Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pug + pool = Towel!

Yep...that's me...The Belly...under a towel. Seems that Daddy let me out in the backyard to do some pee-pee-pody. Well, being silly Daddy, he turned his back, and I jumped into my Pug-Pool! It was sooper hot, today, so I needed the cool-off. It's a mini-pool for hooman kiddies, so the water wasn't that deep, but deep enough that I left pugpaw prints all over the house! That's when Daddy got the towel, and one of my favorite games began: The Towel Game!

Daddy said I shouldn't be rewarded for my pool play, but what's a pug to do? I blame it on belly instinct to be the pug-loony-crazy-funny-pug that I am!


  1. Ha ha Belly! I love that you took it into your own paws to go ahead and cool down in the pool. I too, enjoy the towel game, but I must give props to Brigitte for being the best in the house at it.

  2. I jump in pools too. It's good that you made sure it wasn't too deep first.

    Looks like a fun game you're having there!


    Minnie Moo

  3. You like to go into the pool ON PURPOSE?

  4. oh how fun!
    we LOVE that you jumped in your pool!
    splish splash!
    a & m

  5. I love playing with towels, but I don't like jumping in pools.


  6. Bellatrix, I would (and HAVE) do the same thing on a hot day. Sometimes, I confess, I forget to do my bidness because I am so happy to be in the pool.
    Towels? I don' need no stinkin' towels!
    Love Noodles

  7. You are so funny! I've never been in a pool before, so I may have to convince my mom to get me one of those kid pools and try it out. I hope you won the towel game!

  8. I highly recommend you orb your 'rents into getting you a kiddie pool. Mom got hers very cheap and it's worth it. I love my pool, it's lots of fun and a great way to stay cool!

  9. Now Belly I jump into the bath tub all this time but I don't like to get into pools unless there are floating hotdog slices in it....mmmmm. What were we talking about? Oh yes you are too cute in your towel!!


  10. Oh! I experienced the joys of floating hotdog slices this weekend. I think I need my very own kiddie pool - chalked full of sliced hotdogs.