Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Welcome 2013

Last night we said goodbye to 2012.....and welcomed a new year!  I think 2013 should be the year that I rule the world!

Well maybe not total world domination....just domination over my 'rents.  Like demanding more adventures. Don't they know I need to discover new locations and pee on everything!?!  Future generations must know this hermie had been there!

Then there is napping.....luckily I already trained my 'rents to give up their laps whenever I feel it's necessary to nap on them.  I'm not one for cuddling, I am one for stealing their body heat and demanding pets.

So I guess I have some world domination......it just happens to be my 'rents world.

So I have some fun and exciting things coming up in 2013.  I'll be sharing them soon with everyone.  I hope you guys have facebook, some of it will involve it.  Also, I have a project (or two) that I'll need your help with...that's right...you will be helping me.  Trust me....world domination will be mine...hehehe


  1. Hi Belly!
    Wesa wish you and your rents a very blessed Christmas!! World domination hmmm...wesa think starting out with the 'rents is a good step.
    Much Luvums,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, & Mimi

  2. Hi Beautiful Bella-T!

    You know we'll be paws up to help out, anything for you.

    Happy New Year you sexy hermie!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  3. Happy New Year!!!!!

    Love Zoe, Peyton, Webster, Liberty & Whitney

  4. Happy New Year!! Lets have a great 2013!

    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  5. Sounds like an exciting year ahead for one of my favorite "females!" Happy 2013 to you and your rents, Bella!!


  6. We're all for new and more adventures!

    Happy New Year!

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  7. Hi Belly, Happy New Year 2013 to you, my gorgeous little Hermie-Puggie!
    I'm very excited to see what your New Year brings, looking forward to all the adventures and events that you have coming up!
    We don't have Facebook because Mum thinks its "Dangerous" but she is crazy and dosent want her old phoney friends to find her, she says her real friends are the ones that make plans and come over to see us! I did ask her about MY Furiends but she didn't listen! Sheesh!
    You look sooooooo cute sleeping, nap time is my favorite time!
    One day Belly you will take over the world for sure, you have already taken over our hearts because we just love you!
    Love, Licks, Hugs and Tummy Rubs from your Furiend Frank XxxxX

    1. FRANK!!!! We live like in totally different parts of the universe!! You know pugs can have a facebook page right?? I have one! If you're mom doesn't want to be found (spy like) then you can have a page.
      I post all sorts of adorable pictures of me on there. You can totally post pics of you being dapper! Just sayin'....

  8. Happy 2013 Bella! I hope to see you again this year. And don't worry, I'll bring treats again.

  9. If a world run by Bellatrix is a world where pugs get more adventures, lap time, and treats, then you've got my vote!