Thursday, May 10, 2012

What's up down there??

This was me just a few days ago at the vet....and if you've been following my blog you know why.  That darn "bit" of mine has been causing problems once again.  We first thought I had yet another UTI, but the doc called mom and that wasn't what is IT??

Truth's just me "bit" acting up.  I mean the 'rents take care of it, clean it all out etc, but it really does have a mind of its own.  To top it all off....I have a minor ear infection!  Can't a hermie catch a break??

I have dog parks to go to, and naps to take.  I have no time for silly ear infections and dirty "bits"!  I am happy to report that, thanks to all your juju, I'm feeling a lot better.  A huge thanks to all your well wishes!!  I'm feeling like myself again, and after sleeping the night away, I woke mom up super early (on her day off no less) to take me for a walk in the beautiful sun.

Thanks again!!  And to those of you worried I won't blog anymore (Mr. Frank my beloved pugalier in the UK), don't worry!!  I'm still here, and as long as you want to read about just how odd I really am, I will post all about me.  Hugs and Pug Kisses of thanks to all my friends!!


  1. So happy to hear that the "bit" was just getting an attitude and nothing too serious. Our nutty mom was getting ready to put another juju tutu on us but she says we'll keep the ones we have on now for your ears. She also mentioned something about magical mouse ears might do the trick.
    Feel better soon.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  2. Glads to hear you feels better, that bit sure can cause problems!l


  3. Hi Belly! So glad that bit is feeling better. I hate it when my favorite black hermie pug isn't feeling her normal, spunky self!!!

  4. WHOO HOO!!!! Well, as much as we want your bits to be a-ok Bella-T, you wouldn't be you if you weren't creating a stir! Just don't do it so much you end up at the silly ;~3 And we hear walks in the sunshine are good for your bits.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  5. Those darn bits can get a girl in trouble :) Glad you are feeling better, Bells!

  6. Hi Bellatrix,
    All I can say is WHEW!!!
    Love Noodles

  7. I'm so happy to hear your feeling better. Naps always make me feel better! And we're also very happy you won't stop blogging, The blogging world needs a black hermie pug with attitude to tell it like it is!

  8. Awww Belly, I'm very glad that you are feeling much better, I have just gotten over an ear infection so I know what you were going through, as for your poor little "bit" I hope that it feels better soon and stops acting up for you, I don't think its the fact your a hermy, its no fun having full on boy parts (or what's left of them after my dreaded 'snip') and Mum says its not much fun having full girl parts either, we kindda like your way best! So we will still send you healing juju till that naughty little bit gets better! I'm sooo tremendously happy that you will keep on blogging, I was very worried you would leave, I love reading your blog, you keep us all entertained so much and bring a positive attitude for black pugs and hermys all over the world! Love and big soggy tongue licks from your best Pugalier pal Frank x x x x x x x