Thursday, December 13, 2012

Rescue Wednesday

I know...technically it's Thursday....but this guy needs a home!  Mom went to an animal shelter near her work (just in case there is a pug there) and look who she found!  A PUG!!

They named him Pugsley and he was a stray.  Mom said he's super sweet and was in with a poodle and they got along fine!  What he really wants is a home for the holidays.  Is anyone looking to adopt a wonderful boy into their home??  He's located at the Manteca Animal Shelter in California....about 90 minutes from San Francisco.

He's about 24 lbs, and has a good yeah he is a pug!  So help spread the word and lets find him a new home for the holidays.  Please email my mom if you have questions!  


  1. Puglsey is so handsome! We hope he gets a good home, right away.

    Love your new header pic, you're beeee-u-tiff-ful!

    Meredith & Scarlet

  2. Bellatrix, we know you are really such a softie to share your spotlight to get this cutie a new home.

  3. If I was nearer, I am in Australia, Merry Christmas.
    Paula and Her Boss Harry the Black Pug

  4. Mum and I live in Tucson, AZ -- she has been looking for a smaller dog as a buddy for me and my kitty sisters (i am 75 lbs, but I LUVS small dogs). If there is some way to get Pugsly here ....

    Cody in Tucson

  5. We Love your new pic, you look like you're full of the Dickens, as Mom likes to say! Have a very Merry Christmas!

  6. I hope he gets a home quickly.

    Marge & Puggles.