Friday, December 30, 2011

Belly's belly is busted...

I'm in the car, and it isn't for fun....

Here's a little back story. In the first part of November, Daddy noticed that I have been vomiting up yellow yucky empty stomach goo. Usually it happens in the afternoon, and I don't really feel any different when it happens. I still eat, poo, play...typical pug stuff. Well, Daddy started keeping track of the vomiting, and it was happening aboot once every ten days or so, almost always in the afternoon. It also happened early in the morning when Emi was here with me, and a few times when I was staying with my Granma.

Also, since I've been a puppy-pug, I sometimes get really loud belly noises from my tummy, usually at night or early morning. They can be so loud that they scare me, and I won't eat! Mommy seems to have figured out that some food before bedtime helps with me loud tummy (doesn't food help everything?).

So, at Daycare a few days ago, in the afternoon, I vomited the yellow goo. I then drank way too much water and also puked that up. My favorite hooman at Daycare got scared and put me in the office and called my Mommy.  She called Daddy, and they decided to take me to the pug doctor. The doctor looked me over, put me on the scale (23 pounds?!) and then they poked me and took some blood from me for testing.  The doc also said I should take a medicine called Raglan, to help with the vomiting.

The doc called my Mommy with some potential bad-news: the blood tests showed some funny numbers. Oh crap, back to the doc for a special test to test for something called, "Addison's Disease." So, Mommy and Daddy shlepped me back to the doc, where I had to stay for a few hours so they could poke me and prod me with the test. When they picked me up, we went to the doggie park so we could all relax and be puggie. I was a bit depressed, as I always seem to have a sickie. But, my bud Mugsy the Pug was at the park! We did some pug face wrestling and some pug runoffs, which perked me up!

That night, Mommy gave me my first dose of Raglan medicine. It was yucky, and made me want to eat everything! (Daddy edit: the Raglan is used to speed digestion and ease the stomach. It also works on the brain to supress the vomiting signals to the stomach). I was restless and didn't have a good sleep. Mommy went to work, all worried about me eating the wood floors, and drinking a lot of water. I stayed with Daddy, and slept on his lap for the morning.

So, the doc called my Mommy with GREAT news: My blood work was normal, no Addison's Disease!  But I still have an overly acidic tummy, so he suggested taking a hooman medicine called Pepcid, but I don't have to take that yucky Raglan pill! Daddy thinks that I sometimes vomit because my stomach becomes upset when it's too empty and the acid irritates and makes me puke.

To celebrate, me and Daddy went to the park, where I met a new puggie puppy named Roxy. She was a 6 month old spastic pug! I was still pretty sleepy, but we did the face smoosh for a while before she had to leave.

Wow, what a crazy last few days! Has anyone dealt with a sour tummy like mine?

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Fat Man Real or Fake??

I was a pretty good girl this year so when mom hinted that I might be on the Fat Man's naughty list, I told her that he can suck it!  I've been wicked good!  Sure I bite Pug's back fat, Spencer's curly tail and steal Dutch's treats....but really my wings and halo are still intact, right?  Ok...not perfect, but who is?  So when I woke mom up real early on Christmas morning I wasn't surprised to see goodies in my stocking and under the tree.  I got this cool stuffed Yeti, the label says it's from some Mouse House in Florida and my parents just got back from there...hmmmm....

The Fat Man also gave me this new collar!!  It's bright orange and camo!  Dad says it's perfect for my adventures and looks amaze balls against my ultra black fur.  Dad loves the color orange, and this collar is orange....interesting.  I really wanted to tackle the items under my tree, but mom said we had to wait for dad to wake up....this gave me time to think.

When I finally got dad to wake up, I quickly unwrapped my gifts and found a pink camo stufftie. 

I couldn't wait to play with it.  Wait a minute!!  I saw mom looking at this website Pugs In The Kitchen, and saw these on there!  How did the Fat Man know I wanted one??  Hello?!?  Pink and Camo?!?  Perfect gift for the hermaphrodite in all of us. 

I quickly sniffed out the most important thing of all...FOOD!  I had this big dog approved gingerbread cookie just waiting for my belly to engage with it.  So how does that Fat Man do it?  How does he know what is really in a pug's heart??  He must be real!!!

Ah who really gives a sh*#@??  The Fat Man gave me food and I'm too busy eating it...oh no I said a bad word...sorry Santa...I promise to be good all year.....

Paws crossed.....

Thursday, December 22, 2011


What was Daddy thinking? I know this time of the year is known as "Christmas" to my hoomans, and that means I receive all sorts of goodies in a giant sock with my name on it. Daddy also gets presents for me, via proxy, as some stores aren't very pug friendly, even if my saved up treat money is just as good...

So, Daddy needed to wrap my proxy presents in special paper, so Mommy wouldn't know what was inside. And we all know how much I like to eat paper...And that special paper was on a never ending roll of deliciousness!

Without my Daddy knowing, I managed to chew on a corner of the present. Daddy tried shoooing me away, and even tried to bribe me with treats, but nothing was as yummy as that paper.

Daddy then made a deal with me....If I surpressed my chewy instincts for a few minutes, he would play with me for as long as I wanted...So I did it! The presents were wrapped, and playtime commenced:

Silly Daddy! Wubbas! Flappy! Hedgies! Pully!  HAhahahahahahahahahaha...Snort!

Monday, December 19, 2011

The Spotted Date

If you read my blog, you know I have this thing for a certain spotted Dalmatian named Dutch.  Now Dutch isn't too crazy about me.  He thinks I can be a little pushy and I tend to steal food right out of his mouth while he's my defense that was only once.  There is that one time I attacked him when he was given a treat and I had already finished mine...and that I tried to steal his Henrietta Chicken while he was playing with it....but really hold those little offenses against me??

Just look at him!  Compared to Pug, and his glorious back fat, Dutch is top notch!

So you all know mom bought that pink bed right??

Well I invited Dutch after our beach romp yesterday to try it out with me.  He didn't feel like driving over and it got me thinking that maybe he didn't like me.  I even brought him a whole bunch of my Pugs In The Kitchen treats and I didn't attack him or anything!

Maybe Dutch is just shy.....and I was beginning to feel rejected....then it happened!!!

Dutch invited me back to his Mazda and surprised me with a leopard print bed!  If the Mazda is a Rockin' then don't come a kna kna kna knockin'!!  Sorry ladies...but remember Hermaphrodites do it twice as nice!!

The rest of this blog has been censored by my mom!!

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Pugs in the Kitchen

It's Saturday and as usual I went to Grandma's house today while mom had to work.  When I got home, dad showed me a box had arrived for me!!

It came from Pugs In The Kitchen....ironically I was in our's like me and the box were meant to be united.

Oh Crap...what do we have here?  Well deck my halls....treats!!!!  Honey Rosemary Chicken??!!  Can it get any better than that??

Pumpkin Kisses!!!  I certainly think my name is on the Nice list this year Fat Man!!!

Right here mom.  In my mouth!!  No need to put them away, I can eat them all right now.  Share them with my spotted man??  Share them with my other pug friends?  I guess, but it's not going to be easy.  Them treats are so good!!

Mom apologizes for this last pic, however she was attempting to take a picture of me eating my delicious treats, but I would eat them so fast, it was a blur.  They are so freaking good!

Where can you get them??  Just go to their website and order them yourself!  The company is run by fellow Pug Sluts and we like to support our friends right?  Can I just say how yummy them treats are??  There were some other things in the box, but I can't show them right is a Christmas gift for my secret spotted crush and I don't want to ruin his surprise.  

Speaking of my spotted crush....wish me luck!  I'm seeing him tomorrow with all my pug friends.  I'm going to be extra naughty now that I have all my yummy treats already. 

Friday, December 16, 2011

The pay off....

Hubba looks like my open invitation to share my pink bed with a certain spotted dalmatian has totally paid off!!  Mom told me that I get to hang out with my secret crush on Sunday.  Holy Crap!!

Mom picked me up from daycare today and exclaimed "PHEW!  Your ass stinks!"  It seems I smelled especially dog like and mom and dad thought I needed a bath.  I agree, I want to look my best for Dutchie.

I mean check this out!  A shampoo made for us black dogs.  It was all over the Fashion Police....Black is the new Black right??  I mean this is a cute black pug on the bottle, but I think I could have rocked this cover more!  Right??

So I'm all clean, check out my waist (I'm practically anorexic!) and my coat is shiny....I'm ready to dazzle the jingle off Dutch's bells.  Now I just have to wait until Sunday.  Until then, I will curl up in my pink bed and dream of him....

Soon I will talk a walk along the beach with you...oh sweet Dutch.....

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Really mom?!? Do you know me at all???

The 'rents are all super guilty lately.  They went away on vacation last week and left me with Grandma.  I managed to get into a bunch of trouble while gone, and when they came to pick me up, they tried to make it up to me....I mean they left me, so that they could hang out with a freaking Mouse!  A Mouse that lives in Florida no less!  Mom says I should be happy I'm named after a Harry Potter character and not after said Mouse.....Anyway.....once home we decorated for the up coming holidays.  Once again my stocking is up and ready, all it needs is some treats and chewies!

Mom didn't have to work today, but I got dropped off at daycare anyway.  She said she had to go Christmas shopping and they don't allow pugs.  All I know is that I got home and this giant pink bed was under the tree...for me.  REALLY??  A giant PINK bed with a bow even.  Does mom not know me at all?  I am so not a pink bed pug.  What was she thinking??

I didn't want to insult mom, so I decided to go ahead and check it out.  I mean...I guess the bow isn't too bad right??  I'm not so sure about all the pink fuzz on the side though...

Hey this isn't too bad.  It's kinda soft and squishy.  It's really big and roomy...maybe it's not so bad after all....

Shhh...don't tell the 'rents, but I really do kinda like this bed.  I guess a big PINK fuzzy bed isn't so bad after all.  So don't bother me....I"m sleeping.

Monday, December 12, 2011

Run, Belly, run!

So, it was a chaotic week in the life 'o Bellatrix. However, that's for another bloggy, as I have something very important to share...Pugtacular was upon us, and that means...Pug Races!!!!!!!  As you may know,  victory has eluded me the last few events. This time, though, was different. I was ready, fit and trim and ready to burn pug-paw rubber!  The first heat, for pugs over 2 years old went well. I had a traction problem (damn wooden floors), but came in a close second, and qualified for the final races!

And here's what happened...

So.....a puggle?!?!? Really, a puggle attacks my Mommy, and is declared THE WINNER?!? I know I swooped in with my superior pug-speed and won the race, however the judging people declared the puggle as the winner...grrrrrr...snort.....ggrrrrrrr.....

Daddy wanted to protest, as we had video evidence, but Mommy said it was o.k....and we didn't need to do that, as I know I squeeked out a victory, and the event, overall, was for pugs needing good homes, and going to the event helped that cause.

Monday, December 5, 2011


So, after a long day of defending my status at Daycare, or hanging with Daddy at the Dogpark, or going for sooper adventures, my favorite thing to do is grab a hooman's lap and sleep. It isn't that hard, all the hooman has to do his sit in my favorite spot on the sofa, and prepare the lap for my invasion.  Sometimes the hoomans (yes, you, Mommy and Daddy) don't come to me right away, and make me get out the big guns: Pug Guiilt!

How can any hooman resist my charm, my orbs, my pathetic attempt at attention?

Well, they do, sometimes...And then I resort to my last tactic, a loud, depressing sigh, a quick pug sneeze and I then plop down on the sofa, right in the middle of Mommy and Daddy's favorite cushion:
Too bad, suckers! You're cushion is all mine!! You should've given me some lap time when you had the chance!