Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Hi, everybody! I'm baaack! The Bells is on the blog! My Daddy gave the deets on my mouth. The underneath of my tongue was all swollen and filled with bacteria...yuck...Daddy circled the area in the picture that the Vet took. The two red spots are where they sucked out bacteria. No one knows why it happened. Usually, it's a small cut or abrasion that gets infected, but no one could see any sores or wounds, so it's kind of a big unknown.

So, I'm laying around Casa De Belly, laying on Daddy's lap, Laying on my sofa cushion, just being lazy and getting better from the sleepy-juice, which I don't do good on, at all.

Thanks, everybody, for the good thoughts! They always help!


  1. WE are glad you are home, and resting with dad, that is the best medicine.
    stella rose and mags

  2. Bellatrix my pal! I am so glad you are on the yellow brick road to recovery!
    Your BFF Noodles

  3. We were worried, but so glad you are feeling better. Remember to get extra of whatever you want from your rents. ;-)

  4. Happy news Pal, glad the rents were on top of it for you!


  5. So glad you are getting better!
    Bailey, Hazel & Greta

  6. Glad to hear you are on the mend Belly ! Suck up all the cuddles and spoiling ! You deserve it ! We hate sleepy juice too !

    Love, Althea Verbena & Lavinia Rose

  7. Glad you are home! Wonder what could have caused that?

  8. Laps are the best place to repooperate after being sick. Lots of good juju your way Bella. Hope that yucky bacteria goes away.

    Lots of licks,
    Swisher and Oakley

  9. Oh, Super Bells, we knew you'd get better and we're SO glad! We hate it when our friends don't feel well. We think you should get tons of ice cream to make that tongue of yours feel better.

    Meredith & Scarlet

  10. Oh, Belly, my mama and I are glad you are okay, and we hope you feel MUCH better!

  11. PHEW!! We knew something was wrong Sunday!! We're SO glad you're feeling better!! (And, now that you're feeling better, we expect you to milk it for all you can get!!)

  12. Oh, I'm milkin' it, alright! Daddy made me delicious chicken, then lost of laying in the sun, ooodles of lap, pets, belly rubs...I didn't even have to beg for delicious egg bits from my Mum's sandwich...

  13. OMP, Poor Belly! I'm so glad they discovered what was wrong and were able to take care of it. A slow-eating pug is definitely not a good sign! I wish you a speedy recovery and hope you'll be shoveling down your food at normal-pug-speed soon!


    1. Sid! I'll post an update in the next few days, but I'm pretty much back to normal. Good enough to eat a baby carrot!?

      Thanks for all the good juju!