Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Juju Tutu for me?

This was me, Dutch and Daddy just a few days ago.  Not a care in the world and taking  a giant hike!  Then it happened....

I got sick.  Not a upset tummy sick....but a tiddlebit sick.  It got very large and inflamed and it totally freaked my 'rents out.  It hurt to pee!  It was so swollen I couldn't even sit or get comfortable.

Dutch was nice and let me use him as a pillow.  He knew that my "bits" were sore and causing me pain.

Mom had to take me to the vet and there the unthinkable tiddlebits were molested!!!  After the violation (aka- the doctor exam) I was given meds and creams and sent on my way.

After a few days of pills, mom putting cream somewhere she's not allowed, and the loss of my most beloved spotted boyfriend (Dutch went home) I'm almost back to normal!!  To celebrate dad made me pot roast!  Huge score for the pug!!

Silly daddy!!  He sticks his tongue out at the blasted UTI!!  He should smile....he made me pot roast...and the best part...I've lost weight and I got to eat it all up!!!!!!!!

So goodbye to my spotted man....until we meet again.  I will keep  your bed ready for you.


  1. Bellatrix, I am sorry to hear you tiddlebits were not well. It sure must have been nice having Dutch around to comfort you.


  2. Since there is 2 of us, we decided to split the juju tutu duty (say that 3 times fast). Zoey juju tutu will be jujuing for your heartache over Dutch going home & Phoebe's will be tiddlybit jujuing. You'll be back to 100% mayhem in no time!
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe
    P.S. Phoebe wants to know if there's any pot roast left.

  3. Ouchie!!! So glad your bits are getting all better!!!

  4. I'm glad your tittlebit is better, Bells. And I'm sorry Dutch must miss him. Did anyone tell him he's too big for that cute pink dog bed?? lol

  5. So glad your tiddlebit is feeling better. I'm sure it'll be back to normal in no time!! So cool your dad made you pot roast!! That's sweet!!! Hope you're all better soon!!



  6. Lets see here: Pot roast, Dutch. Pot Roast, Dutch. Scarlet says pot roast.

    Keep getting better Bella~T! We've got non-stop bits juju coming your way!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  7. Hi Bellatrix, glad to hear your twiddle it is feeling better. You sure it wasn't an STD? I didn't think Dutch was a slut, but you never know!

  8. Bella,
    I know the right name for your parts. Auto correct thought I wanted to say twiddle it, which in fact, might also be a contributing factor to your problem. For some dumb reason, now when Mom goes to correct any comment blogspot freezes up and won't allow a comment at all. Dumb blogspot!

  9. Bellatrix, that sounds like one nasty UTI. I'm so glad that you are starting to feel better now...and that your man, Dutch, was there to nurse you.

  10. I'm sorry about your UTI. That sounds very painful! At least the cream cleared it up! And you got a pot roast out of it! Congratulations on your weight loss!

  11. Owww! I've never gotten a uti and I don't want one! Did you get it from Dutch? My person says girls can get them from boys. My bro Willy had a infected anal gland once. Yuk. Hey, Bellatrix, is that the B-town Marina ya'll are at in that pic? or Pt. Isabel? I hope your bits are all fix up and I'm sorry Dutch had to go. Maybe he can visit some times.

    ~Licks & Sniffs,
    Spencie Woo