Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rain Rain GO AWAY!!!

UGH!! It's been raining Pugs and Puggles in the bay area! I don't mind the rain, but this rain is just too much. It's stopping me and Spencer from playing together, it closes my dog parks, it just sucks for sure. So on Sunday in between naps, I dragged mom and dad to the park to walk the trails. It was fine for like 30 minutes, then the downpour.

I got soaked! And mom felt guilty because I was cold and wet. She toweled me off and blasted the heater, but still I wasn't happy about it. I guess it's winter, but still.....I want to play!!!

So mom being all Italian she felt guilty that I was one wet pug...dad not so much. So mom goes out on Monday and gets me a raincoat! Um hello mom...I don't wear anything....but she's holding firm on this one. She did give me oodles of new treats to get me used to this, and I guess it's not toooooo bad. Mom likes it because it's a portable poncho type raincoat...and I don't mind it because it's light weight.

I guess I'll wear it, however mom better have a supply of treats! I'm putting my snowshoe (err paw) down and not wearing the hood. Mom has decided that I'm super adorable in this, and well shucks, I'm a sucker for mom. So get ready daddy....we're gonna sing in the rain!!


  1. Ok, Bella - I know you HATE to wear stuff. And I know you said you put your snowshoes down on wearing the rain outfit, but I'm with your human on this one - you look pretty freaking cute.

    Sorry, but you do (your man Dutch says so too).

  2. aw man Pug...you're gonna get me blushin'

    Do you have to wear a rain coat? If you do, I might because it'd be cool then.

  3. Wow Bella, I got such a shock seeing you, YOU, dressed up in a raincoat. I must say you look adorable though and with those treats to bribe you it's gotta be worth it!

  4. Heehee... we could be twins, Bella! I have a similar yellow rain coat!! Hahahahaha.....

  5. Not many girls can pull off yellow and you look GREAT! We hope that this is start of something new. We know your Mom would love to increase your wardrobe. Clothes, no clothes you're adorable. Hopefully it'll stop raining soon & we can all meet at Chrissy field for some pug fun
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  6. Bellatrix you look lovely and cutes in your rain jacket!!

  7. EEEEEEEEEEE! SO cute are you! OMP MUM is squealing and laughing now she is ohhhing an awwwing. She says yous is way too cute!

    We saw those raincoats in the pets store and Mum wanted to gets me one as my current coat is a little too snug around the waistline.


  8. Haha I have a pink rain coat. While it's not that much fun to wear because the hood gets in the way a lot. It's much better than the rain hitting me in the head.

    But you look pretty stinking cute. Like a pug model.


    Minnie Moo

  9. Bella, You look so fashion fab in your rain coat, love that color on you. Hope the rain stops soon, but you look sooooooooooooooo cute.
    Rambo and Miss Ellie