Friday, December 30, 2011

Belly's belly is busted...

I'm in the car, and it isn't for fun....

Here's a little back story. In the first part of November, Daddy noticed that I have been vomiting up yellow yucky empty stomach goo. Usually it happens in the afternoon, and I don't really feel any different when it happens. I still eat, poo, play...typical pug stuff. Well, Daddy started keeping track of the vomiting, and it was happening aboot once every ten days or so, almost always in the afternoon. It also happened early in the morning when Emi was here with me, and a few times when I was staying with my Granma.

Also, since I've been a puppy-pug, I sometimes get really loud belly noises from my tummy, usually at night or early morning. They can be so loud that they scare me, and I won't eat! Mommy seems to have figured out that some food before bedtime helps with me loud tummy (doesn't food help everything?).

So, at Daycare a few days ago, in the afternoon, I vomited the yellow goo. I then drank way too much water and also puked that up. My favorite hooman at Daycare got scared and put me in the office and called my Mommy.  She called Daddy, and they decided to take me to the pug doctor. The doctor looked me over, put me on the scale (23 pounds?!) and then they poked me and took some blood from me for testing.  The doc also said I should take a medicine called Raglan, to help with the vomiting.

The doc called my Mommy with some potential bad-news: the blood tests showed some funny numbers. Oh crap, back to the doc for a special test to test for something called, "Addison's Disease." So, Mommy and Daddy shlepped me back to the doc, where I had to stay for a few hours so they could poke me and prod me with the test. When they picked me up, we went to the doggie park so we could all relax and be puggie. I was a bit depressed, as I always seem to have a sickie. But, my bud Mugsy the Pug was at the park! We did some pug face wrestling and some pug runoffs, which perked me up!

That night, Mommy gave me my first dose of Raglan medicine. It was yucky, and made me want to eat everything! (Daddy edit: the Raglan is used to speed digestion and ease the stomach. It also works on the brain to supress the vomiting signals to the stomach). I was restless and didn't have a good sleep. Mommy went to work, all worried about me eating the wood floors, and drinking a lot of water. I stayed with Daddy, and slept on his lap for the morning.

So, the doc called my Mommy with GREAT news: My blood work was normal, no Addison's Disease!  But I still have an overly acidic tummy, so he suggested taking a hooman medicine called Pepcid, but I don't have to take that yucky Raglan pill! Daddy thinks that I sometimes vomit because my stomach becomes upset when it's too empty and the acid irritates and makes me puke.

To celebrate, me and Daddy went to the park, where I met a new puggie puppy named Roxy. She was a 6 month old spastic pug! I was still pretty sleepy, but we did the face smoosh for a while before she had to leave.

Wow, what a crazy last few days! Has anyone dealt with a sour tummy like mine?


  1. Such good news Bellatrix! I hope your parents put your new pill in something yummy!

  2. Great news, Bellatrix! And, since your tummy gets upset when it's too empty, maybe more noms would help! Yep, food does help everything!

  3. Yay for good news!! We think you just need to have noms available at your request at all times!! :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda, Brutus & Ellie

  4. Hi BELLY! You and Sluggo can form a support group! He just got started on a bedtime snack for the same reason. It has been working out well. No yellow sliming since he started a couple weeks ago. Very similar symptoms. The vet said the extra snack is a good idea, and if it works, that probably when his belly gets empty, it gets irritated by the acid. Then we shouldn't worry. He has never been not hungry after the yellow slime comes up. That is another sign that it is from the empty belleh. Hope you get some extra treats from it. He gets yogurt and banana, or yogurt and a cookie. Stuff like that. Only thing is he keeps trying to get everyone to go to bed earlier and earlier!

  5. Bella! I'm so happy to hear about your good vet report and even more excited for you that the solution seems to be more food! That is every pug's dream! I take a Pepcid every morning too! Happy eating!

  6. So glad that you are okay. We were getting really worried half way through today's post. Zoey has the same rumbly, noisy stomach thing & she doesn't always want to eat. When her stomach starts to bother her, usually in the late evening she will go outside and eat some of the mint leaves we have growing in the backyard. Google says that mint is good for an upset stomach but we are not sure about an acidic stomach but it might be worth looking into. We're happy that nothing with deter you from your pugginess & fun.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  7. thanks everyone! I am totally getting my food on in a big way....silly 'rents fell right into my plan

  8. Oh sorry to hear about tummy troubles. Our Zoey had some strange happenings this past Summer and stopped eatting. Oh, here tummy was SO noisy. She got put on medicine to stop the vomit-ugh and pepcid. It worked!!!

  9. Glad you dodged the Addison's bullet.

    Arnie has the yellow bile when too much time goes on between meals. The solution is eat more frequently. A win, in his book.

  10. Phew! I'm so glad you're okay! AND, you're getting more food as a result?! How awesome is that?

  11. Hi bella,
    I'm glad to hear your blood work came back normal. Getting more noms is always good. If your 'rents are concerned about you putting on weight, a trick my mom read up on, was to divide your food into smaller portions, but more times a day!! you and your tummy will think you get more food..and almost all day long too!!!
    Like mom thinks she is being sneaky by breaking my after walk treat in half....I get TWO noms and she feels like she is "treating" me. by giving me TWO noms....when she and I both know it's the same ol' silly half I had always gotten. Such silly hoomanness. *snort snort*

  12. Hi Bella,
    So glad you are feeling better. What a great solution to your tummy troubles, more food.

  13. Oh my goodness Belly! I'm really glad that you are feeling better and that the Doctor says you are well and that you get to eat food and have managed to find a little cure for your bad belly! Bless you! It was a crazy time for you for sure! X x x x x X Love, Licks and Big Pug Hugs from your friend Frank!

  14. Thank goodness you're okay Bella and not only that you should be getting more noms!