Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Snoozle? Who's ever heard of a Snoozle?

I have to thank my awesome friend Pug for introducing me to the Snoozle. What the heck is a Snoozle you ask? It's a pigs nose. It's kinda soft and oh so yummy. Mom found them super cheap online, and ordered me ONE WHOLE POUND! That's right my hungry friends, one whole freaking pound of pig....for my belly.
Or so I thought.....it appears mom said I tend to be um.....a fuller figured gal. So mom says I don't get to eat the whole thing. So this can only mean one thing...GIVE AWAY!!! If you want one (I'm gonna give away 3 of these pieces of heaven) just leave a comment for this post.

I mean you want one of these right? Now if there are more than one of you in the house hold (sucka you have to share your 'rents) then post a comment from each dog (sorry felines) in the household. Mom will randomize winners and post the winners on this blog. You have until Thursday night at like 10 pm Pacific time to leave the comment.
Good luck, and until the winners are picked, I will just have to eat them all myself. See it pays to be an only child.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Random Acts of Cuteness....it's back!!

It was brought to my attention today, from both my mom and dad, that I am simply adorable. As such, I have decided to share the power of my cuteness and in turn let all of you yield your own powers of cuteness as well.

For anyone who is a new reader of my blog, I used to dedicate Monday's to Random Acts of Cuteness. This works as follows....

1. Orb your 'rents into taking a picture of you being oh so adorable
2. Receive your treat for being so adorable
3. Submit that picture to my mom, here's her email mugglechris@gmail.com
4. Include your name and if you have a blog, include it. I pimp all blogs (shameless I know)
5. Check back on Monday to see if you were selected for my "Random Acts of Cuteness" page.

I promise that every picture I get will be posted, and if you have more than one...send away! Got brothers and sisters...they can have their own day too! If you were posted before, send another picture...come on your ass has been adorable since I last posted your picture. I know you have.

Now....if you happen to be a bordie collie, I may post your picture, but it's at my discretion. Mom note....all pictures submitted will be posted (yes even bordie collies). Oh and thanks for that hot dog in the pool suggestion....bummer my 'rents don't eat hot dogs! I'm still working on it though.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pug + pool = Towel!

Yep...that's me...The Belly...under a towel. Seems that Daddy let me out in the backyard to do some pee-pee-pody. Well, being silly Daddy, he turned his back, and I jumped into my Pug-Pool! It was sooper hot, today, so I needed the cool-off. It's a mini-pool for hooman kiddies, so the water wasn't that deep, but deep enough that I left pugpaw prints all over the house! That's when Daddy got the towel, and one of my favorite games began: The Towel Game!

Daddy said I shouldn't be rewarded for my pool play, but what's a pug to do? I blame it on belly instinct to be the pug-loony-crazy-funny-pug that I am!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


Oh Crap! We have collapse. The heat has melted my body into a blob of black pug-i-ness. There is no cure except cold weather. Mom gave me a cold bath, and that helped, but this is triple digit heat. It sucks so much! What's a pug to do??

Monday, June 20, 2011

Can Pugs Melt?

I live in the San Francisco bay area, and today it was hotter than the devil's armpit! Just two weeks ago it was raining, and I missed a Sunday play date with my Spencer. Today I'm living in my freezer. Is it possible for a pug to melt? Wake me in November!!

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Check this handsome guy out...he's my daddy. Daddy is like the coolest guy ever! He plays Hedgie with me, he plays flappy, and best of all......he cooks me chicken (mom can't cook). See mom and dad used to live in a small apartment that didn't allow dogs, but when they got a house, mom decided they needed a black hermaphroditic pug. So then I came along, and caused all sorts of chaos (hehe). Dad has never been happier.
Mom said that today is a day for my dad. I made sure to give him lots of extra kisses today, and made sure he had a smile on his face.
Now I know not everyone has a daddy, and that got me kinda thinking. My dad is sooooo freaking awesome, that I think I should share him with all of you. So don't worry if you don't have a daddy in your home, you can share mine! He is the best daddy to play with, and he gives good love. He even dispenses treats with just a quick orbing, how easy is he? So you can apply here if you want to "borrow" my daddy.

Saturday, June 18, 2011


The P.U.S.S. (Pug Ultra Snorty Surveillance System) captured the occupant of the mysterious brown bag that's been dragged around by my Hedgies...And that's a HUGE Hedgie! I came home from Doggie Day Care and saw IT....JUMBO HEDGIE!!!!

YOWSA! SNORT! Biggest Hedgie EVER! No wonder The Hedgies were trying to hide him. Mommy and Daddy told me that they talked to my Hedgies and they said a Jumbo Hedgie was at my favorite store. I remember seeing him, one time, when I was buying my monthly supply of delicious treats. I pondered orbing Mommy and Daddy to liberate Jumbo, but I got sidetracked with the free treats the nice lady was giving me (silly Belly, always thinking with me Belly).

Lot's 'o Hedgie playtime!

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer blahs...

I was gettin sooper excited...The big Hedgie sooprise was gonna be revealed, but then Mother Nature got nasty and every pug's worst enemy happened: summer heat.

I'm a black pug with a itty-bitty smooshed nose. I don't do heat very well, especially when it's like a million degrees. Daddy took that pic in my backyard. Yikes, not even Gracie is in the sun!

Sooo...when it's hot, I get lazy and sleeeeeep the day away. Daddy thought I could use a small walk, though, until I saw this:
Holy pug-butt! That's the temperature where my paws are! Eeeeeek.....I ain't goin' anywhere!

Maybe I will sleep the day away, and when Mr. Sun goes away, I'll go on a walk...

Friday, June 10, 2011


So, in my never ending quest to protect Casa De Belly from the evil Gracie The Cat, I had a Pug-Ultra-Snorty-Surveillance-System installed when I thought Gracie was playin with my toys and sleepin in my Monkey Bed. Well...well...well...the PUSSS didn't capture Gracie in its hi-tech net, instead, it captured HEDGIES!?!?!?!?!

Daddy helped me review the footage, and he also thinks they are up to something. What's in the darn bag? Kinda looks like a nose?

But, then I see this picture of all my Hedgies in my Monkey Bed, almost like they're resting after a long day of planning when The Belly was at Daycare? Hmmm.....I must get to the bottom of all this, even if it costs me some treats...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Hedgie Conspiracy??

So, I've been playin a lot with my Hedgie toys, lately. Even more than my Flappy and Kubba Wubba! Not sure why, but I'm liking me some Hedgies! Anyways, the other day, after a long day of playing and keeping order at Doggie Daycare (I'm HPIC-Head Pug In Charge), I was looking forward to dinner, treats, chewies, treats, treats, dinner...and some quality Hedgie time with Mommy and Daddy. Until I saw this:

Daddy said he didn't know what was going on, either does Mommy. All of my Hedgies seem like they are up to something, and it took some ingenuity to take a foto like this...Hmmmmmm....Another clue: the baggy made of delicious paper has my favorite store's sticker on it: Dogbone Alley....What's in the bag? I can't find the bag anywhere, and I've been snifin' and lookin'.....

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Orbs...and Golden Chicken

So.....Do you want the good news...or the bad news???????? SNORT!

I guess, being a happy pug, good news should be first: I went to my follow-up orb doctor appointment...and...NO MORE LASHES, NO MORE INFECTIONS!!! Everything was a-o.k.! I wanna give a big snorty-thanks to everyone for the support and good juju vibes!

Now the bad news, but it isn't that bad. My right orb has some pigmentation, so I have to use a white-toob-of-doom medicine once a day. The medicine will control the pigmentation that's covering some of my orb. It isn't so bad, as I get a real special treat when Mommy and Daddy gimmie my medicine.

So, after a long day at the orb doctor, Daddy said he was craving something, after reading Puglet's blog. Hmmm....what could Daddy be craving....GOLDEN CHICKEN!!!!

Daddy went to the big store that sells everything but pugs, and picked up the delicious piece-o-poultry...YUMMERS...Chicken is my all time favorite hooman food, i go pug-loony over it.



My belly is full, my orbs are good...Big adventures, here ! come!!!