Monday, November 29, 2010

Random acts of cuteness

Well...Because of Daddy's lack of editorial insightfullness, I have (at least until Mommy helps with my blogging, again) taken control over my blog. Since today is Random Acts of Cuteness, I have decided to post a self portrait of me hard at work doing pug related research, looking at pug pictures, reading pug gossip, and other assorted pug related things. It's tough not having fingers, and my snowshoe size paws (thanks Puglet's Mom for that nickname!) make it hard to type, but I'm coping.

Yet another Daddy picture. Since he got a new camera, he's been a pain in my curl with all the pics. Unfortunately, he caught me in mid-toooble-bliss...Well, it WAS a good toooble. Mommy said it was bison, and I'm afraid of that because it gave me squirty-poo, but so far, all is good.

Daddy strikes again...Breaking one the the most important rules in all of Pugdom: Don't mess with a Pug's nap. See, I like my nap time. I like layin' on the sofa in sleepy bliss. It's been freeezing where I live, so I snatched a blankie, and wrapped myself up. I was all cozy when I heard Mr. Samsung Camera....And saw Daddy's goofy grin...I was too cozy to snort at him, or chase him away with a Pug bomb, so instead, I played sleepy, and he went away.

I guess that makes me randomly cute...If you want to be on my blog for next Monday's R.A.O.C., send me some pics, and MOMMY (not that silly Daddy) will help me post them!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

An epic battle

It all starts when Daddy uses a towel to wipe up all of my jowl juice. I always leak a little extra, just to get Daddy to get a towel and wipe up the mess, so we can play tug o' towel. He STILL hasn't caught on that I can control my jowl juice at will, although I was almost caught, once, when I drank some water, without a drop spilled, and he saw me! He's a bit dense, and thought it was just a coincidence...Silly Daddy...

So, after a brief struggle, I managed to win the game, and got the towel! I shook it, threw it around, whipped it in the air! It was mine! I had WON!

Until the lights went out. I'm not sure what happened. I heard Daddy run away. Crap, it must be bad! Then I hear the noises from Samsung the camera...Ut oh....Something must be going on, Is Daddy taking pictures? The lights were out, Daddy was leaking from his eyes, laughing, the towel had disappeared and something was taking pictures. I hope Gracie The Cat wasn't torturing my Daddy and taking pictures of it!

I had to think quick, Protecto-pug was needed! So I whipped my head and jumped and ran in circles and used my Pug Power and POOF...The towel reappeared and fell to the floor and the lights came on! I'm not sure where the towel went when the lights went out, but I think I may have flung it too far into the sky? Or is it an evil plot by the diabolical Gracie? I am a pretty strong pug, afterall....And Daddy isn't saying what happened. I may have to use my Orb Power to persuade him...Hmmm...I wonder why he won't let me see the pics for this blog....

Thursday, November 25, 2010

What I'm Thankful For

Today was a day to think back and find all the things we're grateful for. Being a pug, there isn't much. I mean I look at it like we're entitled to these things....we shouldn't expect less. I aim high, and laugh in the face of mediocrity and turn tail at anything less than the best. So today, I'm "thankful" for the sofa. See this I had to earn my way on it. When I was a wee one, I was restricted to just the kitchen. That sofa taunted me from the other side of the gate. Well I finally decided I wanted on it. I super orbed mom into taking me up there. She made sure I had an empty bladder, then let me on it. It was an instant connection and it's been my domain ever since.

I'm also thankful that daddy was smart enough to pick me. He had the choice of another black female pug that shall remain nameless, but he picked me. He said my orbs sold him. Oh these silly 'rents. Under my spell from day one. My orbs have never steered me wrong.

I am thankful for my friends Pug, Dutch and my honey Spencer (and all the other awesome pugs I've met that I don't have pictures of). I mean they choose to be friends with me and we go on lots of adventures together. I mean they are super fun to hang with and they are all so awesome. They accept me funny bits and all!

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I'm also grateful for all of you. You all take the time to read what I have to say, which I'm sure can be boring. So thanks guys and I hope you all had a great turkey day!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Shove it up your nose!

So mom got a postcard in the mail about 3 weeks ago saying it's that time. What's that time you ask? Time for my vaccinations at the vet. Now to me this means I get to go say hi to all my friends at the vets (yes I really like it there except when they stick something up my butt)and a chance to get lots of kisses and hugs. All good. To mom and dad this meant I'm not longer a puppy, it's been one whole year and I'm all grown up!

So what vaccine did I get? I got my bordetella up my nose! I don't mind it, but a pug's nose is a sensitive thing. It must be handled delicately. Well normally this vaccine isn't a problem however this time was a tad bit different. It triggered something in my nose and it's made me kinda sick. Not sick sick....but like an irritated nasal sick. So it's caused me to be very congested and I've developed the dreaded.....duh duh duhn... reverse sneeze.

What's the reverse sneeze you ask? Well according to google, it's some crappy thing that happens when your palate is irritated and spasms. Spasms? What gives?? So I say suck it you crappy vaccine!! Piss off you soft palate...take a hike nasal passages. UGH!!!

So basically I spent all day at home with daddy and relaxed. The vet says it's nothing to worry about, and just rest and not getting too excited will aid in getting all better. So that's what daddy and I did. I took over the sofa and snuggled into the blanket....why? Because it's FREEZING!! Yup it's California and it's like 29 degrees....hello? What happened to the sun and bikinis? Where's the slight sea breeze blowing my ears in a gentle caress?'s almost too cold to go out and play...I said almost!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Well mom sucks! She's been super busy and hasn't had anytime to blog with me. I mean on her days off, she didn't even spend much time with me!! What the heck is all that about?!? She said something about "It's that time of the year", what does that mean??

One good thing about all this? Italian guilt. Yup see mom is Italian therefore she's always guilty, so I got home from day care the other day to my favorite box in the universe.....

It comes chalk full of tasty chewie things. All sorts of animal parts that stink and gross mom and dad out, but are sweet heaven for a pug like me. So mom, go right ahead and abandon me for all I care, but you see that new bone? You just order me a few and I can go about living my pug life in bliss.

As you all know I love to share in the this week mom got emails from Brigette's mom. This is some major relaxation going on right now. Technically it's Wilma's blog, but she shares, so head over and say hi!

Mom is still accepting pics of everyone's cuteness. Send away people!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Lord of the Pugs!

The other day Pug/Dutch and I hit of the beach (check out previous blogs) and while there Miss Amanda (that's Pug's mom) took this awesome picture of me! See we were walking along this trail and there sitting oh so innocently was a tree with a giant hole in it. Pug's mom always has her camera with her (she's this amazing picture taker) and she turns to mom and says "Let's shove Bellatrix in that hole." Well she was probably a bit nicer about it, but mom took it like that.
Now you may have seen how svelte I've been looking lately, so mom decided that shoving me (ass in no less) into this hole (bugs and all!!!!!) all for a cute photo op?? Mom said something about how happy she was because I was skinny enough to get in there, but I was happy because once I went in and hung out...the treats were free flowing.
All I had to do was hang out in there (it was gross inside BTW and my coat is so soft and shiny-shesh) and look where I was told to, and then food comes my way?? I'd say that's a good deal. See I guess there was a movie about a Hobbit or something that lived in trees? That was the inspiration behind this picture. Oh and for all the whip cream? That came after this...wouldn't you hang out in a tree's hole for some of that?

Monday, November 15, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Sorry I haven't blogged much lately, but I've been super busy. I've been hanging out a lot with Pug and a little thing I like to call whip cream! We spent last Thursday on the beach. I love going to the beach!

It was sunny and warm and I was with good friends (Pug and Dutch). What's not to love?

I see you out there reading my blog....I hope you like it.

I want to remind everyone that you can send mom one of your pictures of cuteness and we'll share it with everyone! So send away....

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Life is just beachy!

Today I woke up and mom said we were going to head into the city to hang with Pug and Dutch at Chrissy Fields. I got very excited because I love the beach and hanging with Amanda (Pug and Dutch's mom). She lets me kiss her as much as I want and usually has a treat for me. Yeah Pug and Dutch are fun too, but she makes me all happy.

Look I try to get Dutch to play with me, but all he does is play with his ball or his Henrietta chicken. Shesh! I did harass some other dogs and played with them. I think Pug got jealous, because then she started playing with me! I like playing with him. He's no Spencer, but he's a fun substitute. Today Pug even got me into the water, he chased his ball and I wanted a stick. Mom was too slow with the camera to get me in action, but she captured me after.

As you know Amanda takes pictures with her giant camera. She took this last picture of me doing what I love to do best at the beach....EAT SAND!! We did lots of fun stuff today, many more details will follow.

I highly encourage you to take your 'rents to the beach...and if you don't live near the beach...well crap! Move to San Francisco so we can play together.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Belly the muddy pug

Back in May, I went on a trip to the Lafayette Resevoir, a big adventure to explore the wilds. I did o.k., and even managed to chase some local wildlife. Well, this past Sunday was normally a Pug Sunday in San Francisco, but the weather was horrible. Mommy and Daddy are weather wusses. I was willing to go and brave the rains to hang with my peeps, maybe meet up with Pug and Dutch, or who knows what else. Well, Mommy and Daddy had a change of plans, and I'm not a big fan of change. But this was a good change...we were goin' to Point Isabel! I've been there once before and I had a ton of fun. But this trip was was all wet and muddy, a perfect place to explore my true doggie side!

When we arrived, I hopped off Daddy's lap, and we were off to explore! They left me on the leash for a bit, Mommy said she didn't want me swimming in the bay water. I can swim like a fish, but my pug body sinks like a stone, so it's not the best idea if my water born instincts take over...

I was soon a free pug! I ran through the trees, stalked a basset hound, and only gave my Mommy a few heart attacks when I ran a bit too far! But I always came back!

It was really muddy, and I got all dirty! I think I can be an outdoor adventure pug, kinda like that dude Bear Grylls ( Daddy watches him on the TV...Mommy thinks he's fake, but I know better).

Notice the perfect retriever like stalking stance...The upraised paw...That basset hound never knew what hit him when I went in for the...great pug butt snif!! He was a cool pooch and after a quick play session, he ran away to be with his beagle friend.

We kept on our trek, closing in on the prize: Daddy wanted a mocha from the snack stand...silly Daddy...I was worn out by the end, and really dirty. I got a BIG surprise, though, when Mommy and Daddy treated me to a spa treatment at the MudPuppy's Tub &' Scrub! It was my first bath done by a pro, and I like it alot!

In the end, it was a good day, and I wasn't too disappointed aboot Pug Sunday. Mommy was peeved at some chick named Mother Nature, 'cause it didn't rain too hard on us, and we were o.k. at point Isabel, but this Mother made it rain hard in a lot of places and we probably would've gotten really wet at Pug Sunday, and Mommy was still fighting with a cold, and didn't wanna get too wet.

Adventure Pug, after the big adventure, was down for the count...zzzzzzz....snort!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

It's Monday again, which means Random Acts of Cuteness. I spent a lot of time in the car over that last few days, and I love being in the car. Lots of exploring happens in the car, and lots of adventures start off in the car. Adventures are always loads of fun, and mom generally takes pictures for my blog, so yeah, the car is an awesome place to be.

Who comes with me on these adventures?? Why Spencer of course! How cute is he in this picture? He was waiting for him mom to join us in the car. He was a little sad. It's alright buddy, we're going to the dog park!

This was Max. He's a nice dog I met at the dog park. He was fun, he liked to chase me and Spencer! Mom thought he was worthy of Random Acts of Cuteness.

Another adventure I had was on Sunday. Now it was raining in the bay area, and I missed out on Pug Sunday and some Pug/Dutch play mom and dad took the time to drag me someplace to get some much needed exercise. Pt. Isabel is some open space that dogs can run safely off leash. Now I've been here once before, but mom forgot to take this time dad took a few pictures ( I will blog about them tomorrow). Mom thought this was more cute than adventure, so here I am! I'm wet and muddy, but I am happy!!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

SHE strikes again....!!!!!!!

It was a good day....I had fun times playing and making ruckus at my doggie daycare. I had lots o' Mommy and Daddy time waiting for me....Tooble time, maybe a yak cheese chewy, and let's not forget DINNER! Yes!! Foods and treats!! I was a pooped out Pug, in Mommy's pug-mobile, on my way home, in sleepy bliss.

We turned the corner onto Pug Avenue, when I saw HER...My arch nemesis, the supreme enemy, the main interloper and invader in MY backyard...Yes, it was G-R-A-C-I-E the cat.....She wasn't just anywhere at Casa De Belly, she was IN THE FRONT WINDOW!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Holy Pug-butt crap! I panicked, with the horror that she may have clawed Daddy to death forcing her way into MY casa, onto MY sofa, EATING MY TREATS, PLAYING WITH MY TOYS, and worst of all, SLEEPING IN MY MONKEY BED!?!?!?!?

A big relief, though, she was sitting at the window, but on the outside. I grumbled and barked, as Mommy drove us into the garage, closing the door super fast so SHE couldn't get in! I ran and alerted Daddy to the ENEMY. He went out and took her picture for evidence. She won't get away with this! Invading my Casa? Darn cat!!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Birthday to Kayla!!!!!!!

You all know my best friend Spencer right?? Well today is his moms birthday!! She's holding Stubby in this picture....isn't she pretty? I love her so much. When I see her I instantly jump in her lap and start making out with her (I'm a kisser!!) and she gives such good hugs.

I got the perfect card for her, I was going to show you all, but I don't see her until Saturday and I don't want to spoil the surprise!!

Everyone join me in song....
Haaaaappppy birthday to yoooouuuuuu
Happy Birfdays tooooo yoooooooooou
Happy Biiiiirthday Kayla (love ya)
Happy Biiiiiiirrrrrrrrttttttthhhhhhdddddayyyyy toooooooo yoouuuuuuu

I know everyone loves birthdays right? Well except for really old people like my grandma, she complains about missing dinosaurs or something....Anyways...I know Kayla had a fantastic birthday because she got to spend it with Spencer.

I really just wanted to show this last picture because my waist looks real tiny. Hehehe.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Battle Orbs

So as many of you know I went to Crissy Fields in San Francisco last Sunday. Well while there, I got some sand in my orbs. Miss Amanda (Pug's mom) managed to capture the battle that ensued between mom and I.

I did put of a pretty good fight. Mom had a good time trying to pry my eye open to get the sand out.

I was pretty pissed by the time she was almost done and I must say I hate Kleenex now.

After a pretty valiant effort on my part, mom made me realize that she is the alpha and will always win. Grrr...I'm not happy at all about this! Orbs are clean and back to perfection, but still....dang battle!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Rock the Pug Vote

I'm going to start a new campaign. Make 2011 the Year of the Pug! I announce my candidacy for the office of Ambassador of Good Will to pugs everywhere. If you vote for me, I promise to always have a kiss for those asking, even if you have bad breath. I promise to always clean your plate for you, even if you force me to beg. I promise to represent all pugs everywhere to the best of my ability, even if that means I have to drag my mom everywhere to do so. I promise to promote good relations with other breeds of dogs, even with you Border Collies. I promise to spread good will and not steal other dogs floppy discs at the dog park.

I will also campaign for my constituents to always get treats, by orbing your parents. You will always have a full belly under my leadership. I also want to help those who are not fortunate to own pugs (like you border collie people) and show you that better choices are out there. So remind your parents to get out and vote for PROP P(ugs)!!

I also wanted to thank Frolic Photo for taking my official campaign photo. I look most studious in this picture dontcha think?

My name is Bellatrix "Bells" Button and I approve this message.

Monday, November 1, 2010

G'Day Mate!!

As you know I went to hang out yesterday with Pug and Dutch, well what you didn't know is that they had some company. Mel and Nye were visiting from someplace called Australia, and they also read my little blog (hi guys!) so because they can't have a dog where they live (no pug!) they arranged to meet with Pug and Dutch to get some pug love.
So in honor of their visit, I'm going to point out all the cool things about Australia. Mom would like me to point out that these views are from a pug's point of view. One of the best things to come out of Australia are Uggs! When I was a little pup, I got giddy at the sight of Uggs. Mom has a pair in black, just to match me! Now that I'm a dignified adult, I no longer chew on them, although I so would given a chance.

Next they have Crocodile Dundee. He seems brave, like he wrestle crocodiles. I am a super brave pug, but that is pretty brave!

I thought Kangaroos were lined the streets and people walked them like dogs, but apparently not. Check out those feet! I could totally jump over the fence and get that cat Gracie!!

They also have beaches in Australia and sharks! Yikes! Pugs totally would get eaten by a shark, so don't venture too far into the water. I had Pug with me, so I felt a little safe going into the water. Not too far though, I'm kinda wimpy like that.

So while mom totally didn't get a picture of me with Mel and Nye, she did get a picture of me with their legs. I had fun getting kisses and love from them. I did grace them with my orbs, just once. They talked different too, I liked how they said my a song. Oh and Mel knew my name was from Harry Potter, that's super awesome. So I hope you got some knowledge about Australia. Have a safe trip home guys, and no smuggling a pug home with ya!