Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy I Refuse to Wear a Costume Day!!

Happy Halloween everyone! My Halloween started last week when I went to PugOWeen (I promise to blog about it...really I do), then I got this adorable card from Spencer's Grandma. How cute is my boy? This was him dressed like a pumpkin last year (yummy pumpkin). He wore bat wings this year, well tried to, I kept biting and pulling them off.
So Pug and Dutch invited us to a costume party in San Francisco today, but my boy Spencer and his mom couldn't make it, so mom/dad and I headed over the bridge to party with my boys. Dutch wore his devils horns, and Pug went as Dutch! Totally awesome. What did I go as you ask? I was the dog who refuses to dress up. Original huh?

There were lots of pug there and other dogs all dressed up. But really, not dressing up made me stand out in the crowd. The best part about this little shindig? The gift bags. You know when they have the Oscars or Golden Globes? Those celebrities get gift bags filled with all sorts of schwag, well today I was the star and my gift bag was filled with all sorts of treats and goodies. Don't tell anyone, but mom and dad grabbed 2 bags, so I got double the goodies. What's a girl to do? Beg for a treat of course!! Some serious orb-age was taking place right now. Oh and dad gave in. Suckas!

So what's a Dalmatian, 2 pugs and a few humans to do once all that free stuff had run it's course? Head to the beach...duh. It was loads of fun. I still won't go into the water, but I did manage to steal Pug's ball a few times, race after some little black dog, harass Dutch to play with me, and met some giant Great Danes. I also met some really A-W-E-S-O-M-E new people from Australia! They were visiting Pug and I tagged along. (I'm going to blog more tomorrow-I have to think of some Australian stereotypes first-quick google Australia). I'm not going to lie, I'm pretty sure they were taken in by my orbs. I unleashed just once...hehe

I hope you had a good Halloween and stayed safe. Here's my status report. Lots of smelly kids in costumes came to my house, ringing my bell and driving me crazy. I totally barked and protected my house. Mom and dad handing them something to make up for my rude greetings. I didn't think they deserved it, they don't have orbs, fur or a butt I can sniff. Mom said something about being glad this only happens once a year. Remember don't eat any of your humans chocolate and next year....refuse the costumes!!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Cold nights = new bed

So it's been getting really chilly here in the bay area. I get pretty chilly and like to snuggle into my bed. Mom noticed that my bed is getting very old. I've scratched it, I've gotten my hair all in it, and basically have broken it in. Well today mom brings home a whole new big bed for me!
See how big it is?? It's so squishy and soft and oh so warm. I've already decided to share my tooble with it. I loved my new bed so much, I took to it immediately (well almost).
Don't get me wrong, I didn't trust it at first. I mean it didn't even smell like can I trust it? Mom made sure I had an empty bladder, then gave me yummy lamb lung treats as I explored it. Ummmm why the empty bladder you ask? Well I like to pee on new beds. Don't ask's a "Bellatrix thing". So after I played hard to get...yeah right I totally wanted those treats, I decided loved the it was easy to do.
Happy at last. New bed is all mine, lamb treats were all mine and that tooble...yep all mine too. wanted me to point out that we put the heater on (she gets cold too) so it's not like I'm freezing. Gosh. So thanks mom for my new bed.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

So this past weekend Spencer and I dragged our families out to Lodi for PugOWeen! The money all goes to help a local rescue group named Pug Savers. Awesome right?

Here was the usual pug pose....sitting asking for a treat.
So how random is this? I have found my freaking twin!! That's me looking at the camera (hey I learned from the best-I'm talking to you Puglet!) So I have no idea what this pug's name was, or if it was a boy or girl (or both!)m but we kept finding each other.

This is my buddy Spencer. Isn't he adorable?!? He was wearing my devil's horns, but unlike me, he kept them on...a concept totally foreign to me. Doesn't he know all he has to do is shake his head and they are off! Just like that. Hmmm....seems I'm going to have to fill him in.

This is Spencer pooped by the end of the day. He looks so handsome in his new collar, it was a birthday present. Looking good Spencer!!

Sorry this is kinda short, but mom has the flu and she only had the brain capacity for a short blog. Plus I am kinda still recovering. I will totally blog with all the details and more pictures when mom feels up to it.

Friday, October 22, 2010

The Great Pumpkin...sort of....

Today was Daddy Day...which means that I spent the whole day with Daddy, and Mommy went to work. Usually this means a glorious adventure, and maybe a bit of (don't tell Mommy) misbehaving. I was a bit lazy, so we decided to mosey on over to my doggie park and keep the day low-key. I played with a neato puppy named Harley, and of course caused my own chaos with all the regulars (Note to a certain white poodle: Yes, it is MY floppydisc, and NO, you can't have it).

Daddy hinted that a big adventure was coming, when Mommy came home! So, I pondered, what could it be? Then I remembered them talking about Halloween, and how it's this hooman holiday where people dress up, and knock on the Big Brown Door, forcing me to morph into Protecto-Pug. Mommy said I was here, last year, but was a wee-lil pug, so I don't remember. But, this year, she said I'm going to have tons o' fun...and it all started today, when we tried going to a pumpkin patch. Mommy wanted me to help pick out the yearly house pumpkin. But there's a catch, and being a unique Pug, I didn't like the catch...Mommy wanted to dress me up...Ut oh, I'm not to keen on wearing hooman clothes....Especially horns?!?!?

After pug-tacular objections, and after the dreaded pug-wearing-horns photos, we went to the first pumpkin patch, without the horns...I saw the place, and it looked like a ton o' fun, that is until the mean woman in the shack yelled, "No pets!" We weren't happy aboot that, so I gave her the middle paw, and we were off to another patch.

Daddy was driving, and I was sitting on my Mommy's lap, smearing my jowl juice all over Daddy's window, when we found another patch. Mommy said Ut-Oh...big dogs here, either...

Crap...we were foiled in our adventure! We went home disappointed. Mommy said she's going to Google for Pug friendly patches...I want me some pumpkin! I was consoled with a tooble, and some serious Mommy lap time, because I have to rest for the HUGE Pug-o-ween event this Sunday!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Everyone knows I'm "unique" I mean it's not everyday that you have the opportunity to meet a hermaphroditic pug right? You may think my tiddlee bit is my most famous feature, but you would be wrong. It's my ORBS. I've had many requests as to how to properly orb your way into something (or out of something)

First off you have to perform proper orb management. Us pugs have to keep our delicate eyes clean. Daily cleaning of our folds is imperative to put your best orb forward.

OK...take notes you must sit. I know putting your precious back end on the cold hard floor is not desirable, but humans love this trick! Then you crane your neck, open your eyes slightly and make your orbs slightly moist. This will cause your orbs to glisten. This is usually good for at least a treat.

Humans are told they need 8 hours of sleep, but us pugs need more than that. For proper orbage, you will need a few naps a day. Resting your orbs ensures that when you need to get out of pickle (say you chase that evil cat Gracie from your backyard- for a random example)and you want your mom (or dad) to stop yelling your full name (say Bellatrix instead of my nickname Bells you know for a random example) that your orbs will be in tip top shape.

So say mom has some yummy light whip cream, and you want that whip cream to enter your belly. You must be prepared to bust out with the big guns. You want to crane your neck, lean your body towards your mom in a loving manner then unleash your orbs.

Enjoy the spoils of your labor. Sweet success. Mom and dad are so super awesome. This is my own bottle of whip cream. I get it only as a super special treat. OK, now I'm going to let you in on a little secret.

Sometimes you're just lucky to be born with the power of the ORBS. I was yielding my powers at 8 weeks of age. Now that I have your mom or dad under my spell, quick sneak into the fridge and steal that whip cream!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

First off I must apologize for the lack of blogging lately. Mom has been super busy and forgetting her camera during our few outings. Dad managed to take this photo of me after I had orbed him into giving me whip cream. That's some sick joke when it's on the bottom of my chin and I can't get it....shesh dad!

OK this isn't a real dog, but it was on someone's lawn! Mom was driving by and did a double take, so she had to snap a photo. Reminds her of my buddy Dutch.

OK onto a real dog...and a real friend! This is my friend Zoey. We say hi at every Pug Sunday that we go to in San Francisco. She's so sweet! She just follows her mom around and I keep looking at her like is that what I'm gonna look like when I grow up? It's not often I see a black pug, so we have to stick together.

Now I'd like to introduce you to Miss Ellie. She's my buddy Rambo's new sister! She was a rescue, how cool is that? Rambo and his mom have big hearts to welcome her into their home. Now Miss Ellie isn't a pug, but she is one at heart, plus she's totally sporting that snazzy bow. Miss Ellie, good job at winning Rambo's heart. He's one lucky boy!

Ok people...want to see your picture splashed across the pages of my blog?? Have your mom or dad (or heck your grandparents) send me your picture. I love to show off just how cute you all are!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Bath time...Or is it?

I was a bit grimy after the big trip. I'm all for rolling around in every pug's dream: mysterious smelly stuff....But Mommy and Daddy don't like it too much. So, I decided to give myself a bath, but, as with everything, human stuff isnt always pug-friendly. So, I jumped in the tub awaiting the glorious rains that mommy and Daddy can turn on, kinda like magic. The rain didn't come. Daddy was sneaking around with his camera, Mommy was on the sofa gossipin'...

Since they wouldn't help, and Daddy gettin' me to pose without a treat wasn't making the rain come, I decided to do it all myself. Luckily, a pug must've been in the tub before me, because the rainmaker was at pug level!

Except, there was a problem...the water wasn't coming out of the sky like it normally does. And I wasn't sure how to make it work. Don't tell Mommy, but I drank some of the water!

In the end, I was defeated. No self bath, and I couldn't jump out of the tub!

I did my grumbly bark, and orbed Daddy over to the tub...He got me out, and even gave me a treat for being cute! Pushover...hehehehehe...snort.....

Well, I did get my bath...and even got a lil' extra towel fun! I just wish I could jump out as good as I jump in...

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Better late than never! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, but mom has been super busy with her new promotions, and she's the one with the fingers, so I have to wait around for her to help me post. I am on the beach, looking super cute!

Here is Pug! We had a lot of fun running on the beach and playing. He likes to pose, but this picture is Pug in his natural environment....begging. Trust me we all did plenty of this. How our moms resisted our orbs, I'll never know.

So here I am in a fawn sandwich. First we have Pug, then me (ahem looking adorable) then Spencer...the birthday boy!! Notice his eyes...mucho wisdom behind them. He's like 2 years old now. Very mature. So what is better than a pug-a-trois?

A menage-a-four! Brother Dutch joined in the fun. He's super cute and sweet. He almost played with me. Tease!

Oh I almost forgot...this is a shameless pug for how cute I am...I made The Daily Frolic!!!!!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Beach Bunnies

So this past weekend was my buddy Spencer's 2nd birthday and he (and his mom) had a super weekend planned for me and my buddies Pug and Dutch. On Thursday Spencer and his mom pulled up in a giant SUV to my house and picked mom and I up (Daddy stayed behind to paint our bathroom-looks good dad!). We were off to pick Pug/Dutch and his mom up. Picture this....3 pugs 1 Dalmatian and 3 moms all in a car, giggling and talking all while driving a giant SUV. I'm glad I slept through all of it.

We arrived at this super secret place called Cayucos! There were beaches there and a giant bathtub full of noisy water. I love water, but I got scared when the waves tried to reach me. I would run whenever the waves tried to eat me!

Brother Dutch and Pug didn't share my fear of the waves. Dutch swam out super far to catch his balls, I mean he was swimming with seals! (Not the NAVY kind either!) He was like my hero!! I think next time I'll try and brave the waves.

This was all of us just hanging out on the beach. We pretty much did that every day...except for the times we were playing in the house....or sitting under the tables at restaurants (yes they are that dog friendly). So I totally recommend going there.

Random Acts of Cuteness will be back tomorrow...I just wanted to share my awesome time in Cayucos.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

It's mine...Stay out...!

My best bud Spencer's birthday was a blast! All sorts of Pug-centric happenings...more on that later.

Being a pug, I have certain pug-doggie behaviors. One of these is protecting MY backyard. Not Mommy's or Daddy's backyard...It's MINE! I sit in front of the big see-through door and wait for any non-pug interloper. Daddy even bought me a mat to put outside the door, warning all that it's my backyard! I chase away all the evil doers, including squirrels, possums, various bugs, raccoons, tigers, lions, bears, alligators (I thought I saw one in my mini-pug-pool!) and even trains. But one critter eludes me and teases me and gets me all excited. She sits on the fence with her cute grey fur and pretty pink collar and MEOWS AT ME! What the F*--...Ooops, I almost used a Daddy-word...

The cat's name is Gracie. She's pretty friendly, but she shouldn't be in my backyard. Of all the backyards to do her cat thing in, she picks mine. Meow...Meow...Meow...While sitting on her high fence. I do my protecto-pug best to alert the parental units to feline danger, but Daddy GOES AND PETS GRACIE! Really, Daddy, using precious petting skills on The Enemy?!?!?!?

Daddy says me and Gracie can be friends. He's even introduced us and wanted me to make peace with her. But, it's not aboot Gracie, it's aboot her invading my backyard and teasing me! GGrrrrrr......

I think it would be best if we tolerated each other. I won't bark, she won't meow...And Daddy...I know you're reading this, you won't pet her!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Happy Birthday to you!! Happy Birthday to yoooooooouuuuuu!!

Happy Birthday Spencer Bartholommmmeeeeewwww!!!

Happy Birthday to yooooooouuuuuu!!!

Here is a little poem I wrote for you....hope you like it

Spencer is a handsome pug
Prim and proper cute as a bug
Every Sunday to Hap McGee we lug
Not to mention, while there we play tug!
Coolest thing we drink from a mug,
End of the day-we sleep on a rug,
Ready to dream of our magical luv!!

Happy second Birthday Spencer!! Thanks for playing with me all the time, and letting me bite your tail. You are my special friend who loves me for me...silly parts and all. I'm so glad I made you play with me.
Love you very much,

Monday, October 4, 2010

Random Acts of Cuteness

Continuing with my week of adorable Spencer pics and his birthday coming up and it's Monday so some serious cuteness is about to happen! Sit back and enjoy.

I really don't have much to say, because I'm busy chewing on my tooble (thanks Pug for telling my mom about them...yummers) So just have at all this cuteness....

Here's me....I'm gazing lovingly at my Spencer....

Here is some more puppy Spencer. What a schnoz!

Don't worry folks, if you've sent me your cuteness pictures, I'll be sharing this blog with you next week. And if you haven't sent me your cuteness pictures yet, then send them to mom already!