Friday, February 11, 2011

I'm Claritin Clear!

See this magical box? Thanks to Noodle, mom talked to my vet about letting me take some to help my allergies. Mom has allergies too, so she knows just how miserable I am. She hates when I'm not out and about causing chaos! It's my job, and I've been slacking lately. I've been tired, my orbs have been busted up....why this last Sunday Spencer and I didn't even play, we just walked and hung out. How messed up is that??

So my vet said my orbs are all better, trust me I know! I'm not suppose to mention the chicken left over chicken in the fridge that is now in my belly (thanks dad-hehe sucka). The vet did say I have dry eye and that my 'rents should prepare to do some more battle with my orbs and eye meds.

I'll let you know how it all turns out. Thanks for all your allergy solutions. Seems us pugs have a small price to pay for being so awesome. I mean all this cuteness wrapped up into one package? There has to be one little draw back (no's not the vet bills gosh!). I hope your allergies are all better too.


  1. Hi Bellatrix
    I am so glad you are orbing again. Whew! I've been kinda down and out this week too but am approaching my normal "NO NOODLES!!!" stage.
    Love Noodles

  2. Hola Bella!
    We are so glad you are feeling better!
    Spongy & Licky

  3. Hi Bella!

    Glad you are better! It's tough having allergies. I have them too. On the frig is posted a dosing guide from the vet of different allergy relief human meds that are safe for puggies to take. I feel your pain.


  4. Hey Bella,
    Glad your orbs are getting back on track.
    Sorry to hear about the Dry Eye, at least it is a manageable thing.
    Mum keeps bottles of Refresh Tears around the house and squirts the stuff in my eyes once or twice a day. I still don't like it any, but at least the stuff doesn't sting. And your humans can buy it at any drug store, or anywhere else they can buy eye care stuff.


  5. Yay! I hope the magical box helps you with your allergies! FYI, my humans buy mine at Costco. They're generic, but they're cheaper....

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