Friday, November 23, 2012

Black Pug Friday's Black Pug Friday!!  How do you celebrate?  Hang out with a black pug of course.  What do you do if you don't have a black pug....or made the mistake and are owned by a fawnie (aka blonde)??  First you realize you made a mistake, next sit back and be prepared to see supreme cuteness.

Now I know I'm the cutest hermie pug ever...but I'm willing to share the spotlight with a few of my friends.  I must warn you....looking at the following pictures will result in smiles, and the overwhelming need to have one of your very own.

This is Ollie as a puppy.  He's my hedgie brother....we roll like that!

Scarlet is a true Diva and we are twin sisters from different 'rents. She's feisty and would never be caught dead in anything but a designer outfit!

Prepared to run out on Black Pug Sunday and get your very own black pug??  You think you can handle it? Meet Macho....enough said.  We hate the status quo, and like to cause a ruckus.

And finally Noodle....handsome devil isn't he?  Even as a senior, he gives you an attitude.

So I hope you enjoyed all of us black pugs strutting our stuff for you.  Only a special few are willing to take on a black pug, but one thing is is the new black!


  1. To you, we bow Bella-T, Queen of the black pugs! Together we stand, sassy and bad-ass, because of you!

    Scarlet & Meredith

  2. Oh my goodness, I bow to the black pugs, too! WOW! I especially appreciate Noodle!

  3. HA! I TOLD Mochi today was all about the black PUGS!

  4. My mommy wanted a fawn pug...can you believe that??? She called and found all the puppies from my breeder had black pugs and she and granny decided to take a look, just to see! Well, my mommy saw me and my black sisters and it was love at first site! I had eight girl siblings, my mommy picked me up and her mommy said don't you want to look at the others? Mommy said no and here I am! A pain in the butt but cute doing it!

    Hooray for all black pugs and you Bella for spreading the word!
    (Sorry if my story got confusing!)

  5. You certainly present a strong case for Black Pug Friday, but then, I thought every day was for you Bella!