Friday, January 29, 2010


So mommy pulled me aside the other day and informed me that I eat my food just way too fast. Doesn't she understand that I'm a pug? That's what we do...we eat. We have to eat fast, who knows when another treat will come our way? Right pugs? I know you're with me on this one. Mommy stated that she was concerned I can get too "plump" and that I must maintain my girlish figure. So she introduced KONG meals. Now I'm not a stranger to the KONG. Lick and lick and out comes peanut butter, but I hadn't actually eaten a meal this way. I vaguely remember mommy trying to have me eat from a KONG as a young tender pup, but I just really didnt' get it. So now I"m like older and smarter so I have to slooooowly eat out of this device. Don't get me wrong, food is food, but it takes me like 30 minutes and like a lot of energy and I really really really just want to eat it now... Mom says this will make me happy and get some pent up energy out and that I will give her a break...shesh.
So I thought I'd give you an update on my votes. I have 160! Thanks to anyone who has voted for me and given to my charity. Just remember a dollar makes a difference, plus no one really needs their uterus right? I'm getting rid of mine next week.
Tomorrow mommy is off work, so if the sun cooperates I'll be chillin' in the park. Please think good sunny thoughts for me and I'll do the same for you.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

vote for me please!


I've decided to use my cuteness for good and not just for food and getting out of trouble. I know times can be hard, but if you have just one little dollar it really does help. I thank everyone in advance. It hurts my heart to know other doggies and kitties live in shelters and may never know the love of a mommy and daddy. We've all got awesome humans right? I will blog more tomorrow.

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

time to play stickball

So I was super duper excited today because mommy and daddy were off work and that means......park time! They first took me to get something called coffee (they said priorities were in order) then off to the park. It was a little overcast and the ground was still wet, but I didn't care. We walked around the park twice and I had such a great time. The grass was tall and perfect for hiding a pug trying to get into a little trouble. I also had my choice of the best sticks. It's been real windy so the trees have all lost limbs, so I was in stick heaven. After our monster walk I quickly fell asleep. It was bliss.
Mommy and daddy had to run errands, so I got to watch whatever I wanted on TV (I'm a sucker for Maury) and got undisturbed rest. When they got home they were all was sunny outside! Daddy grabbed my leash and the three of us were off. We walked all over the neighborhood and the local park, the sun felt great on my little toes. We went out for a long time, until the sun went to sleep. After dinner, mom and I were playing ball and she noticed some blood on my toy. My mouth was bleeding! She gave me a carrot (yummers) and I got to chewing then out popped another tooth. Mom got all excited and gave me a big hug and kiss, she's kinda weird sometimes. So all in all today was fun. I spent a lot of time with my daddy and mommy and had fun outside. Tomorrow I get to hang out at doggie daycare, and I can't wait!

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I think I'm a bunny rabbit

Mommy says I'm a pug all the time because on occasion I think I'm a bunny. I like to hop when I run, eat grass and now carrots! Tonight mommy gave me some yummy carrots to eat and this picture caught the ecstasy that is the carrot. I love to crunch it and play with it. I break it into little pieces to leave all around the house for later, or for daddy to step on. Those little orange pieces make me soooo happy. Mommy says they're better than a dog treat, and they're healthy too. She's all paranoid because she says I have to watch my girlie figure, that pugs can get "chubby" (her words not mine). So I get to eat carrots and green beans and other yummy vegetables as treats. I'm happy, it's food right?
So today was daddy and me day, I had such a great time. We went for walks, well when it wasn't raining, and played ballee. In the afternoon we curled up on the sofa and watched "the doctors" with our eyes closed. I'm sure some snoring was involved, but we're not going to tell mommy, it's our secret. Once mommy got home from work we all went to the pet store and I got some new treats and a new food bowl. Everyone loved me and wanted to say hi to me. I can't help how cute I am, it just comes naturally. After we all had dinner we camped out on the sofa to watch "American Idol" then fall asleep. I did wake up long enough to post this blog. So night for now, I'm going back to sleep.

Monday, January 25, 2010

new bed break in

So mommy and daddy decided it's time for me to get a new bed...again. See I love to get a new bed, I love to dig into it, literally. I mean I dig and dig and dig and then I bite it and toss it around. Then I just have to pee right in the middle of it. Mom and dad just don't understand it, and I'm not really sure why I do it, but I do. Mom and dad told me that they were out tonight and came across this really cute bed and figured they'd give it another go. First mommy took me outside and made sure my bladder was good and empty. Once I came inside mom and dad presented me with this cuddly new bed, which I promptly began to chew and dig and bite and scratch then dig some more. Hey, at least I didn't pee on it. I think I might like this new bed, I'll have to give it a few days and see. Mom hopes I like it because it's so cold out that this will help keep me warm. She's tried sweaters, but I'm so not having it. So I will try to behave with this new bed, and keep the digging to a minimum. I'm really excited because tomorrow daddy and are home together and I love to play with him. He's like my very own chew toy! He said he's gonna take me for a few long walks and play ball with me. I love being with him. I hope the sun comes out tomorrow, even if it doesn't, I'm still gonna be happy with my daddy.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

kinda sad the sun went away again

So I'm kinda sad because the sun went away again which means I have to stay inside. Mom took me to grandmas and I played all day with Naya and Taz (her dog and cat). I love to play with them and grandma always spoils me, but I do miss the feel of grass under my toes. I love to run around the dog park with all my friends. I just can't wait until spring time...even though this will be my first spring of life. I mean I'm only 5 months old. So I guess I'm just going to have to be patient and Naya and Taz are just going to have to be ok with me pestering them to play. I get to go over there again tomorrow....I know they are excited to have me come back. Well I'm off to hang out with mommy.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

welcome back sunshine

My wishes were answered today when I woke up from my morning nap...there was sun! Mom and I were so excited, so we decided to play for a while in the backyard. See the smile on my face? That was for the happiness in my heart over that sun shining down on me and mommy. We were giddy with it. Mom even let me play with ice cubes, which is like my favorite thing ever! After I lost interest in the backyard, mom and I headed off to the park. I was a little sad to see the dog park not open, but I still went around the park a couple of times and met some nice dog friends on leash. Mom had to run some errands so I took a nap in the crate, but it was ok, my view was of the sun shining in the backyard. I was happy. Once mom got home we took a long walk in the neighborhood. Everyone was out playing in the sunshine, we even got to play with some kids up the street. I had such a great time today that I dont' want the sun to ever go away again. I hope the sun stays around for a while because I miss it when it goes away. I'm off to go and play with daddy...

Friday, January 22, 2010

sunshine please come back!

This was me in the sun....oh it feels like forever ago. I miss the sunshine, I miss running in the back yard barking at squirrels letting them know I'm the boss here! I miss trips to the dog park playing with Spencer and Betty. I miss the way the sun hits my coat making it shine to perfection. I think I have the winter blues. I hope soon the sun will shine once again on me.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

doggie daycare rocks!

As promised last night here's a picture of mommy and me at my graduation. She's so proud of me and really I was just happy I passed. She kept telling me to stay focused and channel my "inner border collie", and it worked. You should have seen me sit. I did it all lazy sits here.
So today was my first day of doggie daycare. I was a little nervous at drop off, I mean mommy just hands me off to some lady and poof...she's gone off to work. I thought I was being fired, I usually go to work with her. The lady (Karen) gave me lots of love and introduced me to all my new friends. I had such a great time playing with everyone. I have a best friend, he's a german shepherd and I forgot his name, but we played all day long. Karen says I pack a lot of wallup in this small package. When mommy came to get me, I couldn't believe 9 hours had passed. I was having so much fun I can't wait to go back.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

I'm a puppy school graduate!

So tonight was a great night. I graduated from my puppy class and I was on top of my game. I had some hard things to do, but my mom and dad gave me lots of encouragement and I didn't want to let them down. I had to do this really cool relay race where I had to run to different posts and do some commands. I did it with mommy (daddy doesn't like to be the center of attention-he says that's my job), and I was the bestest and fastest in the whole class. I got to pick out a prize!! I even surprised the whole class by learning to take a bow. Mommy says I have to work on it, but I still think I was pretty awesome. So I guess I will advance to another class, mommy says I still have lots to learn and we're going to run agility. We will see if that works our...not sure if I want to run through a tunnel, or jump a hoop. Mom also says that I'm smart and that I've got to use my brain to do more than get in trouble. To me trouble is more fun. I took a picture with my diploma, but daddy has to put in the computer. I'll post it tomorrow.
So I'm off to doggie daycare tomorrow, I know I'm gonna have fun. I hope everyone likes me there and that I make lots of new friends. Mommy says it's just like the dog park, and that I'll have lots of things to sniff and that I will get to wrestle with lots of dogs! She says that because it's raining, I can't go to the dog park. I miss all my buddies there and I hope to see them soon. So rain please go away...I miss Spencer.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

another tooth bites the dust

So I was chewing on a cardboard box today and next thing I know this tooth comes spitting out! It was pretty big considering I have a small mouth. Mom and dad got all excited and gave me extra hugs, which I loved.
I then went off to see if I could enroll in doggie daycare. I met some really nice ladies and one seriously big german shepherd, and I tried to play with her, but she wasn't having it. The ladies then gave me lots of hugs and said they couldn't wait to have me come in on Thursday. I know I'm gonna have fun. Mom says she knows I will have fun, and daddy thinks it's funny that I'm going to play with dogs all day long.
Tomorrow night I graduate from puppy class. I hope I do ok. Mom says I have the brain of a border collie, I don't know what that means. All I know is that I hear this funny click noise and I get something yummy to eat. Who am I to argue with that? So I'm off to lay on the sofa while mom watches American Idol. Can't wait for tomorrow, I go to grandma's house and play with Naya and Taz (her dog and cat).

Monday, January 18, 2010

Hello World!!

Hello World, this is me Bellatrix. Well actually this was one of the first pictures taken of me at just 7 weeks of age. Cute huh? I thought I'd give this blogging thing a try, never have done it before. So I'm now 4 1/2 months old and boy do I get into everything. My mom and dad are always looking at me and shaking their heads. I can do that too, but when I do it, they just laugh and scoop me up and give me hugs.
I am super excited because tomorrow I'm going to attend doggie daycare. Mom says it'll be good for me to meet bigger doggies and get some exercise. I love to play with other dogs, so I am all for it. I'll let you all know how it goes, please keep your paws crossed for me. I'm heading off to bed now, mom says I get to hang out on her lap! That's like my favorite place in the whole world. I hope you all enjoy reading my thoughts.