Wednesday, March 31, 2010

My Buddy -Belt

So today was the big got the call from the lady at Pugnacious and said my buddy-belt was ready for pick up. I was so excited to go and get it. Mom and dad hopped in the car and it was off to Berkeley to outfit me in the newest fashion. Dad picked out lavender because he said it look nice against my black fur. Mom liked it because it was a festive spring color...I liked it because it was nice and didn't bother me when I walked. I have to admit, I look rather snazzy in it! Mom was so happy that I liked it, she even bought me some new treats! She's trying to convince dad that lavender is a spring/summer color and wouldn't be appropriate for fall/winter. I have a feeling we'll be getting me another one soon enough.

Monday, March 29, 2010

What would we do for our humans?

Last night mom and I were snuggling on the sofa when this story came onto the news about a woman whose dog had run into the ocean. I guess she was scared her dog would drown so she went after her dog. She died and the dog just swam out of the water without any problems.
So this leads me to think...gosh would I jump into the ocean to save my mom or dad? I know I'm just 18lbs, but could I drag mom or dad out? Nope! I'm not that silly to think that, but I think about all the things I can do for mom and dad. First off, I defend our backyard from the evils of squirrels! I let them know who's queen pug of our house! Next, when the doorbell rings, I run to the door, puff my chest out and give them my best "German Shepard lives here" bark. Those girl scouts better think twice before scamming my parents for their $4.00! When mom and dad take me for a walk, I have to stop and just recon the area, I'm scanning for entry points. Now I've made good friends with the mailman and UPS guy, they're here like everyday, so I've decided they pass my background check. Gosh if you think about it, I do a lot for these people!
Mom and dad said I have failed to list the most important thing I do for them...give them oodles of unconditional love, and that is the reason they put up with me. So would I jump in the ocean for them? Not really because I can't...but I know they'd do it for me....that makes us even.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

What's in a color?

Mom had always set out to get a black pug, in fact the only color that made sense for my name, was black. She looked and looked and everywhere she looked, it seemed she was greeted with a world of fawn. Don't get me wrong, we love us some fawn pug, but it begs to question....what's in a color?
Let me take you back to when I was a wee little pug, I was only 3 months old and walking in the park. Well actually I was biting the leash, mom's jeans, playing tug with the leash, chewing on rocks...mostly making mom wish she had gotten a cat. While walking around the park, a woman happened by with a fawn and a black pug. She looked at me with mom's Uggs in my mouth and uttered, "that looks familiar!" Mom inquired and she stated that her black pug was crazy, wild and full of energy while her fawn one was lazy. This made my mom wonder...what did I get myself into? Skip ahead another month, we're in our first round of puppy school (yep that's right...first of many to come) and a woman knew a pug owner who also had a black and fawn combo. She too stated the black pug was way more active and crazy than her fawn. Once again mom cursed all those websites, and pug books she read that stated pugs were lazy and liked to dress up.
So over my 7 months of life, I've met many a pug....from fawn to black, brindle and even albino. So I ask what color are you? Do you think you're lazy or crazy? Do you think it has anything to do with our colors...or is it our personality? Do you think it's in our gender? Or is it an age thing?
For the record....I'm a black 7 month old hermaphroditic pug who likes to run, hates to dress up and can keep up with a whole pack of dogs 10 times bigger than me at my daycare. I'm 18.25 lbs of pug fury, that breaks the mold and then likes to eat the mold for dinner!! I'm as feisty as they to share your stats?

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Spencer Bartholomew

This is my bestest buddy in the whole wide pugverse, Spencer Bartholomew! I want to share how our relationship began. See there is this really neat dog park close to where I live and I've had the pleasure of going there and playing since I was about 16 weeks young (oh I was so thin back then, but I digress). I had gone to this park several times and I had never come across a fellow pug. One evening mom and dad braved the cold wind (hey it's California if it's 70 it's cold!), and we went to this dog park. Lo and behold hiding under a bench was this oh so cute fawn pug. Now we didn't actually get the chance to meet, he was shy and I was a spazz, and I was too busy playing with all the other dogs to take note. A week had gone by, and once again I found myself at this park, with this pug only this time there weren't so many other dogs. I decided he was going to play with me, so I went and made the necessary introductions. Within a few minutes we were off, he a chaser and I being chased. My mom and dad laughing, his grandparents happy he found a friend. We ran ourselves silly that night, staying until dark being the last ones in the park. A few weeks later I ran into my friend again, this time he was with his mommy, and we instantly had our connection.
We've attended pug events together, and we have our secret play dates. Our moms laugh at how silly we are, and wonder over our waistlines. Spencer and I just run and run, chasing each other. Often times, he barks at me to get my butt moving...I did have that extra cookie when no one was I slowly get up and chase him. He jumps on top of the picnic table and I decided to follow, after all who cares that we have the whole dog park to ourselves, it's much better to play on top of the park bench while our moms try to have a discussion. Oh our silliness never ends.
Who is your best friend? Do they make you happy just to see them? Are you giddy with excitement when you get to meet? I hope you would like to share your best friend stories with me. My bestest friend in the whole pugverse is Spencer Bartholomew and this blog is for you!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

border collies ain't got nothin' on me!

Tonight I graduated from beginner's dog training, so this takes me to not one but two diplomas from dog training. So at the end of all this stellar education what do I have to show for it? Errr well, I do the prettiest sit. See mom and dad took me to a puppy class when I was a wee little one, oh I was so skinny back then , but mom thought I would benefit from a more structured learning environment. My daycare center is also a training center, so mom thought it would be a good place to start. I did ok, but I am in my stubborn pug faze and although I know a lot of stuff, when it comes to performing in class, well I get soooooooo distracted. I mean how am I suppose to sit and stay? Really you want me to down and stay? Good luck with that people. Mom says I'm going to get a break, my brain needs to mature before tackling more advanced stuff. It's not as if I'm stupid, I'm just being a pug and really do I have to have brains and beauty? I say my smashing good looks will always get me the treat before my ability to heel. So really brains or beauty? What's your opinion?

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Berkeley buddy-belt

Today mom and dad said we were heading over to Berkeley to get me a buddy-belt just like Spencer's! Dad has been excited about this ever since we first met Spencer, but dad had to wait until I got a bit older because you have to get the right fit. So mom decided it was time, that I should be done growing up, and we're working on the growing out problem, so it was time for our very own buddy-belt. Dad found this really cool pug store called Pugnacious and it sold these, and some other cool pug schwag.
I really liked this store, not only did I get my very own Lavender buddy-belt, but I got a new treat toy and a special gift for my friend Spencer. I did manage to knock over a display and mess up mom's new pedicure, but after all was said and done I have decided I like this new pug store. I got to make a new friend, Ruby, who is a black pug like myself...only thinner and a little older. I'm really excited because mom said they had to special order my buddy-belt so we have to go back next week. Woo hoo!!! I can't wait to show it off.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

bandido de calcetín

By day my name is Bellatrix, a happy go lucky pug who likes sitting in the sun, trips to the dog park and sleeping on the sofa. At night I transform into "Bandido de calcetin" I sneak into your room and steal your socks. I tip toe down the hallway and wait until you take them off. You think they are safe in the hamper or on the floor, but just when you walk away they are all mine. I love the stinky ones after a long day at work. I don't chew on them, nope just like to carry them around.
My mortal enemy is (don don don) the flip flop. Last time mom wore those I was a wee little one and I would chew her newly pedicured toes, but it was a secret ploy to get her into glorious socks! So beware mom and dad....your little sock bandit is on the prowl.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Flat Spencer?

I got home from daycare today and found this in my mailbox...a flat Spencer! Puglet sent this to me in the mail to help with my "weight issue". It's soooo amazing! Spencer is my bestest buddy in the whole pugverse, so having him on my fridge will help me to say no to that extra treat. Spencer helps me keep in shape too, we try to always have Saturday play dates in our secret park, and he always is willing to chase me around.
Mom said I can't eat flat Spencer, and trust me I have tried to nibble on him. In fact, I think he's almost as yummy as the real Spencer. I know that with all this help I will be my svelte self once again...or at least I have a cute picture of Spencer to cuddle with.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pool Party!!

Mom came home with this big scary blue thing the other day. It stayed in our garage until today. Dad moved it into our backyard and I had to let it know who was boss. I let it know that under no uncertain terms was this blue thing to invade my backyard. Mom quickly told me that this was a toy for me! Really? What does it do? Can I carry it in my mouth? Can I eat it?? Nope to all the above.
Mom said it's a pug pool! She knows I just love the water...I'm forever trying to jump into the bathtub, so she decided I might enjoy a cool dip when the temps get too high. I decided to check it out and turns out I kinda like it. Mom says when it gets a little warmer, we'll fill it with water and I get to run around in it, and no peeing in it!
I know this is going to be so much fun. Mom suggested we have a pug pool party and see if anyone (hint Spencer B) wanted to come over and take a dip. I know pugs have a little trouble in the heat, but this will help keep me cool. Mom said we can bob for ice cubes in it. Gosh this is going to be one fun summer.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

My diet begins Monday....promise

This is an excuse I think I should be able to use. Sure I'm a pug, and technically I don't have a say as to when it begins, but really isn't this a woman's favorite saying?
So ever since my bad weekend (darn grass) and not one but two doctors telling mom and dad I'm a little "plump", mom has really stuck to this no treats/extra food/cookies regime. First off she decides to mix my normally yummers food with the (ahem!) weight management formula. Really...fiber?? Then she's totally cut back on treats and my "just because" cookies. Now these precious orbs are for not. I've even taken to helping myself to whatever is in the fridge. I don't even have any carrots to drown my sorrow...something about getting to Trader Joe's blah blah blah.
I used to get a whole cup of food a day! Now I only get 3/4 of a cup. FOR THE WHOLE DAY! What is mom thinking? I run, I chase, I play, I fetch that's like at least 1,000,000 calories burned a day right?!? Ugh, this is not happening to me. Doesn't mom understand, I'm stocky, it's like in my gene pool. I know she blames everything on being Italian, so I blame it on being a pug.
I feel faint, lack of cookies will cause my to swoon, they'll be lucky if I perform at my optimum. Must find cookie......

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Vegas vacation

So after my terrible weekend with my new enemy grass, my mom and dad tell me that they need a "get away". So on Monday I head over to grandma's house to play with her dog and cat. I hardly even know that my parents are gone. Every once in a while I go the front door and it feels like I should be home, but no mom and dad. Grandma even makes me sleep over, so I know something is up. Where is mom and dad? I had to find out!
About 10am on Tuesday I decided to eavesdrop on my grandma's phone conversation. It's mom! I know that loud Italian voice anywhere. Mom and dad are in Vegas? Why am I not allowed to go? I can totally go and put my treat money into a machine to make more money for more treats...see the pattern here people? Apparently you have to be 21 years old to get in, so I'm toooooo young for that, so I guess that means I'm staying with grandma a few days.
I was super excited though when mom and dad did come home on Wednesday. I was happy to see them well rested and ready to hand over their laps for my pleasure. I even got to chew on my yak treat, something I can't do over grandma's. So mom assured me that it's going to be a while before they vacation again. I guess I better start planning for another trip to grandmas.

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So last night was not a good night for me. It started off great...had a day of fun at grandma's house then I ate something and it was all downhill from there. Mom got all worried because I was making a funny sound, the vet said it was nothing, but mom and dad have something they called "instincts" and they knew something was off. After my worried dad had to go off to work, mom and I settled into our usual routine. She watches some trash TV and I sleep on the sofa. Normally I like to take up a cushion to myself and s p r e a d out, but last night I wanted to just cuddle with mom. Now mom loves a good cuddle, but when I give up my sofa and just lay across her lap, she knows something is wrong. I kept making that funny sound, it was so bad I couldn't sleep! Imagine a pug deprived of her sleep...the nerve. So mom decided we're going to have to go to the emergency room. We're lucky to live close to one, so within a few minutes we were in the back and off to see a doctor. After he molested me, ahem I don't think I'm coughing from that end thank you very much!, he decided I would have to stay.
Hours later, some drugs in my system and a giant probe in my mouth, he found grass wrapped around my tonsil. Now I didn't know that was possible, or that I even had a tonsil, but there it was. I was super sleepy after that and mom had to come get me real late at night. Way past our bedtime.
I'm feeling a little better today. Not my normal crazy self. I know I'll be back to feisty me tomorrow. Does this mean I'll stop eating grass? Nope! Dad better mow our lawn fast.

Friday, March 12, 2010

surprise trip to the vet

So today I was at grandma's house when I started doing this funny wheeze noise. Grandma called mom and so that meant a trip to the vet. Dad had to take me (mom was at work), and the vet said I was ok. Well, I decided I wasn't going to do the funny cough for her so she doesn't think anything is wrong with me. It's 8pm, but I'm very sick now. I'm trying to sleep and this cough/wheeze keeps waking me up. I'm one sick pug.
Then to add insult to injury, the vet tells me I'm pudgy! I have to loose like 3 lbs. I'm a pug people...aren't I suppose to be stocky? It's winter, don't I need insulation in this cold weather? So now mom says I get less food, and more exercise. Ugh.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

I pulled it off!

So remember that Valentine's day card I made mom? Well, she told dad she wanted it framed, so dad and I set out on a mission....get mom all mushy and gushy about me! So daddy took all her favorite pictures of me from the past 6 months and frame them around the card. He even included one of me and bestest bud Spencer! We surprised mom tonight when she came home from a play. She was all happy and huggy so I think it was successful. Dad said we did good and I'm happy because I'm totally gonna get extra hugs over it.

Monday, March 8, 2010


What a weekend I had! I was super excited on Saturday, when mom and dad said we were going to visit some pugs in the south bay. I had no idea where the south bay was, but I do know hanging out in the car for a long time induces sleepiness. Once the car stopped and I wiped my eyes, I spied so many pugs! It was really cool to have this dog park filled with puggies to play with. I tried to go around and say "hi" to everyone, but not too many pugs were interested in playing with me. I still managed to have a good time just running around and did manage to play with some other dogs.

Sunday was super exciting! Mom and dad said we were going to go and finally meet Puglet and Dutch! I was all giddy to finally meet them. So we drive over a bridge and got to this really cool park on this hill (hey it's SF, so a hill is going to be involved) and met with ooooodles of pugs. It was pug-topia. Now I know why mom loves Disneyland so much, this hill was my Disneyland!!! At first I had to stay on was all worried I'd run off blah blah blah. Thank pugness dad took me off leash and the running began. It was so exciting to play for hours with other pugs. Mom seemed so excited to meet other pug owners, and dad kept a watchful eye on me. I was super happy to see my bestest bud Spencer show up, we had fun giving our moms heart attacks when we'd run away and not listen. The day got even better when Puglet and Dutch showed up! I've never had so much fun in all my life!

After all this fun, I headed into Daly City to meet more family. I was one exhausted pug, so I was on my best behavior. I even fell asleep in moms arms after dinner. On the way home I had so many wonderful pug dreams that my little legs couldn't contain themselves. In my dreams I chased Dutch and his chicken, ate mud with Spencer, ran around with Puglet and Frank and sniffed some serious butt (except Zoey's). I had such a blast that I didn't want it to end. Happiness is defiantly being a pug

Thursday, March 4, 2010

growing pains

So I didn't blog yesterday because I was under the weather. I was a really lazy pug all day long, just kinda hanging out. Mom was off and tried to get me to take a morning walk. The sun had come out and it wasn't too cold. It started off OK, but then I just wanted to hang a stubborn pug. Mom loves nothing more than when I just stop in the cross walk and refuse to move. I'm usually pretty active late afternoon, dad is up and I'm full of energy. I find the last few days, that sleeping/sitting on the sofa, is preferred to being an active puppy. Yesterday mom even got concerned because I slept most of the day away. Dad thinks it's just "growing pains", but mom wonders at how big I'm gonna get? Doesn't she remember when she was a teenager? One minute full of life and energy, the next sleeping in? She says she's too old to remember that far back, but that she had to have energy to outrun the dinosaurs. you think they want to play?
Today I went to daycare, and acted as if yesterday never happened. Mom should be happy that I'm still young and active. Pretty soon I'll call her Chris, ask her just drop me off a block away from daycare, and can she please just let me hang with Spencer without her like hovering over me? Gosh! Parents just don't understand.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

flappy happy

I thought I would take this time to share with everyone my most favorite toy of all time. It's called "flappy". I got this as a gift as a wee little one from my uncle. Now at first I didn't know what to do with this toy, but as I got older the more I wanted to flap it in my mouth, toss it in the air and chew on it all day long. I love to bring it right to my dad's feet, and he just tosses it for me until I can't breath anymore. It makes me happy to play with it. It makes my heart dance when dad yells for me to "get your flappy", and I just know fun times are ahead. So if you can talk your parents into getting you one, I highly encourage it. After all a toy that rhymes with happy, just has to be good.

Monday, March 1, 2010

I'm sweet (potato) on you

Today was a fun day, it started off at grandma's house where I harassed her household until dad picked me up. Once dad and I got home, he thought he'd try something new. See dad wants to work on the front yard (see yesterday's blog for more details), and decided he was going to attempt to tie me down to the front yard. I would be supervised at all times of course, however I don't think dad thought this all through. The theory is that I would behave and just sit there while he made the lawn pretty. Oh silly daddy, I have the attention span of a flea, this plan was doomed to fail. How can I be expected to be still when the neighborhood was buzzing with energy...and oh man when the mailman goes by...well I just loooove him!! I think he should carry me in his bag, we'd have great fun. So needless to say, dad didn't get to work on the lawn today. One point to the overgrown lawn lives another day.
Once mom came home from work I was super happy. She brought me home a treat! She opened this can from Trader Joe's (she goes there like all the time) and gave me this yummy spoon full of orangey stuff. At first I thought it was going to be pumpkin, which as a young pup I liked but I have lost the taste for, but it wasn't. This was sweet and yummy and a little messy on my muzzle. I was excited to try it, and I didn't want it to end. Mom what is this new delicacy I asked...sweet potato puree and I get pretty much as much as I want. So I was excited to hear that my KONG will now contain some and when mom thinks I need a little treat. She said we'll freeze some in the summer so I get sweet potato cubes. Finally, something to curb my sweet tooth.