Saturday, June 5, 2010

I'm too sexy for my lungs...

So for the last few days I've been panting a lot and breathing real heavy. It's gotten kinda warm in the bay area, so mom thought it was the heat. She got more and more concerned when nothing helped, not a cold bath...not ice cubes....not anything! She made dad google it, and he found some scary stuff, all of them saying get to the vet! Well, mom is always being called a "Nervous Nellie" when it comes to her little Belly Button....but she knew something wasn't right with me. So she drags dad, in the middle of the night no less, to the emergency clinic to be checked out. The doctor lady was very nice and let me kiss her a few times. After some time taking pictures of my sexy self, I was back in mom and dad's arms. Turns out I had pneumonia! Not the kind you get from sick dogs, but from ahem puke going down the wrong tube. Yuck!!
Now mom lectured me that to loose weight I had to diet and exercise and that puking is not the answer. I was called chunky today by some rude just censored me!! So I'm a little concerned about my waistline...aren't we all?
Well after all this mom gave me a new stuftee and extra hugs and kisses. I feel fine, still playing with my friend Spencer. Best yet, I get my pills in wet food (yummers!) and now you can all see just how my insides match my adorable outsides. I've got some sexy looking lungs people!! make sure you all play it safe and take care...especially you Anakin!


  1. Those are some very sexy lungs. Your human has really good pugsense - she always knows exactly when to take you to the vet. So smart.

    Uhm, how did you get puke in your lungs?

  2. Oh My Gosh!!
    Our Belly Button has Bellbeunonia. Oh Belly! We's are so sorry to hear this and we hope you feel better soon! When your needs to puke trys to 'members to lift your wittle heads ups Sweetie! AWWW! We's wish we's were their to help you!! Anakin would spoon feeds you soup and Izzy would blot your forheads and I's would brings you whatever you needs!!
    We's send you alls our love and big kisses and your Mommy is very in tuned with her little Belly!!
    Big hugs and kisses!!
    Izzy & Josie Sista's &
    Anakin Man

  3. We are hoping your pills make you feel better soons! Mmmmm wet yummy food at least you get something good out of all this bad. And yourt lungs are very sexy hehe!


  4. Hiya Puglet, I is so in tune with me...sometimes too much like she knows when I'm up to something. Well the vet explained the whole puking into lungs thing, and basically it comes down to a flap that opens when you upchuck, and if you're like I did and don't complete the act, while the flap is open the puke can go down the wrong tube and into the lungs. Mom didn't even know I had gotten sick and sometimes it can happen during pay time. You know how it is, we're running and then you stop and make that funny "got something in my throat" noice? Well, that can be it!

  5. Hiya gang...snort Bellbeunonia...that's so funny I can't stop laughing! My sides are hurting says that's gonna be my new nickname while I'm sick. hehehe. You guys are so sweet! If we lived closer, Anakin and I could totally take over the sofa, watch some trash TV and have our moms cater to our every whim. Our moms are alike guys, so I know they'd dote on us! it possible to put a pug's name on the deed to the house? I mean we totally own it right?

  6. Hi Sequia and Tuni! Thanks for your well wishes. I'm so excited to get that bit of wet food. Normally I just get a tiny bit in my KONG, but now I'm getting a whole spoon full three times a day! Woo Hoo!!

  7. Whoa- totally cool to see your mighty fine lungs BellyT! Your mom is totally on it..she knew right away that something was amiss! At least you get some wet food out of this. See ya tonight for a jowling match!

  8. Mommys are kinda silly, huh? But it's a good thing she got you to the vet. Hope you are feeling better soon!

    Gen & the Foo

  9. Oh boy Bellatrix, I am so sorry you have bellamonia. That stinks. I had it one from a virus. Mom was doing breathing treatments under a towel with boiling water and everything. Then as soon as I started feeling a little better. Brigitte started coughing up big chunks of green phlegm. Gross huh? I sure hope you have a speedy recovery, but be sure to enjoy the extra doting. I think perhaps a new toy each day would help you feel better.

  10. We are so sorry to hear that you are not feeling like your usual fabulous self. The computer got sick with a virus & we've been very out of touch. It is very scary when you have a hard time breathing. Our human had to take Zoey to the vet a few weeks ago because she had some breathing issues too. The vet told us you can never se too careful when it comes to a pug's breathing. So take good care of yourself & take it easy. Hope you feel better really, really soon.
    Luv, Zoey & Phoebe

  11. Hey Bella T
    So sorry you have been under the weather and yes those are veryyyy sexy lungs!!!! Hope you feel better soon....