Sunday, June 27, 2010

Sunday's with Spencer

Now everyone knows I love me some daycare, and I figured when the alarm went off this morning (6am!) that I'd be going off to spend the day with Rick and the gang. Nope! Mom said she had a surprise for me. Ohhhhh....I love surprises! Was it a new bully stick? A new treat? Mom wasn't going to give up any clues. So we get in the car like usual and we head out. I was curious...we're not down the hills like usual...we're going up like we do when we go's too early to go see him. Sure enough we're going up and up and then we turn on his street.....I'm so excited I'm jiggling (err....note to self lay off the treats). Mom was actually taking me to see Spencer? But she has her smelly work clothes on (wash out your bottles and cans people before taking then to your local recycle center), so then why are we going to Spencer's? Mom said she has to work today (Sunday) and that no one can watch me (aka Grandma's got my uncle's doggies) and daddy has to Spencer's mom and Grandma are totally going to watch me!! Holy frijoles...I love going to their house. They have such a fun house because they have Spencer there. I love to play with him, I mean I can totally do that all day long. I mean I didn't even notice mom was gone! Here's an action shot of me running through the cool sprinklers! I think I'm starting to like all this water stuff, it's more fun than drinking it!

Um OK...I'm not sure how this Spencer Bellatrix came to my house this morning and we had such a blast playing. We ran around the house and played up a storm. I didn't even mind her pushing me out of the way to get to the water bowl. I really liked playing in the sprinklers with her and trying to stay cool (it was really hot here today!) I like hanging with Bellatrix, we always have fun and she's got my back at the dog park. Our moms always laugh at how silly we are when we get together. Just yesterday we were coming home from the park, sleeping on our mom's laps, and every once in a while we'd open our lids to gaze lovingly at each other. Yep, we're two pugs in a pod.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

My get out hell "free" card

Last week I was invited to get blessed with Spencer and his friend Russell. This was quite the adventure! First off, any time spent with Spencer is fun! So when mom said we're going to spend lots of time with him, I was giddy. So we arrive at his house (which I love!) and play for a bit. Once we've tired each other out (err yeah right!) we head off to pick Russell and his mom up, then it's off to the city (aka San Francisco). Once we arrived, we had to trek miles (and that's no lie) often up hills (work them calves) to our destination. Russell was a bit older and his mom put him in a wagon, so he didn't get to feel the burn, but Spencer and I did. Once we finally got there, we got to meet lots of dogs and humans. Poor Spencer felt a bit overwhelmed, and well Russell, he got lots of "oohs" and "ahhs", because he can't walk too good. So after the priest guy did some talkin' we each got to go up and get blessed. I didn't like it, I shook it off, but Russell and Spencer enjoyed it. Once it was all done, yep you guessed it, back to the car. I slept so good that night. I don't know how Puglet lives in the city...all those hills did me in!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Play misty for me...'s starting to get pretty hot, like 90 million degrees. Hot enough that my 'lil pug body can't keep itself cool. Mommy and Daddy say it's because I play too much and cause too much pug-ruckus. I think, really, that it's my sleek black coat and smooshy nose. Mommy and Daddy picked me up from my favorite daycare and told me that they bought something for me from Daddy's manstore, The Mistymate!

Now, being a worldly pug, I don't think that the Mistymate came from a manstore, and I couldn't even think how it could be for me. Then, Daddy filled the thingy with water and started to play with it. It did look like fun, until I found out its little secret: it's a water mister! I love water, but still haven't tried swimming, and started going pug-loony to play with the new toy! Daddy sprayed it towards me from really high up, so I wouldn't get scared! I loved it, so Mommy brought to my nose level, and this is what happened:

Craaazy stuff! I attacked the misty water with a frenzy not seen since I attacked the air coming out of mommy's car. Then they explained that the misty water is meant to keep me more cool in the heat, which may lead to more play time!

A few days ago, I had to goto the Doctor's for my check-up, after the new-monia scare. Well, the Doc said that I'm looking a-o.k.! Mommy and Daddy are still worried about my sometimes night panting, but they keep a good eye on me, and maybe it's just what I do?

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Daddy's little girl (sorta)

Well as you know today is Daddy Day and I put together this card for my daddy. It shows our first hug (that's a tiny me in his arms on the car ride home when the 'rents first picked me up). Then there's me and dad chillin' in the car, he has an amazing lap. Next it's me and dad hugging it out when they abandoned me (mom note- we didn't abandon her we went on vacation she went to grandma's) and went to Vegas for two whole nights. I was going to with-hold love, but dad gives good love so I caved...his arms are so my very own Hulk. Let's see...oh there's dad sitting on the computer chair and I had to like beg for some attention..shesh. I also have some pictures of my stealing (errr borrowing) his socks, then me demanding (errr asking) to play with my favorite toys.
So see I'm really am daddy's little girl, but then again, once dad leaves for work I'm all about mom. Gosh it's a confusing as picking a sex...and you know I wasn't really good at that either. So make sure you give your dad's an extra big hug and kiss today...and don't forget your moms. They get so sensitive when you ignore them. and details about my blessing "event" at a later time...Daddy comes first.

Oh yeah...just another little thing...see all those pink paw prints on the card? Let's just say mom thought the idea sounded better in her head than actually doing it. Something about pink paw prints on the ground in the backyard and not eating the paint. I think my wisdom patch needed some color.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Holy Pugs!

So tomorrow my bestest friend Spencer and I are going to get blessed. What is this you ask? I have no idea! See Spencer and his mommy went last year, and said they had fun, so we figured we're going to have to check this out. Spencer says lots of animals....all shapes and sizes...gather together and get well blessed. Now as a pug I have no religion, I love everyone equally....well anyone who loves animals.
The best thing is, is that this takes place in North Beach, which is mom's favorite part of San Francisco. Mom grew up in North Beach, and gets her Italian pride on whenever she goes back. She says she's going to show me where she grew up and first dreamed of owning a pug...that'd be me! I'm hoping mom will slip my some yummy Italian food....Spencer and I can totally grub on some spaghetti (think Lady and the Tramp with pugs).
So tonight mom turns to dad and gives her best pug orbs (see where I get it from) and ask dad to give me a bath. I have to look good for tomorrow....there's going to be so many dogs to meet. So if anyone lives in the bay should join us. You don't have to be religious (heck we're not), but we never give up a chance to meet new animals.

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

German Shep-PUG

DING lil ears perk-up....DING DONG....I start getting my rough-n-tuff growl and bark all ready....DING DONG....Daddy's running to the big brown door. Something must be wrong. Daddy never runs to anything! DING DONG....I remember that sound! Sometimes it's people that Mommy and Daddy don't like, or other people selling things that even pugs won't eat or play with. I start the big chase, using my best Big Dog Bark and charge towards the door. Daddy's already there, ready to pounce. I have to do my part, I must become german shep-pug! I jump in, with my best bark and try my best to intimidate and scare off any intruder!

Then it happens. Daddy scoops me up in his arms and OPENS THE DOOR! Against the interlopers?!?!?!? How will I ever defend the house and Daddy if he's holding me like some cutey-pug? Daddy gets a brown box from the guy in brown. I do what I can do, and sneeze on the guy. My bully sticks come in a brown box, surely this delectable box is for's full of human toys.

Back to the story, as I'm over my disappointment that the box is not PUG-worthy. Mommy and Daddy are always proud of me when I become my alter-ego German Shep-PUG! I think it's my duty as the head pug in the house to keep it safe, especially my toys and treats! I'll never be one of those big shepherd police dogs, but I'll be the next best thing a German Shep-Pug...or even better, I will become a new super hero-dog. Better than Krypto, better than Underdog...It's PROTECTO-PUG!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Lefty Pug

Special...I hear that word a whole lot! Mommy says I'm special because of my "uniqueness." Daddy says I'm special because of all the silly things I do...Well, I was home with Daddy the other day, hangin' out and watching some of my favorite television. I went to get a cold drink of water and torment Daddy with my jowl juice (I love that game, and he'll never figure out that I leak jowl juice on purpose...hehehehehe...). As I walked away form the water dish, I saw my Daddy run in with the ever-so-delicious towel. And, being the rambunctious pug that I am, proceeded to attack the towel in one of my favorite games.

Usually he starts moaning and groaning in a vein attempt to get me to stop chewing on the towel. This time, he started laughing and said I'm even more special....I'm a Lefty!? Seems that I like to grab and paw with my left paw. I didn't think that was a big deal, but Daddy (and eventually Mommy) thought it was a big deal! So I got all excited and with my cuteness and orbs managed to get Daddy to gimmie the towel. He then snapped the pic! I knew he was up to something...He never willingly gives up the towel. Luckily I was looking my best at the time!

So, I guess I have another special thingy...being a Lefty!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

I Wubba You!

Daddy bought me this toy a while ago...but just recently I've made it my favorite. See it combines my two favorits things in the KONG...and my Flappy! I love to chase it and have daddy throw it for me. Mom can't throw it very well...she throws like a girl! Anyways...this toy is a KONG inside (which squeaks!) and it's wrapped in this material that I can really chew and not rip or nothin'. Dad likes to chuck it far and I run after it like a mad pug. Then he plays tug with me, and moves it around the floor (like I'm some cat or something!) and I can't contain myself!!! Oh the joy of playing with my KONG Wubba!! So if you're looking to "accidentally" (wink wink) grab a toy at your next visit to the pet store, I highly recommend it! Two giant black pug paws up!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Click it for a Trick Sit!

So mom has decided I'm older now, so it's time to get serious about my training. When I just just a wee one, mom decided I wasn't "getting it" when it came to training. She just thought I needed to pay attention to her and not get distracted by the world in she decided to give clicker training a chance. See mom used to work at an animal shelter and they used this device when training dogs that had ADD type behavior. It's really a cool device that "marks" the behavior she's looking for in me. I really like this clicker, it means every time I hear it, I get a treat. Mom says I learn all sorts of lessons very quickly, and I get them right quickly. I'm so happy with this method that I really work hard to show mom just how smart I am. I think all pugs, who have a hard time with training, should give this a try! You'll be showing mom just how brilliant you are in no time flat!!

Oh and P.S. Remember the "click" means treat! that's a win win combo

Monday, June 7, 2010

My crazy pug-tastical life...needs insurance?

So...I'm feeling so much better...the Bellbeunonia is going away. I even played with best-bud Spencer today! Mom and Dad were talking....They said that my pugtastical life may need something called insurance. I said that I didn't need that, but they brought up the grass incident. ...Again....sheesh...I'm a pug...we eat...almost everything....

So, Mom showed me some brochures from a place called Trupanion and another one from the ASPCA. She said there's a bunch more, but these two seem good. I was worried that I needed to sacrifice my treat money, but Mom and Dad said that I can save my treat money, and they'll take care of the insurance. What does everyone think? Should I get pug insurance?

Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm too sexy for my lungs...

So for the last few days I've been panting a lot and breathing real heavy. It's gotten kinda warm in the bay area, so mom thought it was the heat. She got more and more concerned when nothing helped, not a cold bath...not ice cubes....not anything! She made dad google it, and he found some scary stuff, all of them saying get to the vet! Well, mom is always being called a "Nervous Nellie" when it comes to her little Belly Button....but she knew something wasn't right with me. So she drags dad, in the middle of the night no less, to the emergency clinic to be checked out. The doctor lady was very nice and let me kiss her a few times. After some time taking pictures of my sexy self, I was back in mom and dad's arms. Turns out I had pneumonia! Not the kind you get from sick dogs, but from ahem puke going down the wrong tube. Yuck!!
Now mom lectured me that to loose weight I had to diet and exercise and that puking is not the answer. I was called chunky today by some rude just censored me!! So I'm a little concerned about my waistline...aren't we all?
Well after all this mom gave me a new stuftee and extra hugs and kisses. I feel fine, still playing with my friend Spencer. Best yet, I get my pills in wet food (yummers!) and now you can all see just how my insides match my adorable outsides. I've got some sexy looking lungs people!! make sure you all play it safe and take care...especially you Anakin!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Tug it like you own it!

One of my favorite things to do is play tug, but it's even sweeter when dad just cleaned the floor of my jowl juice and he's bending down (this takes lots of effort he's like 10000 dog years) and I grab his towel! I am so smart, I plan it all in advance. See I orb mom "I need cold fresh filtered water" and she obliges. I get a huge mouth full of jowl juice/water combo (extra slobbery) and drip drip drip it all over the place. This drive dad insane so he grabs his "Jowl Juice towel" and follows me everywhere. I act all innocent...."Oh forgive I leaking from my mouth?" then dad groans and moans and bends over and wipes. Yup folks, he actually stoops to my level with a towel to wipe....foolish move dad. I quick turn (hehehe love the flexibility of youth) and grab his towel. Oh daddy acts all put out, but I know the truth....he loves to play tug with me! See that blue toy in the background? That's my newest play toy...I'll have to blog about that at another time. Well I'm off to get more water and give dad some more gray hairs! He showed me this huge patch of gray hairs that he said didn't exist before October 14, 2009....funny that's the day I came to live here! Eh must be a coincidence.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The heat of summer....

I'm super excited! This is my first summer, and I have sooooo many plans: long walkie-walks, chasing leaves and ballies, my pug-size pool that Mommy bought me. But Mommy and Daddy said the heat and summer can be bad for me. Daddy calls me a smooshed nose and told me that I can't be in the heat too long because I'll overheat and get sick. I'm not scared, 'cause I know that Mommy and Daddy will keep me safe and cool. But, I still like to play, especially with by best bud Spencer at our park.

So, Mommy and Daddy went to the Treats-Are-At-My-Feet store called Petfood Express. I LOVE this place, as they designed it for Pugs...All the delicious treats are right at my feet! But Mommy kept me away from all the goodness and we went to the clothing area....Ut oh, I don't like to wear things unless it's a formal occasion. Mommy and Daddy searched and found this:

It's soaked in cool water and I then get to wear it. It's supposed to keep me a little bit cooler when I'm outside. Mommy and Daddy told me, though, that it isn't a substitute for safe summer play, especially for us pugs. So I still have to take breaks and maybe use my pool!

At home, I tried it on and don't think I'm gonna like it too much:

If it helps, I'm all for it. I'll get used to it and try my best not to chew it like a delicious towel.

Mommy said I should put some info in my blog to help doggies in the summer:

Summer and pets

Protecting doggies in the heat

Thanks for reading...Ut-oh, Mommy has the leash and Buddy belt...Gotta go...Spencer...Here I come....!!