Saturday, July 31, 2010

We have achieved normal poop!!

You guys we should totally go on TV and charge people for our pug powers. Thanks to all your pawsitive thoughts, I'm back to my normal ruckus making self....and I'm making up for lost time. Let me tell you how this all went down.
Mom got a call today from the vet (not her normal vet but a substitute vet she's not so crazy about), but it turns out I had an overgrowth of bacteria ( with a long ass name I can't remember-not giardia) and it took up residence in my lower intestine. I guess my lower intestine is like Disneyland for this bacteria, because it didn't want to leave and it kept getting on the same ride. So I'm on this pill that will get rid of this bacteria and send it to Six Flags instead.
I still am on a chicken diet, but I'm getting my kibble mixed in again and mom went and bought some baby food (yummy fruity flavors and sweet potato) to mix in. I'll be back to my normal BBP (that's Big Beautiful Pug to you mister) in no time. Oh..that reminds me I"m so going to have to blog about the lecture I got at the vet saying I'm fat! I know!! Wait until you hear what he wants me to be....let's just say I wasn't that tiny since birth.
So that I'm pills and getting food again, I'm getting my energy back, just in time for Sunday's With Spencer. ( If you're new to my blog-he's my bestest friend in the galaxy) So because I"m feeling better mom and dad took me for a nice long walk in the 'hood. I picked up this charming habit from Spencer, you bite the leg of your mom and dad when they walk (this is dad in the picture) and when they (your 'rents) get mad, you orb them all cute like. Oh they act like they don't like it, but I know they do...even though they say things like "NO!" and "AH AH!" and this old one "BELLATRIX LESTRANGE STOP THAT RIGHT NOW!"
So for all of you who sent me well wishes I totally appreciate it, it made me feel better and back to myself. If you're new to my blog, welcome! I get into all sorts of trouble and love to orb my way out of it. If you're curious about my liver...well we still don't know. This bacteria has nothing to do with I'll have to keep you updated. Thanks again everyone again for well wishes and prayers and thoughts. Now I'm off to watch COPS on TV and bark at the bad guys.

Friday, July 30, 2010

An Update on my sickies

Thanks to everyone's well wishes on me getting better. I'm very sorry I haven't been able to keep up with everyone's blogs and various goings-on. I'm just too sick and since I haven't slept, I'm too tired. I went back to the vet yesterday and he said we're going to have to do a lot more tests on me to find out what's wrong with me. I had to have blood taken (and no treat after!) and mom brought in a syringe (don't ask) full of liquid poops.
So they had to run this super special test to see what's going on, but the blood work came back kinda funny...I've got elevated liver enzymes. We're still waiting to hear back about my poops (but that will take days!) Until then it's chicken, and not much of it, for me. See my food container in the background? It's full and I'm hungry...why can't it just open up and feed me? Do you see how small my waist has gotten? Has anyone ever heard of an anorexic pug? This is unacceptable!
So really the doctor doesn't know what's wrong with me yet, I'm like 65% back to normal, but that liver thing has mom and dad worried. I'll keep you posted and sorry I'm not my usual obnoxious self. I love you guys!!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being sick is no fun!

Oh man I am not feeling good at all! I've been sick for days...days people!! I haven't poo'd this much in all my 11 months of life. I don't know what's wrong, I don't think I got into anything I shouldn't have. Dad thought it was those bison treats (he even did a blog for me about it), but mom thinks I may have ingested a parasite or got a "bug" at the dog park.
Yesterday mom had to make the call that no pug and I mean no pug likes....the vet (key evil music), and he said bring in a sample. I'm they have to cut a piece of Bell's Pie? Is this like getting a free sample at the pet store? Is my vet going to eat Bellatrix? I soon found daddy chasing me around the backyard after my 1000th round of "Battle Poo" with a funny spoon. Is this the time to get a sample dad? I mean I'm not even marinated yet!?! Then dad scooped something off my um how do I put this??? My high-knee (that's my butt people!) and later that night mom and I were off the vet so he can taste it.
Once there, I got lots of hugs and kisses and pet (but no treats), and I was happy to say that my vet sent my sample off to get cooked before eating it and that he'd tell mom tomorrow how it was. I thought this odd, so I questioned mom with my orb. She stated he wasn't going to eat my sample (like I do at my favorite boo-tique) but that the lab tests it to see why I'm peeing out my back end.
So mom calls the vet today, after I woke her up every 30 minutes last night to go potty, and no parasites. So today I start a new medicine to see if my tummy gets any better. I'm pretty down in the dumps. I've had no daycare, no Spencer time...little to no chewies. Blah blah blah....Has anyone in the whole dogdom ever suffered like this before? How did you get better?? I need to know because my Spencer Sunday is coming up, and I don't want to miss it!

Monday, July 26, 2010

Of Pug and Bison (treats)

Sorry folks, I haven't been a's been a while between postings, and my humans have been bugging me for stuff. Well, lets just say that I'm the pug, they're the humans...

Anyways, I have been a busy pug, going to daycare, goin to Granma's house, and the best of all....My mommy drove me to my new favorite Booteek...Dog Bone Alley, and got me some new delicious treats! They're from an animal called a "Bison." They were SUPER delcious! But there's a problem...My lil pug body doesn't do beef very well, and Bison are a beef cousin. On Sunday, I got sick with the poopy squirts and threw up precious foods! Mommy thinks it may have been the Bison tendon treats, but then she told Daddy about my (almost) bad behavior at the doggie park. I was rolling in and eating something strange, but it tasted good! Daddy thinks the stuff in the doggie park (he called it a carcass?) may have gotten me sick.

So, I was supposed to goto to my favorite doggie daycare on Monday, but instead, stayed home with Daddy, and slept on his lap until the sun was bright and hot! Not only that, he made me my most favorite meal ever: CHICKEN BREAST! Delicious chicken breast!!! Here's the kicker, though, he only gave me a tiny bit, something about throwing it up, blah blah blah. My tummy is feeling tons better, so maybe I'll get more.

I don't think I'll be able to stop my pug ways of eating everything on the ground. But I am trying my hardest! Afterall, I'm almost 1, and I have to start thinking like a grown up pug, but that doesn't mean I have to stop being my goofy self!

Friday, July 16, 2010

Predator Pug

I may be a sleek 20 something pounds of cute puggy-wuggy goodness, but I have another side. No, it isn't my alias. Daddy calls it my animal side, even though I don't think of myself as an animal, just a pug. I won't mention how I started to beg at the backyard door, tricking Daddy to open I could chase Gracie the neighbor's cat, or how I brought back Daddy a carcass of a mystery critter that I dug up in the backyard....I'm just a pug, not some canine predator. However, Mommy and Daddy thought I should channel all that dog-like energy into a more safe play time, and they said that I should have another toy!

So, I wasn't sure what was going on when they dropped me off at Granma's house in the middle of the day?!? Mommy said they were going to bring me a sooprise from a place called Eye-kee-Ya...Not sure what that place was, but the way they were talking, sounded like a giant pug-centric toystore!

Just as the sun was going down, I heard the tap at the door, and Mommy and Daddy picked me up! I couldn't smell anything, and I didn't see anything except big brown boxes in the car...Surely there must be SOMETHING fer me?!?

Well, when I got home there was!

Oh wow! My really own gecko!! I grabbed it, tossed it in the air, threw it on the floor....It is such a cool and tasty toy! Sure, I like my Flappy and Kubba Wubba, but the Gecko is different....It fulfills my animal side and I can still be a cute puggers!

I still dont know where they went, but Eye-Kee-Ya didnt seem like it had fun human toys....just big brown boxes that make Daddy sweat and use bad words. I wonder what's in the boxes?

Maybe he needs some Gecko time?

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Dog Bone Alley

While dad was researching where I can get new toys and treats, he came across "Dog Bone Alley" Over time he kinda forgot about it, but mom has been taking me to a new park lately and this place is close by. So one Saturday, mom grabs Spencer and his mom, and off we go to the dog park. After hours of romping around, we head to this new store.
Oh if I could add smell to my blog, Spencer and I were immediately enchanted with the aromas of treats and toys galore. We were given treats by the nice lady that works there and were able to hang out as long as we wanted. I was totally impressed by the worker, because I can't have beef treats and blueberries, she totally found these new treats for me. She might as well as given me whipped cream! I was hooked....dear friends you must find these "Chicken Littles" treats. One tiny bite and I orb'd mom into picking me up a bag.
Not only does this store have some of the yummiest treats known to pugkind, but the toys...oh it was like I was at Toy's R Us, but for dogs! They even had a section of clothes (not like I'd ever wear any), but Spencer's mom totally got him a super patriotic tie for the 4th of July. He even wore it to Pug Sunday in SF (but I tried to rip it off him).
Did I mention the leashes and collars? Loads of them! For any of you aquatic pugs out there, they have special leashes and collars that are water/mud/yuck proof. This is where Spencer and I went to that "animal communicator" lady. I've had such a great time there, that I've gone back a few more times, plus I ate all my "Chicken Littles" treats and I had to get more. Did I mention they give pugs free treats when you walk in the door? They totally dig our orbs! I mean who passes up the chance for a free treat? Mom already told me we'll be going back soon, so I'm working on some more "orb poses". I can already taste the yummy cookies coming my way.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Busy Signal?

So I've had some requests to clarify what the "Animal Communicator" didn't get me. Well, as you all know I've got a "unique" condition, and she didn't even pick up on it! Um hello, how do you not pick up on that? Next, she says I love Spencer more than he loves me....well actually she "claims" I love him like a girl loves a boy and that I bother him too much for attention, however he only loves me like a sister. This is totally not true at all! Sure we play together, but I don't pester him, he loves it when I make him play with me for hours.
Next, she says I'm afraid of being left in the car by my mom was fuming when she heard this. First off, mom doesn't leave me in the car! She knows how dangerous that can be, a dog can die like that, let alone a pug! Next she said I don't like to be in the back of the car, I pretty much sit on moms lap while she drives. Um yeah.
Then she claims I told her that mom "gets" me better than dad, and that mom breaks rules when it comes to me. If anyone has ever met mom, then you know she's the Alpha and lives by the rules. Plus I'm totally daddy's little girl and I connect more with him. I'm sorry but I didn't tell this lady a thing. In fact I tooted at the end, just to let her know what I thought of her. Hehehe....

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Animal Communicator?

So mom had been hinting that there was going to be a big surprise for me and Spencer today. I woke up extra early (5:57am!) just as excited as can be....I love surprises and if they include Spencer, so much the better!! We arrive at Spencer's house, where some serious playing occurred. Then it was off in the car for a new Pug Sunday!! Yep, mom found a pug Sunday in Dublin, and our moms love meeting "pug people". So imagine our surprise when we arrive and THERE ARE NO PUGS!!! Nope just some bully of a dog, who was pushing me and Spencer around...he was such an a*%#@!* (censored by mom!) He totally tried to hurt me...ME! Can you believe it? Poor Spencer was upset and beside himself because he tried to take him down. So we quickly left that park (I flipped him the paw on the way out), and headed to our favorite park in the world Hap McGee Ranch ( I will blog about it at a later time).

Spencer and I met up with our friends, and frolicked for a long time. I always know Spencer feels better when he does his cool pug run, he zips around the park so fast! After a hour or so of play, our moms said they had another surprise for us? Instantly Spencer and I thought food, but nope, it was an appointment with an "Animal Communicator". She was suppose to talk to us and help better our relationship with our humans. Well, either I had a busy signal, or Spencer wasn't feeling too chatty, but the whole experience left our moms shaking their head. Nothing was right, but at least the money went to a local animal rescue group.

I did have fun today with Spencer, and I did orb my way out of an extra treat at the dog store (where the "animal communicator" was), however she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. That I love me some Spencer and he loves me back!

Saturday, July 10, 2010

California Gurls

Now that the summer is really heating up, mom and dad have me running through the sprinklers. It helps keep me cool and gives me exercise. It also brings to mind one of my favorite songs "California Gurls" by Katy Perry. Why do I love this song so much, it's because mommy always changes the words to fit in some reference to me or pugs. We'll be driving home together and this is what I get...
"California Pugs, we're unforgettable."
"Black and fawn we've got the whole lot"
"Sun kissed fur, so smooth it melts the icicles"

"California pugs, we're so fantastical"
"Fine fresh fierce, we got it a lot"
"West coast represent, now put your paws up"

Oh my mom is so silly, she's always doing this...but usually to Lady Gaga. Somehow "Poker Face" turns into "Bellatrix"...shesh. I don't mind, I secretly like it, I just wish she could learn how to sing! I even spoke to Spencer about this, and his mom turned "Alejandro" into "Mr. Hambone" which is his nickname. I know our moms and dads love us tons, so do your 'rents do this to you? If so, to what song? What do the words get changed to? I'd love to hear your stories.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm a sensative girl

The other day mom picked me up from daycare (like usual) only today she didn't seem like her normal happy self. We quickly got into the car, no filtered water or extra hugs for me, and we just drove home. Yup, no Katy Perry blasting, no Lady Gaga well gaga-ing, nope just silence. Mom seemed very distracted, not really giving me the love I'm so accustomed to. We get home, after a few stops for mom to just breathe (weird huh?), and she just hands me off to dad. No big "We're Home!" song and dance we like to do, no (gulp!) feeding me...she just takes off to the bedroom.

Dad explained that mom had a migraine headache and needed me to be extra good. I understood. I didn't go down the hallway asking mom to come out, I didn't bark at the birds in the backyard...nope I was on my best behavior. When we went in a few hours later to wake mom up, I just tip-toed in and gave her my "I understand" orbs. She said she felt a little better, but not 100%, so I did what any pug in this situation could do...sleep.
I made sure I didn't bother her all night. I just slept and quickly went potty when we went outside, but I was a perfect angel. Mom and I went to bed early, and when she woke up the next morning, she was back to her loud Italian self....and the best news...she gave me extra love for being so good. Ahhh...all was well.
So I ask all you fellow friends...when your human isn't feeling 100% and they need that extra pug attention, are you in tune with that? Do you behave yourself or do you just know when something isn't right? It's our job to put smiles on their faces, and I know I earned my pug wings.

Oh and yes my bed is inside day I got mad at it and made it my bitch. 'Nuff said.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Pug Sunday!!

So I know I already posted a little bit about Pug Sunday, but Puglet's mom took this hysterical picture of me playing with a labradoodle! I'm looking fierce as heck in it! I thought you might all like to see how much fun Pug Sunday can be, even if you're not a pug. I mean Brother Dutch always comes and he's not a pug-although he is a pug in training. So this Sunday mom is taking me and Spencer to a pug Sunday in Dublin California. If any of you bay area pugs are interested, mom will give out the information. It looks real fun, and after, we're going to some place special. It's a secret! Don't worry I'll totally blog about it.
Thanks again for this cool picture Ms. Puglet (hehe). Mom says thanks for all her birthday well wishes, that you all are like an extra family. She said turning *&!@ (edited by mom) wasn't so bad...pretty soon she'll be the big &^!#-0!

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy Birftday mommy!!

Today was my mommy's birfdays! She turned *& years old...hehe mommy totally edited that on me! Her friend April took this picture of me and made an online card for my mom, and posted it on her Facebook page. Isn't it cool? Mom said we had to share it with everyone. Mom didn't have to work today, so as a gift to her, I slept in until 7 am! How awesome and I? Mom said that was the best gift ever, and I wasn't even on Benedryl (which makes me loopy and sleepy), this was pure exhaustion!
See mom has been having a mini-vacation. She was off work for 4 days, and she spent them all with me, well me and Spencer. We went to the dog park, and a new dog boutique (oh I totally will have a great blog next Sunday...stay tuned) and we headed into the big city (San Francisco) to enjoy a pug Sunday. We hung with Pug and Dutch and Phoebe and Zoey. Mom finally cut the cord and let me run off leash and I mostly listened to her. We didn't stay long, it was windy, and mom was having mini heart attacks with me being off leash. Spencer looked dapper in his 4th of July tie, he's my handsome man.
Dad and I put our cookie money together to get mom some fun toys for her birthday, but she said the best gift she ever got was us in her life. I don't know about dad, but I know that's true! She's lucky to have me! hehe

Saturday, July 3, 2010

You're turning violet, Violet!

Does anyone remember what movie that is from? Yup one of mom's favorites...Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory! In it one of the girls named Violet loves to chew gum. She comes across a piece that mimics eating full meals. Wonka tries to stop the girl from eating it, but she does know why? When she gets to the desert of blueberry pie, she plumps up like a blueberry.

Well, mom thought I'd like these all natural blueberry treats, so she got them for me. At first I wasn't so sure, so I decided to put it in my bed, you know, like store it for when mom and dad hold out on treats. See, some bit(er woman) commented about me at the dog park...saying that I had "filled out", man if I wasn't so nice I would have beat the...err anyways, dad thinks I'm getting too pudgy so they've cut back on treats and meals. So last night I was S T A R V I N G, and no amount of orbs was going to make mom give in. So I went to plan B, aka plan blueberry. So I ate that treat, not the best treat I've ever eaten, but desperate times and all that. So about an hour later, I try looking up from my bed to check in with mom (she was mesmorized by True Blood on DVD) and I couldn't open my eyes! I was freaking out!! Mom paused (hey...can't miss a beat on that show or you're lost) and came to see what was up. My poor eyes had swollen shut and my face was puffy. I looked awful!! Mom texted dad all in a panic, and he figured that blueberry was the culprit.

Luckily we have benedryl at the house from my allergies and I was fine by this morning....but last night was ruff. Mom took a picture, but I talked her out of posting didn't do my orbs justice (seeing that you couldn't actually see my orbs!). Anyone else out there have similar experience? I'd love to have you share with the rest of the class.

Oh and if anyone hasn't seen Willy Wonka and The Chocolate highly recommends the original with Gene Wilder (not her dream man Johnny Depp)...

Thursday, July 1, 2010

Busy Belly

I must's been a while since I blogged aboot my fun and adventures! It's been a busy week for me, Mommy and Daddy. Daddy is running around buying presents for Mommy's birthday! I know I used some of my treat money to help Daddy get Mommy a really cool present! Don't tell her, but I know what it is! Mommy has been busy, she went to a really late movie called "twilight." Daddy called it a teeny-bopper movie, Mommy called it lust, whatever that means. I know there wasn't any pugs in it.

Since Mommy has a few days off, we have a lot of stuff planned! I'm going to my favorite park, maybe a trip to see the big resevoir again, but I think it might be too hot, and my smooshy nose doesn't like the heat. Anyways, Spencer and Me might also get togo to a new store. Mommy calls it a "booteek." I think it's a fancy word for pet store. But that means treats for me and Spencer! I'll keep ya all updated!

Today, Mommy and Daddy took me to the doggie park, where I played with some of my doggie friends. Here's the thing...Daddy says I should try some daring adventures in the wilds, like Puglet does. Mommy freaked out...Something about bugs and wild animals and not being close to Disneyland? Sometimes I think my Mommy is weird. Bugs taste good, I'll protect everyone from the wilds, and what exactly is a Disney? And where is this Land?

Daddy has been bugging me with his new fotography hobby, and he has a lot of hobbies. Here's a pic he took of my orbs. He says it isn't the best pic, but it does convey the power of pug orbs. All of my Pug friends can print this page when your human isn't around, and then use it on your humans to get delicious treats, hugs and kisses: