Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Being sick is no fun!

Oh man I am not feeling good at all! I've been sick for days...days people!! I haven't poo'd this much in all my 11 months of life. I don't know what's wrong, I don't think I got into anything I shouldn't have. Dad thought it was those bison treats (he even did a blog for me about it), but mom thinks I may have ingested a parasite or got a "bug" at the dog park.
Yesterday mom had to make the call that no pug and I mean no pug likes....the vet (key evil music), and he said bring in a sample. I'm they have to cut a piece of Bell's Pie? Is this like getting a free sample at the pet store? Is my vet going to eat Bellatrix? I soon found daddy chasing me around the backyard after my 1000th round of "Battle Poo" with a funny spoon. Is this the time to get a sample dad? I mean I'm not even marinated yet!?! Then dad scooped something off my um how do I put this??? My high-knee (that's my butt people!) and later that night mom and I were off the vet so he can taste it.
Once there, I got lots of hugs and kisses and pet (but no treats), and I was happy to say that my vet sent my sample off to get cooked before eating it and that he'd tell mom tomorrow how it was. I thought this odd, so I questioned mom with my orb. She stated he wasn't going to eat my sample (like I do at my favorite boo-tique) but that the lab tests it to see why I'm peeing out my back end.
So mom calls the vet today, after I woke her up every 30 minutes last night to go potty, and no parasites. So today I start a new medicine to see if my tummy gets any better. I'm pretty down in the dumps. I've had no daycare, no Spencer time...little to no chewies. Blah blah blah....Has anyone in the whole dogdom ever suffered like this before? How did you get better?? I need to know because my Spencer Sunday is coming up, and I don't want to miss it!


  1. Oh BellyButts!!

    We's so sorry 'bouts yous sickies!! Yous said yous feeling ~down in 'da dumps~ Oh's Belly..
    Sorry..butts 'dat mades us laughs just a little-
    Yous smiling yet??

    Okay.. first, congrats to yous Mommy on hers big promotions!!!!

    'da vets 'prolly gonna say yous samples tastes like BellyBerries and 'dat yous need a BIG DAY TRIP or A BIG BELLY RUB!!

    Honestly, we's tinks it was 'da beefs too, butt just don't tells yous Daddy we's agree wits him..tells yous Mommy to makes 'um tinks its her idea like try dis...
    Belly Mommy to Belly Daddy~

    ~So, I was thinkings..maybe 'dat (yous Mommy would say That) the beef was what was upsetting bellys tummy, and like yous thought it was the park~ (Q 'da orbs for 'da switch er roo to help helps yous Mommy)

    hee hee... trick um.. confuse um.. den turn ons 'dere Myth Busters on leave 'da rooms!!!

    Oh Belly.. yous Mommy could be right too.. we's just having fun..but either way.. you feel better and keep us updated .k!!

    Big Hugs!!
    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man

  2. Feel better Belly! We hope the squirts stop soon.

  3. Hola Bella
    Sorry that you feel so bad,
    We don't know what can cure, but ask for alot hugs and kisess from Mom & Dad
    Feel better
    Spongy & Licky

  4. Oh poor baby!!! I hope you feel better soon!!!

    Lola bugs

  5. Sorry to hear your feelin bad, Bells. Mom says when you are sick this long, it's probably NOT something you ate, so we are sure it's not your fault. We our tummies are bad, mom gives us boiled chicken and rice. YUMS.
    We hope you feel better soon!
    Gen & Lefty

  6. Aw Belly,
    Here I was thinkin' you were feeling better. Safe to say, we've all been in your shoes over here at my house. When I was little like you, I had a similar experience. The vet ended up putting me on one of those sensitive stomach foods when I was allowed to eat again. I don't eat it anymore, but it did help at the time. Mom just gives me chicken and rice now if I am sick(or anyone else in the house is sick, one gets chicken, we all get chicken)
    I hope you stop that poopin', and be sure and keep drinking. Take your medicine, and tell your Mom not to be afraid to bug the vet if you don't feel better real soon.

  7. Wesa hope you feel better Belly. Wesa have had the runnies and theys are no fun for babies or pawrents...ours didn't last as longs as yours...we hopsa that your runnies stop soon and you feel muchums better.
    Power of the Paw and Licks,
    The Slimmer Puggums
    George, Gracie, Toby, Lily, and Mimi

  8. Thanks for all your well wishes. I'm still very sick and have to go back to the vets. Ugh, my butt sure is sore and I'm super depressed and just blah. Wish me luck at the vets.

  9. I am a wishin' my new pal Bellatrix feels better soon. No fun at all. When I ate something at the playground I was sick 5 DAYS!!! It was awful. I was outside doin' something or other every 5 minutes - and I'm not talkin' "Night Song" either.
    I'll be thinkin' good thoughts for you Bella.

  10. Oh Bella Bells, sorry you feel bad, sending pug hugs, hoping you feel better soon.


  11. Please get to feeling better Bellatrix.....we have a date on Sunday ! I haven't seen you all week and I'm so depressed. Mom has been trying to keep my mind off you but she knows it's no curl just isn't as curly without you in my life. Here's to getting better soon- Snort!

  12. Belly~

    just checking in on you~

    We's hope yous feeling betters~

    We's check back later...

    Kisses on yous forhead!!

    Izzy, Josie and Anakin Man