat grass-see my earlier blogs about my grass ordeal). Mom asked fellow pug owners if their precious pugs too had these symptoms...most said yes and that their pugs also itched really bad. So mom called the vet and I had to take some pills, which didn't help and then I got a sinus infection. I'm all better now, but I thought I'd take the time to share with you how to help keep your pug symptom free.
First off, mow your lawn and avoid running through thick grass. If they do, wash them down after with a wet cloth or give them a bath. Next wipe down their crate and run all bedding trough a dryer cycle. The heat will get the allergens removed. Also, wash toys and run stuffed toys through a wash cycle. Consult your vet you may need meds to help with them. I know this may seem like a lot, but all these helped me become allergy free!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

mom's first mothers day

This was the first ever Mother's Day that I am on this earth and so I had to make sure it was super duper special because I think my mom is pretty nifty. So I recruited dad to help me with this one. See mom's been eyeballing a new Ipod Touch, she said her Ipod is really old and she liked all the buttons and "apps" on the touch. So I pulled dad aside the other day and asked him to please take all my cookie money (I've been saving for a while) and to please go to the Apple (yummy apples!) store and get mom a new Ipod Touch for me. Well, first he had to explain that Apple was the name of the store and not a store to buy apples....a pug can wish can't she? Well, he agreed to go and get mom one for me. See I listen to it too, mom usually drives me (and dad) around, so I want to make sure I've got me some Katy Perry, Kelly Clarkson and Lady Gaga to rock out to. I mean a pug can't just show up to a play date listening to Barry Manilow can she (err sorry mom but I don't like him...can we please take him off our playlist?)
I think back to all the wonderful things my mom does for me...she takes me to play dates with Spencer (had fun today!!), and she gives me her lap to sleep in, she buys me treats and chewies, she even changes to words to songs so that my name or the word "pug" somehow gets in there and she likes to sing them to me (oops...I think I wasn't suppose to spill the beans..) So anywho I say make sure you give your moms lots of loves pugs! We've got the best moms ever!

Oh and P.S. Happy Mother's Day to my Grandma who takes care of me...and Kayla- she's Spencer's mom and she is always looking out for me!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Social butter-pug

Sometimes I wonder if I should learn how to drive! That way, my human halves can stay at home while I drive around and meet my peeps. Since the BIG Pugsavers event, I've been a busy pug. Lots o' playdates, doggie-daycare and entertaining my human halves. Unfortunately, I haven't had much time to dictate my blog to my human.

At one of my playdates with Spencer, in Clayton, we met a new pug-friend named Ernie! He's a cool fawn pug who chirps like a bird! I'm hoping he can make it to another playdate.

This Saturday, if anyone wants to drop by, me and Spencer will be jowling at the Clayton dog park, about 1PM.

Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pugsavers to the rescue!!

So on Saturday my bud Spencer and I went to this really cool pug event to help raise funds for pugs in need. The event was put on by Pugsavers and I hope we helped just a little bit with that. First off Spencer and I wore matching bow ties that his grandma made for us. Notice how his tie was black and mine was white? It helped to offset our own pug colors and show that we were a couple. Also please notice that they both turned towards the right, this wasn't on purpose, great minds just think alike. Notice how we both are wearing our best smiles and the wisdom in Spencer's eyes...he's one handsome pug. I'm a lucky girl.

When we arrived to the event, we made sure we checked out the perimeters. We had to make sure it was safe and that we had plenty of room to play. Our moms (and Spence's grandma) sat in the shade while we ran around and greeted everyone there....whether they wanted to say hi to us or not. I think Spencer really came out of his shell, he even flirted a little with this pug wearing a pink dress with polka dots. I made sure he knew she lived too far away to make it work. He really should have known better than to flirt in front of me!!
The event was lots of fun, mom even won some cute pug items in an auction...she said the money was for pugs in need so it was all worth it. The ride home was quiet as Spencer and I had a pug hangover. I was so tired I skipped dinner!! I'm sure that's a first in the history of pugdom. I was a bit sleepy, even today, so I just kinda hung out. It was loads of fun and I can't wait until Pug-o-ween. If you live in the bay area...maybe you'll want to join us?