Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The woes of a pug's life...

I'm a busy pug...well, not really like hooman busy, but my pug needs and my computer needs, my food needs, my snuggle needs, my leaning needs, my play needs, my Hedgie needs, my bally needs, my bed needs, my sofa cushion, my friends, My Mommy's Facebook stuff, Dogster, Twitter....SNORT!

What's a pug to do? I have to cram so much into my busy life, that sometimes I have to slooow down,  nudge my Daddy of the sofa...and  NAP!

In all seriousness, the "rents have not been the most cooperative when I need some thumbs (or for Daddy, two fingers to type with) to complete my blog. Don't they know that I am THE BELLY!? That my peeps and pugs are waiting for my next adventure?

Maybe I should hire a personal assistant? I can pay them in treat money, or with simple ORB power?


  1. Bellatrix,
    You can pay af personal assistant in bacon. Maybe Puglet, supermodel that he is, could be your emanuensis. He is in trouble at home right now and might appreciate a vacation. Or maybe Frank!

  2. If you find someone, let us know! Our mom has school on top of work plus rescue stuff which leaves precious little time for us and the blog. We have an account with Pugs in the Kitchen!

  3. We always love hearing from you but don't worry we will stick around. You are worth the wait!

  4. Sometimes you just gotta take the bull by the horns and go on strike when the mom won't do you typing for you....i had to sit mom down the other day and explain the importance of my blog over all over aspects in her life.....she promised she would try harder, but she also promised she would start cooking for me, (and we all remember those hotdogs) and that she really wasn't a robot.....
    stella rose

  5. Emma ' n Piggy say...
    Ya would think your rents wld realize that this pug mob needs to know what you are doing...at least once a day! If you don't tell us...we just make stuff up on our own. Who knows what kinda miss-information is swirling around out here.
    How 'bout pictures when in a pinch...he he...WE can make up your thoughts :)

  6. When The Belly needs, then rents should JUMP!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  7. Belly, I'm still laughing... let me know if you find the assistant!

  8. Boy you are a busy pug! Being pug isn't always easy.

    If you get an assistant, you should have them pay you! To part of such a privalaged life, they should pay tribute to the Belly!